11 May 2012

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Full Story Tatra Trucks Scam No one will go to Jail another scam like Bofors where no one is guilty

Full Story Tatra Trucks Scam No one will go to Jail another scam like Bofors where no one is guilty

On March 30, CBI has registered a case naming Rishi and unnamed officials of defense ministry, Army and BEML for alleged criminal conspiracy, cheating and also under relevant sections of the Prevention of Corruption Act.

Tatra is a Czech-manufacturer.
It is owned by Vectra, a London-based company, which supplies parts to a defense-run public sector unit, BEML, based in Bangalore.
The trucks are assembled at BEML and sold to the Army.

BEML assembles the trucks and sells them off to the army.
Some 7,000 Tatra trucks have been bought by the army since 1986.

In 1997, Tatra Sipox (UK) had signed a truck supply deal with BEML which was in alleged violation of defense procurement rules which say that procurement should be done directly from original equipment manufacturer only

The CBI has alleged that Tatra Sipox (UK) was not the original manufacturer of these all-terrain trucks.

The fact is, after the Kargil war and the 13-month deployment on the India-Pakistan borders in 2002, the army realized that the trucks were inadequate.

The fact is, in 2006, the defense audit wing of the CAG found that a truck manufactured by Tata Motors was eased out in favor of Tatra under mysterious circumstances.

In question is Performance and Price?

Army rules say that everything should be brought from manufacturer but here in this case Tatra trucks allegedly come to the Army via middleman.

Who is the real whistle-blower in this scam?
SN Ashoka, a former Assistant General Manager in the Trucks Division of BEML.
In August 2009, Mr. Ashoka wrote a memorandum to his boss, the Chairman of BEML VRS Natarajan.
Mr. Ashoka enumerated various charges of corruption against the Chairman in that note.
One of the allegations he raised was that Tatra trucks were being bought with the use of agents or middlemen
Dr. Hanumanthappa, the President of the All India Federation SC/ST and Minorities Employees Welfare Association, Karnataka, who submitted a confidential report written by Mr. Ashoka to Sonia Gandhi, Defense Minister AK Antony and President Pratibha Patil.

General VK Singh, the chief of the Army, had disclosed that he was offered a bribe to clear "sub-standard" trucks, which brought the Tatra deals with the Army under scanner. The Army has bought 7000 Tatra trucks since 1986.
General VK Singh took over as the army chief; he refused to authorize a purchase of Tatra trucks, following a "bribe offer of Rs14 Crore".

Media has also reported that last year criminal complaint filed against
Ravindra Kumar Rishi, owner of the UK-based Vectra Group in the Czech Republic in the Tatra matter

The complaint was filed by Vaclav Laska, former long-standing head of corruption watchdog Transparency International, based on information provided by a high-ranking Tatra Czech official.

The matter is being probed by the Czech Republic’s Department for Detection of Corruption and Financial Offences.

Rishi is a member of Tatra Czech’s supervisory board

The complaint alleges that Rishi misused his position in the board of Tatra Czech [the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of Tatra trucks] to enable Tatra Sipox (UK) Ltd, a company Rishi’s Vectra Group incorporated in 1994 and now owns, to buy knock down trucks from Tatra Czech at below production cost.
Tatra Sipox then sold the trucks to India’s BEML at a profit.
This caused huge losses to Tatra Czech since profits from the sale were being made by Rishi’s company, says the complaint.
The entire margin, or all the profit from the transaction, has been earned by Vectra Limited in the UK.”

Laska alleges that Rishi is  making a double profit by looting both Tatra Czech and India.
He adds that it is clear Czech politicians were also involved in this case which is why the matter was taking so long to be investigated.

Complaint states that TATRA Inc. suffered between 2005 and 2010 a loss of profit of 270 million

DNA has reported that Tatra Sipox’s balance sheet doesn’t reflect the sale. The company’s profit and loss account has not been more than Rs3 crore over the last few years which is surprising since the Tatra orders from India have been worth thousands of crores.
The mere reflection of Rs3 crore in Tatra Sipox’s account confirms that the deal’s profits are going elsewhere.

After this now CBI is investigating this case.

CBI is looking into following matters
1.    One relates to the purchase of the 7000 trucks

2.    a new consignment of more than 700 trucks that Vectra was allegedly trying to push through

3.    Tatra Sipox (UK) was eligible for the contract

4.    who was the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for Tatra trucks

5.    At least five companies of UK-based businessman Rishi are under CBI scanner

6.    The CBI is probing why BEML decided to procure Tatra parts from Tatra Sipox (Britain), a private company, from 1997 when it was doing so through Omnipol (a state-owned unit in Czech Republic) since 1986.

7.    Media has also reported that One more company, Venus Projects Ltd., in which Rishi allegedly has some stakes, was under the CBI scanner as he allegedly used it for purchasing spare parts for Tatra trucks

Regarding probe CBI has until now questioned following persons or raids were carried out

1.    Ravi Rishi, owner of the Vectra group which supplies Tatra trucks

2.    V Mohan, a former director of BEML

3.    V R S Natarajan, Chairman and managing director of Bharat Earth Movers Ltd (BEML)

4.    Raids were conducted at the homes of Brig (retd) P.C. Das in Delhi and Col (retd) Anil Datta in Noida. 

5.    Searches were also conducted at the home of Vectra employee Anil Mansaramani.

Media has also reported that Lt Gen R I S Kahlon [dead] was the first MGO to join Rishi after his retirement.
Another MGO Lt Gen A Sehgal and former DGQA Lt Gen Amarjit Singh have also worked for Rishi after retirement.

Media has also reported that British Security agencies already knew about Tatra.
They also found the money transfer from Canara Bank [ India  ] to foreign bank in Switzerland  and in Liechtenstein.

Media has also reported that The Vectra group is owned by trusts in Liechtenstein

Now political parties will start the blame game and it will continue forever
Just like Bofors Case.

When the first time contract was signed from that time CBI should start investigation, it should ask did they knew that trucks are not supplied by
Original maker.

CBI should also find out how the money traveled from one country to another and who the owner of that bank account is.

After 25 years once  again some foreign investigator will tell to Indian media same story,
No one contacted me and xyz politician is not guilty, xyz actor is not guilty and  xxx is guilty and got the proofs..

Now do you think just like Bofors Case, all deaths and No jail is going to be the future of  Tatra scam.

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Friday, May 11, 2012

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BK Chowla, May 11, 2012  

Now experience tells us,unless SC monitors a political corruption, noone can ever get conviction.

SM May 18, 2012  

@BK Chowla,

agree with you

gangadhara May 19, 2012  

Events, Most incomprehensible ,inconceivable to a normal sane person ,brazenly defiant /nonchalant to the public opinion and always endangering the security of this nation , are common place in Indian government at all 3 levels, and indian politics.
VRS Natarajan a non technical in education and in ability heads as MD and Chairman ,BEML a multi crore mammoth engineering , high end technology government firm. for 10 years or more. Can never be substantiated by any body . not a lapse, more lust for money, laced with stupidity involving some in BEML/ army/ Defense ministry and companies based outside india for siphoning off embezzled money.
7000 trucks ( sold at 110lakhs- actual 40lakhs)=490,000 lakhs Rs. is the loss to the indian coffers.
(490,000,00,000 Rs for 12,000,00,000people in india is 40 Rs for every single person, in a dollar a day country is one day for the entire india)
Dr.Manmohan singh (PM) MA in economics minus honorary degrees.
A.K.Anthony (defense minister) BA, BL
Pranab Mukherjee (FM) MA ,LLB
Are people in power, who could have stopped this siphoning off .
Pranab Mukherjee An MA in history heads industrial ministry and other technical ministries, finance in his career.
And now plans to become president of this n ation.To be elected,more selected by the ever bungling clique of most discredited MPs,MLAs and others, lead by a equally poorly educated, ill equipped but backed by zombies with zero IQ , already elected in this farce of a democracy.
God help india. where all other means to bring about a better india are compromised.
We have Dr. Abdul kalam, Ratan tata and many others to fill that post eloquently.
Only solution:
Let many(10 folds) candidates stand as independents, and vote them to power after vetting their qualifications in coming elections. Educate others to vote for people with prerequisite qualifications.

Posting Load and Truck December 01, 2012  

Stellar blog, I really wish how to make my website this worthwhile!