06 June 2012

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Planning Commission spent Rs. 35 lakh on 2 Toilets who said Rs. 28 per day means you are Rich Indian

Planning Commission spent Rs. 35 lakh on 2 Toilets who said Rs. 28 per day means you are Rich Indian

Right to information has revealed that Planning Commission has spent
Rs 35 lakh for renovation of two toilets in New Delhi

100,000 Rs. =  1 Lakh

Which type, quality of toilets planning commission wants for them?
Indira Gandhi International Airport toilet quality

It has spent Rs 30 lakh for the renovation of the toilets

Rs 5.19 lakh was spent on installing door access control system for the toilets at Yojana Bhawan

What is access control system?

Access control system is a lock which uses smart card and only selected and high quality rich people can enter into it.

Access card will be issued for the toilets and only people who got the access card can use the five star toilets.

An RTI application, filed by activist Subhash Chandra Agrawal, reveals that the use of these toilets is restricted to senior officials on the first floor, including senior advisors of the Planning Commission.

RTI revealed that 60 smart cards have been issued to the officials of the Planning Commission who will use the five star toilets.

Planning commission is also planning to install the camera to monitor the toilets to protect the toilets.

Media also reported that Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia spent Rs 2.02 lakh per day when he was on foreign tours.
Foreign travel expense incurred by him between May and October, 2011 was a staggering Rs 2.02 lakh per day

Media also reported that he undertook 42 official trips (between June 2004-January 2011) of 274 days at a cost of Rs 2.34 Crore.

Now here Indians are told you are rich if one person spends Rs. 28 each day.

For Indians no standards and for kings and politicians all the International standards

India is a great democracy.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

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virendra sharma June 06, 2012  


Renu June 06, 2012  

really a sad state of affairs,why not bring out some suggest for the people to do to remedy...

Kirtivasan Ganesan June 06, 2012  

There seems to be no hope.
I am like a Sudhanshu or Siddharth in one of those flop movies where the hero says the dialogue "There is still hope."
In reality there does not seem to be any.

Dinesh June 06, 2012  

PLANNING COMMISSION :- MONTEK's POOOOOO is more Valuable for India than Aam-Aadmi's FOOOOOOOD !!!

Michael June 06, 2012  

Sad to hear about this, wish there was something to do.

Brian Miller June 07, 2012  

ugh...the rich or powerful take their 'rights' as others are left to starve...

Bikram June 07, 2012  

I could have installed that access control system for less then half price..

when i came to uk the first job i had was to write software for access controls :)

disgraceful .. i bet out of 35 lakh 34lakh went in pockets and 1lkh for everything else that also if spent lavishly..

its ok to get this information but then is their anyone answerable to that ..


Beau Thompson June 07, 2012  

That's cool. I honestly know very little about eastern politics.