23 April 2012

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Full Story Sex Video Abhishek Manu Singhvi Resigns from all official and Congress party positions

Full Story Sex Video Abhishek Manu Singhvi Resigns from all official and Congress party positions

Only for adults Watch Read only if you are above age 18.

Advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi
Age – 53
Rajya Sabha MP
Party - Congress

Congress Rajya Sabha MP Abhishek Manu Singhvi has quit as the chairperson of Parliament Standing Committee on Law and Justice and as the Congress spokesperson following the sex video CD controversy.

He said he had been blackmailed and threatened by his driver.

Singhvi had obtained a permanent injunction restraint against media houses and his former driver from broadcasting and making public a clip which allegedly showed him in a compromising position.

However, despite the court order and reaching a settlement with the driver who had obtained the clips, the video went viral on social media like Facebook and Twitter and YouTube.

Who Features in the alleged Sex Video?
The sex video allegedly featuring Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi and a female with black robe.

Duration of the total video length –
The 12 minute, 40 second video

Currently the sex video allegedly featuring Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi and a lawyer is available on many websites one just needs to search.

Singhvi has claimed that the CD was “forged, concocted, morphed and fabricated”

Singhvi also got the injunction.

Currently on You Tube Video is getting uploaded and you tube is removing that video.
A Facebook page too was created with links to the video.

On file sharing network also now Video is available.

What happens in the video?
I do not know video is fabricated or morphed or real one.
I do not know who is in the video.

Location – Court Room Chamber

One man is in video, one female is in Video.
Man takes the female in his arms.
Man removes the specs.
Then Man and female kiss each other Indian style.
Do you remember what happened between Bill Clinton and Monica
Same happens in the video.
Man has removed pants Man is standing and lady is sitting and giving blowjob.
Then actual sex scene happens between man and female.

End of Video.

I do not know who is in Video and I do not know who the lady is in

Its normal sex act which happens between consenting adults.

What one should learn from this?

More you will try to stop, more the video will spread, demand will rise 1000time for the video with every attempt to stop the broadcast of video on the social media.

As there is a High Court restraining the broadcasting of the video I am not here giving you any link to the Video and nor going to upload the video.

You can yahoo search or Google it.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

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Unknown April 23, 2012  

Well that's embarrassing

vlog media news April 23, 2012  

Whats.. The sexs videos good and the best.

virendra sharma April 23, 2012  

इब्तिदाए इश्क है रोता है क्या .,

आगे आगे देखिये होता है क्या .

जहां आग वहां धुआं .

Saru Singhal April 23, 2012  

That's not good. :(

Baur April 24, 2012  

Man bad choices :( Oh well we all make mistakes but this kind of mistake can really destroy your life.

Subramanian April 24, 2012  

we as a society are so perverted.It is his own private life.the same also happened with the Godman video.we want to so much take a peep at another man's sex life.what he does inside a room with any female should not concern us in anyway.even is she is not his wife.even after so much porn is available on the net in the last 20 years clips like these continue to interest our public.what ails us.

Content Hedgehog April 24, 2012  

Oh what, no link to the video?? Hahaha

Jim April 24, 2012  

Bad news, he should've kept the video somewhere safe.

दिगम्बर नासवा April 24, 2012  

जो भी हो ... इस बात पे मीडिया ने इतना शोर नहीं मचाया जितना विपक्ष के ऐसे प्रसंगों में उठता है ... और तो और बी जी पी वाले भी शांत हैं ... समझ से परे है ये बात ...

anney April 24, 2012  

lesson learned! Don't film any sexual activity!

Trolske April 24, 2012  

Quie embarassing

R. Ramesh April 24, 2012  

ya embarrassing indeed..

Anonymous,  May 02, 2012  


Anonymous,  May 04, 2012  

Life is a full circle

Rahul May 05, 2012  

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mujeres culona June 29, 2012  

I wonder who leaked out his video on cyberspace?