26 April 2012

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Global Police Operation 36 Criminal websites closed down by Soca Cyber Crime police shutdown sites selling credit card details.

 Global Police Operation 36 Criminal websites  closed down by SOCA Cyber Crime Police  shutdown sites selling credit card details.

in a global police operation Dozens of criminal websites offering credit card details and other private information have been shut down.

Joint operations on Thursday in Australia, the US, Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Romania and Macedonia led to the websites being closed down.

The Serious Organized Crime Agency (Soca), in Britain, says raids in Australia, Europe, the UK and US  are the culmination of two years of work.

Credit card numbers or bank account details of millions of unsuspecting victims were sold for as little as £2.

Two Britons and a man from Macedonia were arrested, with 36 sites shut down.

It’s expected that more people will be arrested.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

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Destination Infinity April 26, 2012  

Excellent job. This is how the various law enforcement agencies should come together and combat cyber frauds. I hope India will learn a cue from this incident and start collaborating with other nations similarly.

Destination Infinity