10 May 2012

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Haryana Government official order Jeans-shirts, Western dresses are not decent Don’t were them is it Talibani Order

Haryana Government official order Jeans-shirts, Western dresses are not decent Don’t were them is it Talibani Order

Last month Haryana government issued order regarding dress code
dress code orders were issued by the Women and Child Development Department.

The order asked its employees to wear "decent" clothes at work.

The order issued on April 18 by the Department's Superintendent on behalf of the then Director Renu Phulia with regard to wearing of "decent clothes in the office"

it has been observed that some officials (both males and female) are coming to office in Jeans/T-shirts/Western dresses, "which sometime not only look awkward, but are also in contravention of the government rules".

Therefore, all the officials at the headquarter (Panchkula) including field in the Integrated Development Scheme (ICDS) and Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) are advised to wear decent clothes in office, that is Saree/Salwar Kameez with dupatta by females and pant-shirt by the males.

The order said that These orders are to be complied with strictly with immediate effect, failing which it will be viewed seriously. All Branch officers may also ensure that the officials working under their control also comply with these orders strictly,"

Decent clothes for females = Saree/Salwar Kameez with dupatta
Decent clothes for males = pant-shirt

This clearly shows the mentality of the politicians.

I do not know which rules say that this dress is decent or under which rule the order has been issued.

This is another example which clearly shows that India is a democratic nation only in books not in reality.

If anyone is coming to office in Jeans does not mean he or she is coming to office nude.

Next time when the voting period comes remember this order and remember to whom and what type of thinking you are voting and encouraging.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

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Michael May 10, 2012  

Thanks for sharing!

wizardOZZ May 10, 2012  

come on are they serious?

Jim May 10, 2012  

Now this is some radical news

Baur May 10, 2012  

Wow I'm very glad I don't live anywhere near there

DWei May 10, 2012  

Lol, this is hilarious. Don't they have bigger problems to be dealing with?

Treat and Trick May 10, 2012  

Is dress code really matters?

R May 10, 2012  

That's pretty interesting, thanks for sharing!

Random Blogger May 10, 2012  

I would definitely would not live in that country. Rules are very messed up.

sundersartwork May 10, 2012  

It seems so odd compared to England wehre you can wear what you choose within reason. I mean every society has limits. Not sure how they define decent, and it looks like under the table women bashing to me.