23 December 2011

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Why Government Lokpal is mere Post Office and more dangerous see photo and understand quickly Lokpal is a post office

Why Government Lokpal is mere Post Office and more dangerous see photo and understand quickly Lokpal is a post office

First understand CBI and CVC both are controlled by government.
The both agencies work under the politicians.
From transfer to promotions everything is controlled by Government.

Do you know on its own without the order of Supreme Court CBI has successfully arrested and sent any big politician?

As per the new Government Lokpal bill he has no powers.
He will do nothing.

He will transfer files from one department to another.

Currently all court cases we see that delay is so much that witness die,
The corrupt person becomes old and files appeal in to the court of law, that because of age factor he be given bail for treatments as he can not stay in Jail.
He can not get treatments.
They even get married and produce kids.

Now in this case with the introduction of Lokpal now CBI will waste more time in transferring of files from this department to that department and then again reporting the their god fathers what Lokpal is demanding?

After the Lokpal Bill is enacted, CBI would be reporting to Lokpal, Central Vigilance Commission, Department of Personnel & Training, Ministry of Law and Ministry of Home Affairs.

This will waste the time SO WE do not need a Lokpal who will waste the time and will not solve, find, detect and try to get punishment for corrupt persons.

We want a Lokpal who will when see the corruption may be happening; he should have power to stop that corruption.

Example -2G scam everyone knew its happening but nothing happened until Supreme Court came into picture.

Aadarsh Scam and so many scams.

Now with this new Lokpal one more agency will be created which will waste the time and will be useful for corrupt people.

How let us understand ?

Judge - to CBI lawyer - Submit the report to Court in 2 weeks.

CBI lawyer - Sir we can not do it, first we have to submit report to the Lokpal or he will say My Lord we have not received the file from Lokpal Office?

File has lost in the Lokpal Office?

Like this anything can happen?

Because Lokpal is separate department and CBI is separate department.

The above are just examples to show how there will be delay.

There will be delay by one or another reason

Delayed justice is Justice Denied.

Country is also our home.

Do you think no one is looting our Home called as India.

Politicians are not under this Lokpal.

Majority officers are not under this Lokpal.

See the Below Photo diagram and Understand why government Lokpal is a mere Post office.

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Friday, December 23, 2011

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Teamgsquare December 23, 2011  

The Govt is just fooling around with nation .