20 May 2012

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Mumbai Police bust Rave Party 2 IPL Pune Warrior Players with 126 detained

 Mumbai Police bust Rave Party 2 IPL Pune Warrior Players with 126 detained

Updated on Monday, May 21, 2012

Rave party
Location – Mumbai
Hotel Oakwood Juhu 

Additional Commissioner of Police Vishwas Nagre Patil conducted the raid at Hotel Oakwoods in Juhu

The raid was conducted at around 9:30 pm and went on for nearly an hour.

Police detained 128 boys and girls.

Those detained have been sent to Cooper Hospital for medical examination.
only after the medical reports it will become clear who used the drugs and who didnt.

According to reports, 58 boys and 38 girls are suspected to have attended the rave party.

Police found Approximately 110 gm. of cocaine and other type of drugs like MDMA, popularly known as Ecstasy.

Media reported that before the police raid 4 IPL players left the party.

Police detained 2 IPL players.
One is Indian and one is South African.
Media reported that both belong to Pune Warrior Team one is fast bowler and other one is spinner.

Updated on Monday, May 21, 2012
4.10 pm

Who organized the rave party in Juhu?
Name - Vishesh Vijay Handa

The organizer, Vishesh Vijay Handa, was arrested under the Narcotic Drugs Act and now he has been remanded to police custody till May 25.

Following are the names of the two IPL players who were present in the rave party
1.Rahul Sharma of India
2.Wayne Parnell of South Africa

Rahul Sharma and Wayne Parnell play in the IPL for Pune Warriors India team. 

Following Bollywood and TV celebrities were present in the party.
1.Apoorva Agnihotri
2.Himanshi Choudhary

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

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Michael May 20, 2012  

Oh wow, I don't know what all these athletes are thinking doing drugs.

DWei May 21, 2012  

Someone was clearly not thinking during that party. :|

Bikram May 21, 2012  

i hope they get banned for life


Destination Infinity May 21, 2012  

I don't understand what exactly the PWI players were celebrating for?

Destination Infinity

SM May 27, 2012  

@Destination Infinity

few say birthday party few says drug party few say was fun sex party.