26 April 2012

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Time Line chronology of Bofors Scam The Biggest Corruption Drama played by Indians

 Time Line chronology of  Bofors Scam The Biggest Corruption Drama played by Indians

Bofors Scam happened in reality in India.
Everyone made  lot of money.
But no one went to Jail as per Indian standards.
Corruption is our religion.

Bofors was the biggest drama and audience was the Indian Citizens who watched it few cried and few got encouragement to do corruption, few got medals and higher posts.


Mother India got nothing.

March 24, 1986:
A $15 billion contract between the Indian government and Swedish arms company AB Bofors is signed for supply of over 400 155mm Howitzer field guns.

April 16, 1987:
Swedish Radio accuses  Bofors paid kickbacks to top Indian politicians and key defense officials to get the contract.

Aug 6, 1987:
Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) set up under B Shankaranand to
probe allegations of kickbacks

Dec 26, 1989:
Prime Minister V.P. Singh's government bars Bofors from entering into any defense contract with India.

Jan 22, 1990:
Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) registers complaint in the case.

Jan 26, 1990:
Swiss authorities freeze bank accounts of Svenska and AE Services,
which allegedly received illegal commissions in Bofors Contract.

December 1992:
Supreme Court reverses a Delhi High Court decision quashing the complaint in the case.

Feb 9, 1993:
Supreme Court rejects former Bofors agent Win Chadha's plea for
quashing the letters rogatory sent by the trial court to its counterpart in Sweden seeking assistance in the case.

July 12, 1993:
Swiss federal court rules that India was entitled to Swiss bank
documents pertaining to kickbacks.

July 29/30, 1993:
Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi, who represented Italian
fertiliser firm Snam Progetti for years, leaves India to avoid arrest.

Jan 21, 1997:
secret documents running into over 500 pages given to Indian
authorities in Berne.

Jan 30, 1997:
CBI sets up special investigation team for the case.

Feb 12, 1997:
Letters rogatory issued to Malaysia and United Arab Emirates (UAE) seeking arrest of Quattrocchi and Win Chadha.

May 1998:
Delhi High Court rejects Quattrocchi's plea for quashing of 'red corner' notice issued by Interpol at CBI request.

Year 1991 – Rajiv Gandhi was murdered.

Oct 22, 1999:
CBI files first chargesheet naming following persons as accused.
Win Chadha
former Indian defence secretary S K Bhatnagar,
former Bofors chief Martin Ardbo
Bofors company
Late Rajiv Gandhi's ex PM

Nov 7, 1999:
Trial court issues arrest warrants against Quattrocchi

Dec 13, 1999:
CBI team goes to Malaysia to seek extradition of Quattrocchi; fails.

Year 2000:
Quattrocchi approaches Supreme Court to quash arrest warrant against him. The court asks him to appear before the CBI for interrogation while protecting him from being arrested.
Quattrocchi refuses to accept the order.

March 18, 2000:
Win Chadha comes to India to face trial.
 July 29, 2000:
Trial court issues "open non-bailable arrest warrants" against Ardbo.

Sep 29, 2000:
Hindujas issue statement saying funds received by them from Bofors had no connection with the gun deal.

Oct 9, 2000:
CBI files supplementary chargesheet naming Hinduja brothers as accused.

Aug 6, 2001:
Former defence secretary Bhatnagar dies of cancer one of the accused in the  Bofors Scam Case.

Oct 24, 2001:
Win Chadha dies of heart attack one of the accused in Bofors Scam

Nov 15, 2002:
Hinduja brothers formally charged with cheating, criminal conspiracy and corruption

Dec 2, 2002:
Malaysian court denies India's request for Quattrocchi's extradition.

July 28, 2003:
Britain freezes Quattrocchi's bank accounts.

Feb 4, 2004:
Delhi High Court clears late Rajiv Gandhi of involvement in scandal

May 31, 2005:
Delhi High Court clears Hindujas of involvement

Dec 31, 2005:
CBI tells Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), London, that it has not been able to link the money in  two accounts of Quattrocchi with Bofors kickbacks two accounts of Quattrocchi with Bofors kickbacks.

Jan 7, 2006:
Two accounts of Quattrocchi in London banks containing 3 million euros and $1 million are defreezed

Feb 6, 2007:
Quattrocchi detained in Argentina on Interpol lookout notice.

Feb 13, 2007:
CBI writes to ministry of external affairs for Argentinean Extradition Act and tells Interpol that documentation are being prepared for extradition proceedings.

Feb 24, 2007:
Fresh arrest warrant against Quattrocchi obtained from Delhi court

Feb 28, 2007:
Two-member CBI team leaves for Argentina

June 8, 2007:
Court in El Dorado rejects extradition request of CBI

Nov 25, 2008:
Red Corner Notice withdrawn against Quattrocchi.

Sep 29, 2009:
Government tells Supreme Court about decision to withdraw case against Quattrocchi

Dec 14, 2010:
A Delhi court reserves order till January 4, 2011 on a plea of CBI seeking to drop criminal proceedings against Quattrocchi.

Jan 3, 2011:
An Income Tax tribunal rules that commission in violation of Indian laws was indeed paid to Quattrochi and Chadha in the gun deal that cost the national exchequer R 412.4 million some 23 years ago.
Feb 21, 2011:
CBI says no change in its stand in the wake of Income tax tribunal order. Court defers order for March 4.

March 4, 2011:
Court allows CBI's plea to withdraw case against Quattrochhi.

A middleman associated with the scandal was Ottavio Quattrocchi, an Italian businessman who  was allegedly close to the Gandhi family.

Year 2012
Senior AB not guilty.
RG saved everyone.
Quattorcchi guilty.

In this case number of accused are 7 Persons.
1.    Win Chadha
2.    Quattrocchi
3.    former Indian defence secretary S K Bhatnagar,
4.    former Bofors chief Martin Ardbo
5.    Bofors company
6.    Late Rajiv Gandhi's ex PM
7.    Hinduja Brothers.

Win Chadha died.
S K Bhatnagar died.
Rajiv Gandhi died.
Hinduja not guilty but other tax court said he is guilty.
What happened with Ardbo I do not know.
Warrant against him issued or not I do not know.

So what we got CBI spend Crores of Rupees on this case 

what we Indians got?


Now Drama is over clap clap clap
Lets hope opposition will open or start the Part 2 of Bofors Scam

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

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Unknown April 26, 2012  

Hi there SM, thanks for visiting my blog :) It would do well for me to keep with the the politics of India - although I am SO far removed from it now - A good family friend and a most prominent lawyer is the one who outed these people for starters, so this is a subject I am tuned into ... thanks for the update :) And do drop back at my blog often cheers, Priya

Bart April 26, 2012  

dont know anything about indian news :)

R April 26, 2012  

Interesting news!

रविकर April 27, 2012  

तिथिवार सम्पूर्ण तथ्य ।
आभार SM ||