06 June 2012

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Kings of Indian Air Indian Politicians Read high quality handling” protocol given by Air India and AAI

Kings of Indian Air Indian Politicians Read high quality handling” protocol given by Air India and AAI

Currently India got 800 Members MPs

The protocol was devised in November 2011 after MPs approached the House Committee (Lok Sabha), chaired by JP Aggarwal, for special treatment at airports and in-flight.

Air India and Airports Authority of India (AAI) have come up with a “high quality handling” protocol.

What is the High quality protocol?

This means that what type of treatment politicians should be given by the Air India and Airports Authority of India (AAI) as soon as  politicians reach to  airport that is from arrival to departure.

Politician should be treated as king

MP to be given pre-reserved seat of choice

Each staff member should introduce themselves to the politician

Offer compliments to politician on behalf of Captain

File a detailed report on the journey of politician

Staff should see that the Politician has a happy journey and should do everything to please him

Escort should be provided to politician  to take the MP to the baggage area

A helper should be provided to MP to carry his luggage 

MPs would be provided ‘‘step-wise facilitation’’, right from generation of PNR numbers to departure from airport to take-off to landing to airport exit.

Airport managers and officials must be in attendance, either in person or by deputing another official to meet an MP along with helpers and help them with formalities until they board the aircraft.

This facility is indirectly enjoyed by the family members and friends of the MPs also.

With whose Money  all the above facilities will be enjoyed by Politicians?

With the tax payers money all the above facilities will be enjoyed by the politicians.

You know it’s better  if Government of India now starts to establish the

Politicians Airlines, Politician hotels , Politician Massage Centre, Politician clubs exclusive  for them only with 7 star rating and  all managed by European and American companies and paid by tax payers money.

They say India is democratic nation and everyone is equal before the law.

Where is the equality?

Now do you understand why Indian politicians and rich people and films stars do not like American Airports officers.

Whatever people may say, but I think no one is as good as American airport officials who check everyone and every politician is given same treatment like a common American citizen or citizen of any other nation.

Now on never cry if American airport officers check our Indian people strictly.

They do their own official duty.

But in India our Indian politicians are kings they can do anything and I am sure many Indians educated Indians will support the above protocol also.

To sell the Air India or Privatization of Air India is best solution for the benefit of all the Indian citizens.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

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