09 May 2012

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PIL Supreme Court asks NHAI why Toll Tax when no road is smooth Explain policy

PIL Supreme Court asks NHAI why Toll Tax when no road is smooth
Explain policy

NGO Peoples Voice filed a PIL in Supreme Court of India seeking directions
to restrain the Centre from alleged arbitrary collection of toll tax on the country's national highways.

PIL was focused on the toll tax collected on the NH-8 connecting Delhi with Gurgaon

But intelligent and honorable Supreme Court judges asked the petitioner to expand it by bringing within its purview the toll tax charged in other parts of the country also.

After hearing the PIL A bench of justices DK Jain and Anil R Dave directed the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) to explain its policy for toll tax.

After that SC questioned the justification of imposing such charges on people when the government cannot provide smooth roads.

The bench said that What is your policy. Public must know about it. It (building roads) should not be only to help builders and contractors. I do not understand your policy. We want to know what is your policy. Why should people pay toll tax when there is no smooth driving on road?"
"See the condition of the road. It results in serious accident but traveller has to pay toll tax,
At every 10-15 kilometer you charge toll tax. It pinches the pocket of travellers,"

Let’s hope now Supreme Court of India will frame the rules and guidelines for the toll tax.

How the Indian citizen is fooled in regarding Toll Tax?

A contractor builds a Road in a year 2010.
He spends Rs. 10 Crore for that.

Now he gets permission to collect Toll.

Year 2011 – He collected toll of Rs. 20 Crore. Just in one year if he makes the double profit then he should stop collecting the toll.
But this does not happen. He keeps collecting toll for many years and every year he makes profits but we Indian citizens do not get the good roads.

When you go to Hotel and if waiter gives you a dirty food will you pay him?

But  we Indian citizens end up paying toll for dirty food every day and no one cares as  corruption is our religion and our pockets get filled on monthly basis.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

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Destination Infinity May 10, 2012  

There are some private-public road partnerships that are literally minting money. The duty of the government is to build roads. But they outsource it to private parties and allow them to collect toll even! Why are taxes required then? Collecting toll on highways should be stopped.

Destination Infinity

Kirtivasan Ganesan May 10, 2012  

Toll should be accounted for. Just sweeping the roads is not sufficient.
I do not understand about accidents. Potholes should be preventing accidents. Because vehicle slows down.
Why should judges take salary if they cannot give logical judgements?

sundersartwork May 10, 2012  

When something happens that seems out of place or controversial always ask 'Cui bono?' or 'who benefits?. It is often business in bed with politicians.