14 January 2012

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Secret Visit China to pay $750 Million to Nepal Make Nepal Police Stronger

Secret Visit China to pay $750 Million to Nepal Make Nepal Police Stronger

Nepal –

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao visited Nepal and in that visit on Saturday
China agreed to provide Nepal $750 million in aid to Nepal.

As per agreements China will provide economic and technical assistance and strengthen Nepal's police.

The visit of the Chinese Premier was secret.

China has built highways and financed other development projects in Nepal.

Nepal is a friendly country of India and when slowly and intelligently China is becoming more and more close to Nepal.

It will not be surprising very soon in future we see Nepal supporting China internationally in everything and opposing India like Pakistan.

It’s expected that China will build an international air port in Nepal at Pokhara and build and develop high ways and build a hydro power plant.

Dont you think it is the duty India to develop Nepal,Help Nepal in all the possible ways and not give any opportunity to other nations to help Nepal.

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

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Sam D. January 14, 2012  

I'm not much into politics but I think that's good for the Nepal people to have their place develop little by little. :-)

mermaid gallery January 14, 2012  

Nepal is such a poor country that it would be easy to dominate in every way....I'm glad they are getting economic aid but it would be much better if it wasn't to build a bigger police force but to develop the country in every other way...look out India!

sm,  January 14, 2012  

Sam D,,thanks.
mermaid gallery,,thanks.