29 July 2012

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Full Video Hindu Jagarana Vedike (HJV) Hitting Girls Moral Policing Attack Mangalore Party

Full Video Hindu Jagarana Vedike (HJV)  Hitting Girls Moral Policing Attack Mangalore Party

Watch the video of  HJV members taking law in their own hands 
Updated on Monday, July 30, 2012

Does India is a democratic nation ?

Do you think its the rape of character?
Watch 2nd Video below the  first one

Is it Indian Hindu Culture to beat the Girls?

After watching this video what you feel ashamed to be a Hindu born in India?

After watching this video do you think proud about beating girls?

It is good that reporter recorded the video thus now truth cannot be hidden by anyone. 

Updated on Sunday, July 29, 2012
Still it is not proven that party was illegal or any drugs were found at the party.
No media has reported about this.
If you know about this give a link in a comment box.
Until that, we must say party was legal and nothing illegal happened in a party except beating by HJV members 

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Hindu Jagarana Vedike (HJV) Moral Policing Attack Mangalore Party


Updated on Monday, July 30, 2012
Bipin Gopalkrishna, ADGP (law and order) dismissed any suggestions of a rave party, saying it was a birthday party. Police found a few soft drinks and food-packet parcels.

On Sunday, Police arrested eight persons.
The arrested have been identified as
1.Hindu Jagarana Vedike leader Subash Padil and his followers
7.Sandeep Shetty
8.Taranath, all from Mangalore

The police officer said the attackers have been booked under IPC sections on dacoity and outraging the modesty of women.

Reality views by sm –

Sunday, July 29, 2012

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Usha July 29, 2012  

This is very disturbing video. Don't this Hindu Jagran vedike group has any code of conduct? If girls were involved in illegal party then it is responsibility of resort. How this group was allowed to enter and go ruthlessly behind girls? Police came very late. I hope this incidence is thoroughly investigated and all men who verbally and physically assaulted girls get punished.

What if these girls commit suicide? It is not easy to get over horrible trauma caused by these virtueless HJV soldiers.

Anonymous,  July 29, 2012  

hvj soldiers should not think they are police they are publice they dont have any right's to do like this blody fuckrs how dare to touch girls they should be shoot'd in street's mother fucker police what the hell they were doing

cookingvarieties July 29, 2012  

hi sm, salute to the guy who took the video pics..
and publicise it

Anonymous,  July 29, 2012  

It would be better to file a molestation and rape case against the attackers

Unknown July 29, 2012  

Those idiots who did this for publicity are people who actually eve tease girls in reality in streets and colleges. Bloody assholes. Already a shameful act by such guys to molest girl has tarnished the image of our country. Yet such people are tryin to make India another Taliban.
What do they want to acheive.
May such idiots find no happiness in their lives.

Shaw July 29, 2012  

ugh, that's really messed up

Sandhya July 29, 2012  

The video is not playing. In one way it is good. The girls will be recognised and abused by other people. Our people are famous for that now.

Where is India going?

Anonymous,  July 29, 2012  

Who gave permissions to these loafers to stop the parties and beating ladies. Are they not enjoying the parties even for meaning less reasons? If the parties are really harmful for our culture, responsible citizens might advice them or brought this to the notice of concerned officials. One can not behave like nuts. First off all public must punish such useless organisations as government doesnt have courage to act upon.

SM July 30, 2012  


thanks. good suggestion

SM July 30, 2012  

@Akhilesh Rana

agree with you.

SM July 30, 2012  


thanks. for few hours it was working after that its showing private message.

avira July 30, 2012  

Folks out here.......donn act as if Rave party is sth new in India. As a society its our responsibility to broom off these ilegal practices of running rave parties.
HJV soldiers did a social act of thrashing the youngsters who went wayward in their drug practices.
Hosting a party long away in a resort in the wee hrs doesn't indicate some good social gathering.Police as we all know, remains mum over these practices bcoz rich bloods are involved.
Resorts will never complain bcoz they get their ample share of profits from such drugged bash.
The only outlet remains is of social watch dogs and these young idiots really need thrashing so as not to report such nonsense practices in future.
Fucking society will not say nething when young bloods droop down under drug addiction.
But when HJV activists thrash these youngsters in order to abstain them from such addictions, every damn human right organisation and dhimmi social ppl come out in frenzy.
Who cares???

avira July 30, 2012  

Dear admin, thats right its not Hindu to beat girls.
But also not Hindu for a girl to hoax her relatives in the late hrs of ni8 and get involved in drug bashes. Any girl who does these kind of acts will spoil her future. As social watch dogs, these thrashing will naturally throw a msg to think twice before indulging in such youthful addictions.
Don't parents beat their children when they commit mistakes.But in this case,parents are in oblivion, so it remains the sole responsibility of social watch dogs to save our youngsters from these wayward practices.
Even the guys should be thrashed black n blue.
I see the whole picture twisted by focusing on just the girls being slapped. I don see any signs of molestation and rape attempts here.Even the bloody guys of the party are dealt with the same aggression. Hence donn make this act girl centric
It was directed against a cult that was drugging itself in frenzy.
PPl over here should see the larger picture. Many such rave parties go unnoticed.Its becoz of HJV that such a party could be curbed bfor starting.

sm,  July 30, 2012  

Give me the link to any article which say drugs were found in the Party?

SM July 30, 2012  


Who gave the right to slap the girls or boys?
Do they got any legal sanction?
India is not a religious nation, India is a democratic nation, and everyone got the right to do party at any time without doing illegal activities.
In this party, which drugs were found?
Do you know any name or any article, which says that drugs were found in that party?
India is a country, which follows Indian Penal Code and Indian Constitution
Only in self-defense, one can beat the other Indian Citizen or anyone.
In this party, do you see any Self Defense?
It is the duty of every Indian to inform the police about illegal activities and not to take the law into own hands, in any case beating is illegal.

MEcoy July 31, 2012  

tsk tsk that really rude they must do something t stop this

Anonymous,  August 01, 2012  

Jagadish Karanata, Girish Upadhyaya,Satyajit Suratkal and other Hindu Jagarana Videke must be arrested

Anonymous,  March 03, 2014  

These fuckers think themselves as a big hero's... These people should be hanged..
Mother fuckers