08 June 2012

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A plan for Congress to win 2014 Lok Sabha Elections in flying colors

A plan for Congress to win 2014 Lok Sabha Elections in flying colors

Today everyone knows that Congress is sinking ship and opposing congress means getting  votes and popularity.

If congress does not improve itself  it is going to lose the 2014 elections and King of action Chief Minister Narendra Modi is going to become the Prime Minister of India.

So what Congress needs to do to win the elections  they should not do following things in one day but they should do it step by step. Following are the just few guidelines ideas

Change Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and give India a new and energetic Prime Minister like  Jairam Ramesh.

Declare Rahul Gandhi as  2014 Prime Minister if not declare then also its ok as Rahul can become Prime Minister when he wishes.

Throw away government Lokpal bill in dustbin

Meet Anna Hazare  and declare Congress will introduce Jan Lokpal Bill in Lok Sabha and Raj Sabha

After introduction of Jan Lok pal bill no opposition party is going to support it and Congress will show to India that  everyone is afraid of Jan Lokpal Bill as it will stop 75% corruption in India.

Once Indian citizens know that  Congress tried but failed all votes will go to Congress because of Sympathy.

Majority votes congress is losing because its seen as a party which opposes  Jan Lokpal Bill

In trying to save the community of Politicians, politicians will get saved but ship of Congress will suffer big defeat in elections 2014

Congress should never meet  Ramdev baba  as Ramdev Baba is one who opposes  gay people, who opposes many other freedoms which citizens of democratic nation should enjoy.If Congress meets the Ramdev Baba and fails to implement his plan of actions again Indian citizens will feel that Congress did nothing ,  Met Anna  did nothing, Met Ramdev did nothing so better option is go  move closer to Anna and stay away from Ramdev.

Educated Indian citizens want democratic nation not a religious nations which will curb freedoms of females as well as males.

Congress should become very strict regarding  Right to education and threaten to schools that if they do not obey all schools will be declared as national property  this was done in past regarding Banking sector and  airlines

No compromises on Right to education law  give 25% admissions to poor boys or lose your school.

Now congress needs to say and declare they want to bring Reservation based on salary, as congress should not worry no opposition party will support this and congress will again get the educated votes.

Ban Rs. 1000 currency notes to show Indian citizens Congress is  fighting and trying to stop Black Money, others may feel congress is trying and fighting the disease of Black Money, But I think congress has done nothing to curb the disease of Black Money. If you do not agree show me the action , give a link in the comment what congress has done regarding 400 Lakh Crore Black Money and educated people know that in India we got more than 400 Lakh Crore Black money in forms of Rs. 500 and 1000 notes and Jewellery, gold , diamonds.

Stop fearing Didi or other  parties and should say do what you want we will do what is right we are ready to go for elections

Privatize  Airline Air India and stop the  problem forever

Bring National law on prohibition of Black Magic

If congress fails to show that Congress is working and fighting hard to curb the creation and uses of Black Money and Corruption.

The ship of Congress is going to lose elections in year 2014.

Now Indian citizens got the power of Internet and Social Media so no one can now fool the Indian citizens.
Anna Hazare + Ramdev Baba = Great Defeat of Congress in year 2014

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Friday, June 08, 2012

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Jim June 08, 2012  

Thats one great plan!

BK Chowla, June 08, 2012  

I doubt if any thing will help congress,considering its performance in last eight years.
Yes,unless voters are deaf and dumb

virendra sharma June 08, 2012  

Intresting projections ,but Titanic is already being submerged no chances of recovering remains of it .

sukumar,  June 08, 2012  


Is commentator living in utopia? Anna"s Lokpalif adopted will finish corrupts in congress and in other parties

Anonymous,  June 09, 2012  

why do u hate ramdev? any valid reason?

SM June 09, 2012  


I do not hate Ramdev
this is about future of India
and politics.

Unknown July 16, 2012  

When every public dealing department,say PWD, Electricity, Hospitals, Education system, Railways,etc,etc; is full of corruption,normal medicine will not work!! Tens of Annas and 1000s of Ramdev cannot rid this society of corruption till the electoral reforms on massive scales are undertaken.Also, instead of Universal Frenchise, a minimu qualification of the voters and the voted should be prescribed. Besides, the candidates should obtain a minimum % of marks in Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence,Tort and Criminal Pr. Code,and papers on Indian History conducted by the Election Commission of India to be eligible to contest an election.Are we ready for that? How can one expect to be elected to Law making bodies without rudimentary knowledge of Law and why we are allowing this?

Anonymous,  September 16, 2012  

Con gress will bite the dust in 2015

jaina October 06, 2012  

Modi ( via hazare and baba) has peaked his campaign too early.. congress now has 2 whole years to recover.. they'll probably do most of the above and many more things like direct attack on modi. Modi is targeting modern middle class..like bjp did in 2004 with India shining.. 2014 will be interesting

10th class results January 19, 2013  

that is great congress party Zindabad Congress party Zindabad