23 April 2012

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6 Kids aged 12 Spend 2 hours in Police station for Playing Cricket Playing cricket is it a crime?

6 Kids aged 12 Spend 2 hours in Police station for Playing Cricket Playing cricket is it a crime?

Incident time – The incident took place at 6 pm on Friday.

On Friday evening Vashi police detained six kids for over two hours
Age of the kids - Between 12 to 13

five children aged 12 and 13 years, all residents of Sun Twinkle Apartments, were playing cricket with a friend, 12-year-old Ajay (name changed), a resident of the adjoining Sun Villa apartments at the latter's building.

But Bhatt did not like it and she shouted over kids.
After that children moved to the adjoining road. But 15 minutes later, two beat marshals from Vashi police station came and allegedly started abusing them.

Apparently they also slapped Ajay twice. They didn't stop there and crammed the children in Bhat's car and took them to Vashi police station forcibly.

The cops also detained the children’s' parents, who had come to enquire about the whereabouts of their children, and reportedly abused them

What was the reason they were detained?
Not for theft, not for stealing not for any crime minor or serious

What was the crime of Kids?

Their crime was that they were playing in their building compound.

Why Police detained the kids for playing cricket?

The police took this step after 40 year-old Shruti Bhatt, a resident of Sun Villa apartment, Sector 28, Vashi complained about the kids making noise in the premises while playing.

One of the children, a student of Father Agnel School told to media that
Two policemen came and started abusing us for playing in the building premises earlier. They also slapped Ajay twice, forcibly packed us in Bhat's car and took us to Vashi police station. We were made to sit there for over two hours and weren't allowed to even contact our parents."

Anil Puthalat, one of the parents said, "The cops refused to tell us the reason for detaining our kids and started abusing us. When we questioned them, they made us sit in a room and confiscated our mobile phones. Now our children are scared to step out of their homes." Puthalat also alleged that Bhat had political links.

The children were released after 8.30 pm. As soon as they were let off after 9.30 pm, the parents rushed to the Navi Mumbai police commissioner's office in Belapur to lodge a complaint

Senior police inspector of Vashi police station, Raosaheb Sardesai told to media that the cops were justified in taking harsh action against the children. "We had received a complaint from Bhat, a senior citizen.

Ahmad Javed, police commissioner of Navi Mumbai said, "I am aware of this case and have learnt that the parents have recalled their complaint.

Now the questions arise?

Do you think children got any rights?
What about the Human Rights of children?
Why did not police inform the Kids parents immediately?

Under which Indian law 40 Year person is considered as a Senior Citizen.

India is a country where we fear police and everyone.
No one dares to talk about human rights, freedoms.
Those are only for the name.

Do you think government should take action on Police?

Do you think parents and kids should be paid compensation for harassment or wrongful detention?

The story was reported by NDTV.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

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Sandhya April 23, 2012  

This is ridiculous!

cs April 23, 2012  

interesting. police abuse their power sometimes they were young kids!

Usha April 23, 2012  

Heartless Shruti Bhatt need to be arrested for causing abuse and trauma to those innocent kids and their parents.

Why Police listened to one insane woman's complaint? Evening time is children's playtime. If you lovingly request, they sure will oblige.

This is serious and all involved police men should be questioned and punished.

Unknown April 24, 2012  

Cricket or ticket (bad pun on Click it or ticket seatbelt ad)