23 December 2011

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Anna Hazare – Register for Jail bharo Registration for Jail Bharo Andolan started by Team Anna –

Anna Hazare – Register for Jail bharo Registration for Jail Bharo Andolan started by Team Anna –

Update - Jail Bharo Registration Count 18531 till 3.36 PM IST
Every second count is increasing hate the corruption want corruption free India then register for it.

Everyone now knows that government has introduced, brought a weak Lokpal who will obey politicians.

Even for this Lokpal bill very intelligently all politicians are working towards the goal that Indian citizens will never ever get the strong Lokpal.

Now Anna Hazare has decided to start a civil disobedience movement and wants people to court arrest to protest against the government for introducing a Lokpal Bill.

How to Join Jail Bharo Andolan?
How to Register for Jail Bharo Andolan started by Anna Hazare and Team Anna?

Teams Anna member Kiran bedi wrote on micro-blogging site twitter that

Register for Jail bharo

1. National registration process is to 575758

2. call 07303150500

3. http://www.jailchalo.com/

Register using SMS Send "Jail " to 575758.
e.g. Send "Jail Mumbai" if you are a resident of Mumbai.

Still the venue for fast is not fix
The government has told Team Anna to pay 3.77 lakhs per day for the three-days.

Now Government has now decided to follow very very very strictly the laws against Team Anna.

So be peaceful and do not give opportunity to police to give you Danda on back side or anywhere.

2nd choice for the fast was Azad Maidan.
But state sports department on Friday denied permission to fast in Azad Maidan.

This is the just beginning this is the reason Anna said this is a freedom struggle.

Register for Jail Bharo

Support Team Anna

Support Anna Hazare

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Friday, December 23, 2011


Kirtivasan Ganesan December 23, 2011  

A semi strong Lokpal bill was presented by government.
A strong wrong demand raised by opposition on reservation.
Now a weak illogical call being made by Anna Team for Jail Bharo.
If citizens get into jail criminals will loot our homes and roam about freely !!

Hooooooooom....... December 24, 2011  

Anna Hazare ham tumhare sath hai Aap sangarsh karo ham tumhare sath hai.

Jay Hind.

Hooooooooom....... December 24, 2011  

We all always with you Dada Anna Hazare.

1) V. p. Chaudhary(JAT),Barmer, Rajastahn.
Mo. 9998095287.

Anonymous,  December 25, 2011  

My voice is there with u dada Anna Hazare against corruption.
Suresh Kumar(Bengaluru)

sm,  December 25, 2011  

Anonymous, thanks.

Anonymous,  December 25, 2011  


Anonymous,  December 26, 2011  


Anonymous,  December 26, 2011  

anna ji hum apakain sath hain kal 27 dec sain hum

bhee anshan karangain sarkar hamarin nokar hain

hum malik hain malik kin sunanin padagin

dinesh bhati beawar rajasthan

Anonymous,  December 26, 2011  

Anna i am with u and so with my beloved indian famity , for curruption free india
praful thakur , yavatmal , maharastra

mukesh,  December 26, 2011  

aap sahi h ye saara india janta h...congress ne desh ko barbaad kar k rakh diya... abbb people k dil se congress naam ko mitaana h...

sm,  December 26, 2011  


anna ji ke sath December 27, 2011  

ANNA HAZARE ji sahi hai sare indian ko anna ji sath dena chahiye kyunki anna ji humsab ke liye apni jaan bhi khatre mein dal chuke hain plzzzz anna ke sath utho god bless u anna ji, i m fareed from hyderabad.

anna ji ke sath December 27, 2011  

lalu prasad yadav is crazy, manmohan singh is cant dicide what to do ?????

anna ji ke sath December 27, 2011  

congress ko tou govt mein rehne ka haq hi nahi public ke jazbath se khelte hain, har cheez mahengi karke apna galla bharchuke hain congress ke log shame.....

anna ji ke sath December 27, 2011  

gareeb logon ki baddua hai ye log sare kongress ke log bimari se marenge aameen