30 April 2012

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RTI Reveals Public Money Wasted by AIIMS on beautification and not on medical needs of poor

 RTI Reveals Public Money Wasted by AIIMS on beautification and not on medical needs of poor
 All India Institute of Medical Sciences ( AIIMS) is  the India’s premier medical institute.

Now it’s accused of wasting tax payer’s money.

The administration has allegedly issued official cars to those who are not even eligible for this
The rules say only the director is allowed to use a staff car. But the deputy director ( administration), the medical superintendent and the chief of centres have all been allotted this luxury.

AIIMS director R.C. Deka and deputy director Vineet Chaudhry have lots to spend on their bungalows.

The RTI reply to Janhit Abhiyan, an NGO, says the institute has allocated around Rs 20 lakh for 'constructions' at the office of the deputy director (administration).

Rs 1 lakh was given for designing the office and Rs 19 lakh for the alterations.

An RTI reply revealed that

1.    Rs 42.1 lakh was spent on renovation of the director's bungalow

2.    Rs 8.4 lakh for the deputy director's ( administration) bungalow

3.    Rs 2.9 lakh on the dean's residence

4.    Rs 11.6 lakh on the medical superintendent's official quarters

5.    and Rs 8.6 lakh on the senior financial adviser's house

over the past five years.

The urban development ministry's rules stipulate that the annual ceiling of Rs 1,10,000 on the upkeep of topmost- level government accommodation should be strictly adhered to. The AIIMS spending exceeds this upper limit many times over.

It’s simple  if politicians can do this why can’t we?

Why this happens?

Once again reason is same  toothless and useless laws.
Laws are vogue and not straightforward.
Laws are with the loopholes and people in power utilize those loopholes intelligently.

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Monday, April 30, 2012

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