13 January 2012

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Know about the first Job of 29 Famous Celebrities whom we love Before Becoming rich and famous what they did

Know about the first Job of 29 Famous Celebrities whom we love Before Becoming rich and famous what they did

Following is the list of 29 Famous Celebrities Know what was their first job whey they did when they started.

1. Superstar Rajnikanth - Manual Laborer , then he became Bus conductor and then Actor and later Super star

2. Dev Anand – He started his career in the military censor’s office at churchgate, later he worked as a clerk in accountancy firm later he became a movie star, an ever green hero.

3. Sting aka Gorden Sumner – He worked as a bus conductor, construction laborer, tax officer and teacher and then he became a successful musician.

4. Akshay Kumar – He started ,worked as a waiter and chef in one of the hotels of Bangkok, then became Actor and Super star

5. Brad Pitt – He used to work for EL Pollo Loco restaurant on sunset Boulevard.

6. Lady Gaga – She used to work as a waitress at a restaurant in NY.

7. Singer Mariah Carey - She started as a coat check girl got fired and today she is international singer

8. Jennifer Aniston – She used to work as a bike messenger in New York City and a telemarketer.

9. Oprah Winfrey – Her first job was at a local grocery store and today she is famous for her talk shows internationally.

10. Diva Madonna – In her initial days she worked at Dunkin Donuts and today she is famous internationally as a singer , Pop Diva

11. Pamela Anderson – The Bay watch Queen she used to be fitness instructor before becoming a super star.

12. Sharon Stone – She worked with Mc Donalds

13. Rachel Mcadams – She worked with Mc Donalds.

14. Sandra Bullock – She used to worked as a bartender when she was in college.

15. Tom Cruise – He wanted to become a catholic priest, he even joined a Franciscan seminary but he became an international start to accomplish mission impossible.

16. George Clooney – He used to sell suits , worked in department store, then construction sites

17. Marlon Brando – He was a high school drop out and used to work as a ditch digger.

18. Mickey Rourkey – He worked as a movie theater usher.

19. Tom Hanks – He worked as popcorn and peanuts vendor.

20. Nicolas Cage – The Rock star used to sell popcorn at the Fairfax Theater.

21. Sean Connery – He worked as milkman, bricklayer, lifeguard and coffin polisher and then he got the license to kill internationally.

22. Al Pacino- used to work as cinema ushers but he got fired from his job.

23. Bon Jovi – He started with Christmas decorations.

24. Quentin – He used to work as cinema ushers

25. Sylvester Stallone – He used to work as a lion cage cleaner at central park zoo, then he became homeless and he even acted in a porn movie for $200 and later he became the Rocky and won the hearts of every boy and girl internationally.

26. Mick Jagger – He was a porter in a mental hospital.

27. Megan Fox – She worked for a smoothie shop.

28. Jack Sparrow – Captain Jack Sparrow used to sell ballpoint pens in his initial days.

29. Harrison Ford – He worked as a carpenter, he made cabinets for George Lucas later he got small role in Lukas movie ‘American Graffiti.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

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Anshul Gautam January 13, 2012  

Inspirations for millions they are...Very nice post...I will be saving this list and will keep as an inspirational dose for myself. :)

Usha January 14, 2012  

sm, Very interesting to know about initial career of famous celebrities...Most of the hollywood celebrities come from restaurant industry...I was amazed to know about Rajanikant, Dev Anand,Sylvestor stallone and Harrison Ford.

Thanks for this interesting and inspiring post.

SM January 14, 2012  


Margie January 14, 2012  

Great post!
Nice to know about their first jobs!