26 April 2012

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Subramanian Swamy says Karti Chidambaram benefited in Aircel-Maxis deal son of P Chidambaram

Subramanian Swamy says Karti Chidambaram benefited in Aircel-Maxis deal son of P Chidambaram 
On April 24, Subramanian Swamy wrote letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh , in this letter Swamy wrote that
Mr. Chidambaram should be asked to resign as Home Minister and that the CBI should include him and his son, Karti, in its investigation on the sale of telecom Aircel to Malaysia-based Maxis.

Mr. Swamy says that, Karti, benefited from Mr. Chidambaram's position as Finance Minister to earn huge profits during the sale of Aircel which Mr.
Chidambaram sanctioned in 2006.

According to Swamy  Maxis wanted to buy 74% stake in Aircel for nearly 4,000 crores and that this deal needed clearance from the Foreign Investment Promotion Board but P Chidambaram delayed the permission.

Mr. Swamy told to media that P Chidambaram wanted a cut so he delayed the permission.

Karti Chidambaram is a 94 per cent equity holder in a company Ausbridge Holding and Investments Pvt Ltd.

Before the deal was signed  the  Ausbridge holding and investment Pvt Ltd company bought shares in the holding company, Advantage Strategic Consultancy Pvt Ltd, of Aircel. When the deal went through, Mr. Swamy says, Karti Chidambaram made  profits.

Swamy claims in his letter that as per the financial statements filed by Advantage Strategic Consulting, there was a financial transaction between it and Aircel Televenture owned by C Sivasankaran to the tune of Rs 26,00,444.

Mr. Swamy wants Mr. Chidambaram and his son to be included in the FIR, with Dayanidhi Maran, that looks at the Aircel-Maxis deal.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

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Kirtivasan Ganesan April 26, 2012  

Aura downsizing is required.

virendra sharma April 26, 2012  

This was to be like this .Some thing fishy was brewing for quite a some time.PC must go .

R April 26, 2012  

Thanks for sharing these news!