20 May 2012

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Government Plan MBBS student’s one Year compulsory working in Rural Area Is it Good move by Government?

Government Plan MBBS student’s one Year compulsory working in Rural Area Is it Good move by Government?

Government of India has decided that future doctors, that is MBBS students will have to spend a year working in rural areas before getting their MBBS degree.

Health Ministry wrote a letter to Medical Council of India (MCI) and has asked its Board of Governors to make rural posting for doctors mandatory and include it in the MBBS course curriculum.

This means that a medical student, after completing 4.5 years of study and thereafter the hospital internship, will have to undergo a mandatory, compulsory year-long house job in the form of a rural posting before getting the MBBS degree.
Till then, the degree would be provisional.

In developed nations to become a doctor one has to give more than six years and have to pay more money.

In India if compared MBBS students pay less and get degrees faster.

Today we know that Profession of MBBS is considered as a money making machine.

Degree of MBBS is like an ATM Machine which keeps pouring money 24 hours of the day.

You may not agree but today Doctors work only to make money.

No Money No Treatment.

In necessity of patient also they do not come to home even if you are ready to pay them, one has to call them few times and wait for then when patient is suffering.

If you are intelligent and you read which type of medicine doctor has given you will realize that the doctor has written the name of costly medicine.
Example –

Content – 500 MG paracetamol

Above medicine is made by different companies.

For 1 tab one company will charge you 1 Rs.
Other may charge you 1 tab 2 Rs.

But 2 Rs. Company pays to doctor so doctor writes Rs.2 tab to patients.

Still today doctor is God, but now our god has become money making and money demanding god.

Thus its very good thinking of Government of India to make 1 year compulsory mandatory rural service to future doctors.

Normally in India all the good laws stay on the paper and we get useless laws.

Hope this time government succeeds in making 1 year compulsory rural service for future doctors.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

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jamos jhalla May 20, 2012  

Yes It Is Right Move But In Addition Our Parliamentarians Also Should Be Inspired
To Visit Villages Of Their Constituency

Sandhya May 20, 2012  

Without this rule, our Medical students will not put their feet in rural areas. So, this is a good move, I feel.

I agree with the above comment too!

Anonymous,  May 20, 2012  

Appreciate this move :)

Usha May 21, 2012  

sm, rural internship is a good move, it will definitely add to the experience of Doctors and also it will boost humanitarian element in their future practice.

Anonymous,  May 22, 2012  

is this also for students currently in the curriculum

SM May 26, 2012  


currently this is the plan it may or may not convert into law.