29 July 2012

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Hindu Jagarana Vedike (HJV) Moral Policing Attack Mangalore Party

Hindu Jagarana Vedike (HJV) Moral Policing Attack Mangalore Party

India –
Mangalore –

Location of Party - Morning Mist Resort at Padil
Incident happen on Saturday India

Incident happened around 6 PM India time
Morning mist is  a home stay near  Padil on the outskirts of Mangalore.

50 activists of Hindu Jagarana Vedike (HJV) took the law in their own hands.

Hindu Jagarana Vedike (HJV)  organization members came to know about the party at the  Resort, after that they went there and  starting physically jostling the revelers which included around four women and as many men.
A girl who tried to escape from the clutches of HJV activists was brought back to the resort and thrashed.

Party attending Indian citizens told the  Hindu Jagarana Vedike (HJV)  that they are attending a birthday party but they did not listen to them.

Media reported that The Hindu Jagarana Vedike (HJV)  organization members  slapped women revelers and jostled them. Some of the attackers made forcible attempts to remove the hands from faces of women and show it to the visual media. The women revelers later huddled themselves in the room.

Hindu Jagarana Vedike (HJV)  member attackers claimed that certain immoral activities were happening inside the resort which prompted them to act against the women.

The police  were alerted about the incident by the resort authorities not the by the HJV members who think they are above the Police Department and Supreme Court of India.

For me its a clear cut contempt Supreme Court of India.
Its duty of the judiciary to do justice  no Indian enjoys that right except  Judiciary.

Newslive Reporters recorded entire incident

now lets hope every attacker gets punished and if in a party drugs were found then law will take its own action.

Now questions arise

Who gave right to The Hindu Jagarana Vedike (HJV)  to stop or attack the party?

Why The Hindu Jagarana Vedike (HJV)  members did not inform the police?

Which type of drugs were found at the party it is not clear?

Is it not the insult of Indian constitution, Supreme Court of India and Police Department?

No one is above Indian Constitution.

Updated on Sunday, July 29, 2012
Still it is not proven that party was illegal or any drugs were found at the party.
No media has reported about this.
If you know about this give a link in a comment box.

Until that, we must say party was legal and nothing illegal happened in a party except attack on the party by HJV members.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

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well they shouldn't have done that putting justice on their own hand