23 April 2012

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Ex CM B. S. Yeddyurappa government donated 110 Crore to temples

Ex CM B. S. Yeddyurappa government donated 110 Crore to temples

BJP leader B. S. Yeddyurappa in period of 3 years donated a mindboggling 110 Crore from the state treasury to several temples, including those in neighboring states.

Media has always reported that former CM B. S. Yeddyurappa believes in Black Magic.
He visits to temples in Kerala whenever he needs the help of God.

Time Period – Year 2008 to 2011 –

Documents released by the government reveal that approximately
269 temples, religious institutions, and religious charitable trusts
(All Hindu)

Temples and Mutts in Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, got more than 18 Crore as aid from Karnataka.

Former CM B. S. Yeddyurappa doubled the salary and perks of temple priests costing the state exchequer 58 Crore a year.

Which temples received the funds?

1. The Dattatreya Peetha controlled by Brahmins in Gulbarga district received 2 Crore

2. Someshwara Kshetra in Chikmagalur district received Rs.3 Crore

3. Hariharapura Kshetra in Chikmagalur district received Rs.1 Crore

4. Vokkaligas' Adi Chunchanagiri Kshetra in Mandya district received Rs.5 Crore

5. Kurubas' Kanaka Peetha in Haven district received Rs.10 Crore

6. The Kudalasangama Development Authority, which oversees Kudalasangama, a pilgrimage centre for Lingayats, was granted 5 Crore.

7. Pilgrimage centre Basavakalyan received 5 Crore from the government.

8. The Raghavendra Swamy Mutt in Mantralay a is the biggest beneficiary -received 10 Crore

Every Indian citizen is the owner of State Treasury.
Every Indian is the owner of state exchequer.

Now and then we hear that Government does not have money for schools , hospitals and scholarships etc.

Farmers commit suicide because they cannot feed their kids and family.
But they are not paid before suicide if farmers are paid before suicide No farmer will commit suicide.

Suggested law Reform –
India needs a law which will clearly say and forbid the donation of money to all the religious places which may belong to any religion.
It should clearly say that if any Chief Minister wants to donate he should use his personal money or he should use the funds of his own political party to donate to religious temples or church or Mosque.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

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Viyoma April 23, 2012  

Thats quite some information on BSY's donations alone. This should have been anticipated.

Under Income Tax Act, they specify which Donations/ Investments qualify for how much rebate etc, but I am surprised, conditions are absent when it comes to MP/ MLA donations.

Michael April 23, 2012  

Agree with the suggested law reform. Interesting, thanks for the update. Going to follow.

R April 23, 2012  

Interesting news!

Srini.T May 03, 2012  

Pls answer me ,

Why are church & mosques individual bodies.
they need not answer any one.
why only eating away Hindus contribution towards their Deity. why should Hindu temples come under government & the same funds to be utilized for other religions even without maintaining Hindu temples.