07 June 2012

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What benefits now MP Sachin Tendulkar will Enjoy Sachin to become neighbor of Rahul Gandhi

What benefits now MP Sachin Tendulkar will Enjoy Sachin to become neighbor of Rahul Gandhi

Few days back Sachin Tendulkar became Upper house member.

As an MP now what Sachin Tendulkar will get which benfits and facilities he will enjoy we can say it but I cannot say what we Indian citizens get from MPs.

Media reported that Sachin Tendulkar, now a Member of Parliament, is likely to stay in a house opposite Rahul Gandhi's when he is in Delhi.

Features of House -  Spread over nearly 7,000 square feet, the house has big lawns and five spacious bedrooms.

Delhi Police to provide Z plus security to Sachin Tendulkar

Two escort vehicles and a posse of 50 odd security personnel guard his residence.

When Sachin Tendulkar is in Mumbai he gets same security.

Tendulkar is expected to join attend upper house in Monsoon Session begins

Monsoon session  begins in July end or August.

Media has reported that First time MP is given type 4 and type 5 type of bungalow which consist of 4 Bedrooms. But Sachin will get type 7 bungalow

Tendulkar is entitled to a monthly salary of Rs.50,000 with free accommodation in the form of a flat during the period he holds office.

Sachin will get liberal allowance for official travel by rail, air or road.

For personal or with wife  use as a MP Sachin Tendulkar will get 34 single air journeys

As a MP Sachin will also enjoy free telephone facilities with the provision for up to three telephone connections for use with 50,000 free calls in a year.

As a MP Sachin will also get heavy rebate on his water and electricity bills.

Once Sachin ends his innings as MP then he will become eligible for pension that is Rs. 20,000 per month.

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Thursday, June 07, 2012

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Usha June 07, 2012  

sm, very much surprised to read Royal benefits of Indian MP. How long this position stays? 20,000 pension for serving office for just few years?

50 security personnel is too much.

You are right - What Indian citizens will get from MPs? Is there any MP who serves office by refusing most of the royal benefits? Is Sachin going to accept all this?

Anonymous,  June 07, 2012  

interesting and needful post


Destination Infinity June 07, 2012  

I want to become an MP in Upper house too :)

Destination Infinity

Michael June 07, 2012  

Thanks for the update.