13 February 2012

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Police seized Rs.1 Crore Cash belonging to Congress Party Maharashtra Amravati

Police seized Rs.1 Crore Cash belonging to Congress Party Maharashtra Amravati

Sunday –

It’s very normal and common in India that in elections period now and then police find Crores of Rupees in cash in cars and buses

The police seized the money around 1.30 am from the vehicle (MH-31/DC 4744)

Police in Maharashtra's Amravati town seized Rs. 1 crore in cash from a car and arrested
Two people -- Ashish Bodhankar and Prakash Masram
Ashish Bodhankar of Lashkaribagh in Nagpur and driver Prakash Masram, a resident of Byramji Town
They have been booked under sections 41(1) D of CrPC.

Until the afternoon no one came forward and said that money belongs to them.

Then Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) sent a fax around 2pm saying that the money was part of the party fund which minister of state for finance and energy Rajendra Mulak had sent to Amravati Congress Committee.

Purpose of the money = Distribute Rs. 1 Lakh to each candidate for election purpose

Media reported that car in which cash was found came to Amravati on Saturday and was following the convoy of chief minister Prithviraj Chavan who addressed a public meeting here.

In beginning no one knew about Rs. 1 Crore being sent.

How come it is possible?

In era of Banking what is the need to send the Rs. 1 Crore in Cash?

This is the reason India should ban notes of Rs.1000 and 500.

MLA Raosaheb Shekhawat told to media that we had urged MPCC to
give party funds for AMC polls to spend on election.
Hence, the party sent Rs 1 crore.
Of this, Rs 1 lakh were to be given to each of our 87 candidates.
The remaining amount of Rs 13 lakh was supposed to be utilized for holding meetings and campaigning.

If money is legal and one can instantly tell the cops that Sir This money belongs to my company or my boss, Please call him and confirm it.
I am not thief and this money is not stolen, this money is not black money or hawala racket money.

If the arrested people do not say anything this means that something fishy is there.
Money is not legal and must be stolen or part of the Hawala racket or its black money of someone rich and mighty.

Why money was not sent through demand draft?

Why money was send in cash?

Why at the odd hours money was sent?

Why both the arrested people did not tell the facts to police?

Reality views by sm –

Monday, February 13, 2012

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dopdavid February 13, 2012  

very intense, nice report

Renu February 13, 2012  

whatevr the politicians say, but they and public both know the reality..

sm,  February 13, 2012  


aativas February 13, 2012  

Everybody can guess what is the truth .. but will anyone ever tell us the truth?

Kirtivasan Ganesan February 14, 2012  

This seems to be the work of vested interests in trying to spoil the name of Congress.Seems a setup of sorts.
Question is Why donate money for party?
Winner will help when elected is a bad business idea. Will do business with whoever wins is a smart business idea.
Join hands for a better India.