23 December 2011

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Top 10 Hindi Bollywood Movies of 2011

Top 10 Hindi Bollywood Movies of 2011

1. Stanley Ka Dabba

2. Singham

3. Bodyguard

4. Don 2

5. Rockstar

6. Ra.One

7. Dirty Picture

8. Delhi Belly

9. Murder 2

10. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Movie Name - Stanley's Tiffin Box or Stanley Ka Dabba

Release Date: 13 May 2011
Director: Amole Gupte
Writer: Amole Gupte
Stars: Leo Crasto, Walter D'Souza and Divya Dutta
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Family
The music of the film is composed by Hitesh Sonik. Lyrics are penned by Amole Gupte.

Amol Gupte's film Stanley Ka Dabba was shown at various film festivals.
The International Film Festival for Children and Young Audiences Schlingel held every year in Chemnitz in Germany.
This year, Partho won the award for best actor beating 130 other contenders from across the globe.
Amole, Deepa and Partho attended this festival and were really thrilled also because it was a jury that comprised of 20 children who made the decision.

Partho played by –Partho A. Gupte ... Stanley (as Partho)

Story Line –
Stanley is a fourth grader who is very popular amongst his friends.
He is talented and is liked by his teachers. However, he never brings his lunch box or 'dabba'. 'Kharoos' (miser), as he is popularly called, is a Hindi teacher who does not bring his own dabba but likes to eat others' lunch. Stanley's friends share their lunch with him by hiding from Khadoos. Khadoos eventually finds them on the terrace and warns Stanley to bring his own lunch or stop coming to school. Stanley misses school for a few days and his absence is felt by his teachers and school mates. One fine day, Stanley brings his dabba packed with mouth-watering items for Khadoos. Khadoos realizes his mistake and quits the school.

Movie Name - Singham –

Directed by - Rohit Shetty
Produced by - Reliance Entertainment
Screenplay by - Yunus Sajawal
Starring -Ajay Devgn, Kajal Aggarwal, Prakash Raj, Ashok Saraf, Sachin Khedekar
Music by - Ajay-Atul
Release date(s) 22 July 2011

Plot -

Remake of Tamil Movie Singham –

Story –
The film opens with an honest police officer, Rakesh Kadam (Sudhanshu Pandey), committing suicide because of false accusations of corruption by Jaikant Shikre (Prakash Raj), a don and politician in Goa running a kidnapping racket. Kadam's wife Megha Kadam (Sonali Kulkarni) vows revenge.

The film moves to Shivgarh where Bajirao Singham (Ajay Devgn), an honest police Inspector like Kadam, is in charge of the town. He resolves most of the problems in his town with non-violence and mutual counseling. He uses force only when the situation demands it, thereby gaining much reputation and love from the villagers. Gautam Bhosle Gotya (Sachin Khedekar) is an industrialist and a friend of Singham’s father Manikrao Singham (Govind Namdeo). He comes to town with his beautiful daughter Kavya (Kajal Aggarwal). Eventually Singham and Kavya falls in love with each other. Everything seems to run smoothly until Jaikant, who is given a conditional bail for a murder he committed earlier, is required to travel to Shivgarh to sign the bail every fortnight. He, instead, sends one of his allies to do the formalities, much to the anger and rage of Singham who demands Jaikant to come and sign the bail in person. Humiliated Jaikant reaches Shivgarh but is unable to take any revenge on Singham fearing the immense love and devotion of the entire village towards Singham. Using his political contacts, he gets Singham transferred to Goa to teach him a lesson.

Singham, unaware of Jaikant’s hand behind his transfer, joins Colva Police Station. His co-workers, Sub-Inspector Phadnis (Vineet Sharma), Sub-Inspector Abbas (Ankur Nayyar), Head Constable Savalkar (Ashok Saraf) and Havaldar Kelkar (Vijay Patkar), hate Jaikant for his crimes but are unable to take any action because of Jaikant’s political powers. On the contrary, DSP Patkar (Murli Sharma), Singham's senior, is on a pay-roll of Jaikant and takes care in concealing and eliminating all of the evidences of Jaikant’s crime from the eyes of the law. Singham tries to take this to the notice of DGP Vikram Pawar (Pradeep Velankar) but it turns out to be of no use as there are no evidences against Jaikant and Patkar. The local minister Anant Narvekar (Anant Jog) too does not help Singham and in turn he warns him to stay away from Jaikant's case. Defeated Singham wants to return to his hometown but is stopped by Kavya who encourages him to fight against the evil and not run like a coward.

Being mentally tortured by Jaikant, Singham arrests Jaikant’s henchman Shiva (Ashok Samarth) in a fake case of illegally smuggling alcohol. He thwarts off DSP Patkar in full view of public when Patkar, bounded by his duties to Jaikant, tries to protect Shiva. Meanwhile, Megha Kadam, after being ridiculed by DGP Pawar and minister Narvekar for her corrupt husband’s death, seeks help from Singham to abolish the corruption charges against her husband, to which he obliges. On the other hand, Jaikant kidnaps Kavya’s younger sister for ransom. Rescuing her, Singham successfully traces the origins of the kidnapping racket to Jaikant but is unable to arrest him as he finally wins a political election to become a minister.

Jaikant, on becoming a minister, manages to send transfer orders to Singham to go back to Shivgarh. That night at a Police Function organized for the officers with their family, Singham confronts the officers for not abiding to their duties and being dishonest and unfaithful to their profession by protecting Jaikant. Filled with guilt, the officers then decide to help Singham fight Jaikant. They reach Jaikant’s home to kill him along with DGP Pawar and DSP Patkar, now in support with Singham. Jaikant escapes from his house. After running throughout the city, he is arrested by the next morning. They bring him to the Police Station and shoot him dead on the same chair where Inspector Rakesh Kadam shot himself. At a media conference, DGP Pawar and Singham clear Kadam of all corruption charges.

The film ends with Singham and other police officers saluting Mrs. Kadam.

Movie Name – Bodyguard

Directed by - Siddique
Screenplay by - Siddique
Story by -Siddique
Starring - Salman Khan,Kareena Kapoor,Raj Babbar,Hazel Keech,Mahesh Manjrekar
Music by - Songs:Himesh Reshammiya,Pritam
Background Score-Sandeep Shirodkar
Cinematography - Sejal Shah
Editing by Sanjay Sankla
Release date(s) - August 31, 2011

Story Line –
Balwanth Singh is the bodyguard of Sartaj Rana (Raj Babbar) with high competences. During one night, Balwanth, along with his pregnant wife, meet with an accident proving fatal for Balwanth while his wife is rescued by Sartaj, and she later gives birth to a child named Lovely. Lovely Singh (Salman Khan), now grown up, works in a security agency. On Sartaj’s order, Lovely busts a human trafficking racket operated by Ranjan Mahatre (Mahesh Manjrekar) and his brothers. Fearing revenge from his enemies, Sartaj calls upon Lovely and appoints him as the Bodyguard of his lovely daughter Divya (Kareena Kapoor).

Lovely Singh is very devoted to his duties but eventually irritates Divya all the time by following her everywhere from her college campus to her classroom. Consequently, Divya and her friend Maya (Hazel Keech) call Lovely from a private mobile number and start a prank love affair, hoping to keep him away from them. Initially hesitant, Lovely gradually starts loving the mystery girl Chhaya but doesn't realize that it is actually Divya calling her as Chhaya. Meanwhile, Lovely protects Divya on many occasions from the attacks of Ranjan Mahatre and his goons. This results in Divya too falling in love with Lovely but is scared to reveal her identity due to Lovely’s immense devotions towards his duties and her father. Further some circumstances lead Sartaj to begin suspecting that Lovely and Divya are in love and they might elope. He sends his men to kill Lovely in case his lover turns out to be Divya. Divya convinces her father that they are not running away and instead Lovely’s love is someone else and is waiting for him at the railway station. Sensing that Lovely might be heartbroken if he does not meet his lover at the station, Divya sends her friend Maya to tell Lovely her true identity. Lovely, after waiting for long at the station platform, finally sees Maya and is happy to hug her before Maya could reveal Divya’s secret. But Maya while hugging Lovely admits that she is Chhaya, the mysterious girl and his lover. Divya calls her twice, but Maya throws the cellphone out of the train, erasing Divya out of their love life completely. They both get married but soon Maya dies after giving birth to a child. She writes notes to their son in a diary about the fraud she committed with her best friend Divya and asks him to unite Lovely and Divya.

Several years later, Sartaj invites Lovely and his son to his house, and apologizes for his behavior. Lovely believed that Divya is married and happily settled in London but is shocked to see her there in her house and had still not married. His son grows closer to Divya and even apologizes on his mother’s behalf. On their last day of visit, while leaving, he asks Divya to accompany him as his mother. Infuriated Lovely asks his son to apologies but he refuses. Sartaj tells Lovely that he too feels the same and requests him to take Divya with him to which Lovely obliges. At the railway station, Lovely and his son are accompanied by Divya. His son secretly throws away Maya's diary into trash but is eventually recovered by Lovely. On reading it, he discovers that Divya was his actual lover Chhaya. He calls Divya on her cellphone and addresses her as Chhaya. Divya is overwhelmed with joy and happiness realizing that Lovely has come to know of the truth and her identity. She runs towards Lovely and they both hug each other while his son is happily watching them.

Movie Name – Rockstar

Directed by -Imtiaz Ali
Story by - Imtiaz Ali
Starring - Ranbir Kapoor,Nargis Fakhri,Shammi Kapoor
Music by - A. R. Rahman
Cinematography - Anil Mehta,Editing by Aarti Bajaj
Release date(s) November 11, 2011

Story Line –
The film opens showing a large crowd outside the famous Verona Arena, Italy, with eager fans queuing outside the arena for the concert of rock star Jordan (Ranbir Kapoor). Jordan, who moments ago was being attacked by thugs, manages to escape and reach the arena. He breaks the fan barriers and shows complete disregard for his fans, storms onto the stage in a fit of rage and starts strumming his guitar.

The movie goes into flashback to the story of Janardhan Jakhar a.k.a JJ, a simple Haryanvi boy from Pitam Pura, Delhi, who yearns to some day become a big star. His dreams are, however, only a source of amusement and jokes for his friends. Khatana, the canteen owner (Kumud Mishra) where JJ frequents, tells him that the only way JJ can produce melody is if he undergoes trauma via a heartbreak.

Janardhan jokingly tells himself that since he hasn't seen bad times, he hasn't been able to reach his idol's (Jim Morrison) level of fame, and he needs to do something about it. JJ and his friends go to a performance of Heer Kaul (Nargis Fakhri), one of the most beautiful girls in Stephen's College, where JJ overhears that Heer is the "perfect heartbreaking machine". Janardhan instantly decides that proposing to her (and being humiliated in the process) is the perfect method to receive the much needed "heart-break" and the key to "fame". That doesn't quite happen though, but in the ensuing process, they both become good friends, hanging out together and doing naughty things together (like drinking desi liquor and watching a sleazy B-grade Hindi movie called "Jungli Jawaani").

The focus then shifts to Heer's wedding in Kashmir, after which Heer and her husband (Moufid Aziz) are set to depart to Prague. During the wedding preparations, Heer develops feelings for JJ, but does not confess to him. Before leaving, she coins the name "Jordan" for JJ. Janardhan returns to his life back home, however, life takes an ugly turn when JJ is clobbered and thrown out of his house by his elder brother for attending Heer’s wedding and for stealing INR5 lakh. JJ takes refuge for two months in the nearby Nizamuddin Dargah, singing qawwalis, then grows weary and shifts to a local temple where he spends some time singing bhajans. Losing interest from all of this, he requests and takes refuge in Khatana's home.

Ustad Jameel Khan (Shammi Kapoor), a renowned classical artist and a Padma Bhushan, remembers having seen and heard JJ singing at the Dargah and prompts Dhingra (Piyush Mishra), the owner of a music company called "Platinum Records", to sign JJ as he foresees a great future for him. (there is no mention in the film that Ustad Jameel Khan is a singer, just a renowned classical artist). Sheena (Aditi Rao Hydari), a journalist interviewing Jordan as a rockstar, hints Jordan that Dhingra intends to send some artists to Prague for a tour and recordings, Jordan instantly volunteers to work there in order to reunite with Heer.

Heer, meanwhile, has been having health issues for some time now and has been regularly visiting a psychatrist for treatment. Jordan and Heer finally meet and after a while of intimacy, Jordan tries to profess his love for her, but Heer, being married, spurns his advances. Despite Heer's warnings to Jordan asking him to stay away from her, Jordan decides to say "bye" one last time before departing for India. While doing so, Jordan trespasses on Heer’s property and is arrested by cops and deported back to India. Jordan, upon being brought to India, is overwhelmed by the media attention and him being painted in a negative light. Frustrated, Jordan clashes with the media and the Indian Police and is sent to jail. Dhingra becomes happy about the publicity he has received because of Jordan, which has helped sales of his records.

During one of his live performances, Jordan meets Mandy (Heer's younger sister) who asks him to help Heer, who has been diagnosed with terminal bone marrow cancer. Jordan disregards all his work-related commitments and immediately leaves to meet Heer. Heer's mother, Neena Kaul (Shernaz Patel), who knows about Jordan's past with Heer, gets angry and asks Jordan to leave her house. To her and their family doctor's surprise, Heer starts quickly recovering due to Jordan, so they fly back from Prague to India. On reaching India, Jordan again clashes with the media as they link him with Heer, portraying her as having an affair with Jordan despite being married. Heer convinces Jordan to first finish his work and then come to meet her, so she and Mandy go back to her Mother's place. However, Heer's condition worsens as she slowly slips into a coma, and Heer is discovered to be pregnant with Jordan's child. Mandy calls Jordan one last time hoping that she will recover, but she doesn't.

The film ends as it started: with Jordan performing "Nadaan Parindey", and he envisions Heer's spirit having flown to him

Movie Name - Ra.One

Directed by -Anubhav Sinha
Produced by -Gauri Khan
Written by -Anubhav Sinha
Story by -Anubhav Sinha
Starring - Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Armaan Verma,
Music by Vishal-Shekhar
Release date(s) - October 24, 2011 (Dubai) October 25, 2011 (London)
October 26, 2011

Story Line –
Jenny Nayar (Goswami), an employee of UK based Barron Industries, introduces a new technology in which objects from the digital world can be brought into the real world, using the wireless transmissions from multiple wireless devices. Shekhar Subramanium (Khan), an employee of the company, faces his last chance to come up with a video game with a difference. In order to impress his son Prateek (Verma), and upon the request of his wife Sonia (Kapoor), he takes his son’s idea that the antagonist should be more powerful than the protagonist.

Akashi (Wu) provides the moves, Jenny does the programming and Shekhar gives his face to the protagonist G.One, whilst the antagonist Ra.One is faceless with powers substantially higher than those granted to G.One. The game has three levels, and either of the players can only be killed in the third level with a special gun that has only one bullet. While designing the game, Akashi notices some malfunctions, but ignores them. When the game is finally launched, it receives a standing ovation and Prateek loves it so much that he insists on playing it instantly. He logs in under the alias 'Lucifer' and goes to the second level, but is interrupted by Akashi as it is time to go home. Ra.One, being unable to end his turn with Lucifer, says that Lucifer shall die.

After the mainframe doesn't shut down, Akashi calls Shekhar who notices something wrong. Ra.One uses the initially introduced technology to come to life, kills Akashi, and goes to find Lucifer. Shekhar rushes home but is blocked by Ra.One on the way. In an attempt to save his son, Shekhar claims that he is Lucifer. However, Ra.One scans his I.D., and kills him for faking it. Upon noticing the strange case of his father’s death, Prateek realizes that Ra.One has come to life. Along with Jenny, he goes to Shekhar's workspace and tries to bring G.One to life. Sonia arrives and asks Prateek to leave with her for India. Ra.One, having taken the form of Akashi, chases them, but G.One enters the real world through Jenny's computer and saves them by initiating a gas explosion which destroys Ra.One into constituent cubes levelled along the road, and takes his H.A.R.T. Finding it impossible to leave him, Sonia takes G.One to India with her through Shekhar’s passport. G.One promises her that he will protect them from any harm. Meanwhile, Ra.One returns to life and takes his humanized form of a model on a billboard (Rampal) and goes after G.One.

During Prateek's birthday party, Ra.One hypnotizes Sonia, assumes her form and kidnaps Prateek. He instructs G.One to give him his H.A.R.T. back and sends the real Sonia in an uncontrollable local train in Mumbai. G.One saves Sonia just at the nick of the time, and then goes back to save Prateek. The game resumes with Prateek controlling G.One's moves. Following a lengthy fight, both of the characters finally reach the third level. With little powers left, the pair trick Ra.One into shooting G.One without his H.A.R.T. attached to him. Furious, Ra.One creates ten alternatives. Prateek, unable to differentiate the real one, asks G.One to quote one of Shekhar’s sayings stored in his folder: " ("If you join the forces of evil, its shadows shall always follow you"). The pair then realize that only one of the ten Ra.Ones has a shadow. G.One shoots him and transports himself back to the digital world after absorbing Ra.One's remains. Several months later, Prateek and Sonia return back to the UK, where the former finally manages to restore G.One back to the real world.

Movie Name - Dirty Picture

Directed by - Milan Luthria
Written by -Rajat Aroraa
Starring - Vidya Balan,Naseeruddin Shah,Emraan Hashmi,Tusshar Kapoor
Music by - Vishal-Shekhar,Bappi Lahiri
Cinematography -Bobby Singh
Release date(s) December 2, 2011

Story Line –
The film opens with Reshma (Vidya Balan) running away from her house to Chennai a day before her marriage. She tries her best to get a role in a movie as a side dancer but is eventually insulted by the casting director for being unattractive and useless. However the determined Reshma goes to the film shoot to convince him once again thereby grabbing the role of a side dancer. She wears revealing outfits and dances with whips to the most erotic dance movements and expressions. Annoyed by this is the film’s director Abraham (Emraan Hashmi) who is confident of his own creative art in film-making and does not believe in cheap tricks of displaying erotic and sensual content on screen. The film however fails to impress crowds much to the dismay of the producer SelvaGanesh (Rajesh Sharma) who couldn’t earn much profit. He meets Reshma offering her a song in his upcoming film and suggests that she would now be referred as “Silk” thereafter.

At the first shoot, Reshma now “Silk” is spellbound to meet Suryakanth (Naseeruddin Shah) as he has been her idol actor since childhood. The shoot goes unsuccessful much to the disappointment of the arrogant Suryakanth. Silk, succeeds in seducing and convincing Suryakanth by agreeing to establish a long sexual relationship with him. Meanwhile, Abraham proposes a new film to SelvaGanesh and is very keen to cast Suryakanth. But Suryakanth suggests Abraham to add spice and sex (hinting towards Silk) in the film to make it more commercially viable. This angers Abraham to the core and he develops a strong hatred towards Silk. Silk however is determined and confident that all that public want is entertainment and she gives them that. She goes on to do a lot of erotic and sensual movies with Suryakanth playing very bold characters, wearing sexy and revealing clothes and dancing seductively with lead actors. She now has a lot of male fans who drool over her and go weak at their knees when they see her. Within a short span of time she becomes immensely popular and gains much wealth and reputation as the South Sex Star.

Suryakanth’s younger brother and writer Ramakanth (Tusshar Kapoor) reveals he’s a big fan and admirer of Silk and tries to befriend her. Silk is finally happy that someone loves her for herself and not her body. They both go to Silk’s original house where her mother disconnects with Silk forever. At an award ceremony, Silk is being rewarded for her performance but is also being insulted by Suryakanth by saying that Silk is the dirty secret that no one wants to talk about in broad daylight. But Silk is determined to continue making her "Dirty Pictures” and has no qualms about it.

Silk spends time with her newfound admirer Ramakanth, who is now in love with her. Sensing this as possible sensational news, noted journalist Naila (Anju Mahendru) publishes an article in a newspaper degrading Silk for her character and accusing her of seducing and using both the brothers to get opportunities in films. Suryakanth finally drops Silk of his forthcoming films forcing her to work with other small time film makers. Unhappy about her losing stardom she is unable to concentrate on her work leading to hurls and abuses from directors. Later at a party, Silk meets Shakeela. Feeling threatened that Shakeela might replace her in the movie industry; she insults her and challenges her to take up a dance competition. At the end of the dance, Silk makes Shakeela trip intentionally showing her that she cannot be beaten, much to the embarrassment of Ramakanth and as expected, he breaks off with her.

Silk’s life starts falling apart. Feminists and critics degrade her. She is an alcoholic and a chain smoker. She has gained weight due to which no producer wants to cast her in their movies. She approaches SelvaGanesh to produce a film which turns out to be a disaster and eventually loses all her wealth and fame. Abraham who earlier hated Silk has now developed a soft corner for her in his heart. Unable to stop thinking about her, he heads off to Silk’s house in the night where they spend the night together not by making love but by talking about Silk’s struggles in her life and her stardom. He is finally in love with Silk for the wonderful heart she got. But then, Silk has accumulated debt, due to the film’s failure. She is forced to meet a small time film maker whom she met in Ramakanth’s party before. Upon reaching there, she’s shocked to find that the director wants her to do a porn film to which she alarmingly refuses. The director intoxicates her by a drink and starts shooting the film but the place is immediately raided by the police to which everyone including Silk escapes and reaches her home. Meanwhile, Abraham manages to bring Silk’s mother with him and wants to surprise Silk the next morning. That night when he calls Silk from his success party, she says him to bid goodbye to all on her behalf as she is going to sleep. Abraham realizes what Silk is up to and rushes to her home only to find her lying in bed, dressed in red silk sari with traditional Indian make-up but dead. Unable to bear the depression and failure in life, she has killed herself by consuming sleeping pills. At the end, Abraham and her mother perform the funeral rituals.

The entire story is told as a background narration by Abraham who was the only one who could understand Silk’s pain, her desires, her ambitions, her struggles and most importantly her rise and fall to stardom.

Movie Name - Delhi Belly

Directed by -Abhinay Deo
Story by -Akshat Verma
Starring - Imran Khan,Vir Das,Kunaal Roy Kapur,Poorna Jagannathan,Shenaz
Music by -Ram Sampath
Cinematography -Jason West
Release date(s) 1 July 2011

Story Line –
The film revolves around three roommates, journalist Tashi (Imran Khan), photographer Nitin Beri (Kunaal Roy Kapur) and Arup (Vir Das) leading an unkempt and debt-ridden life in a shoddy apartment. Tashi's ditsy fiancee Sonia (Shenaz Treasurywala) is an air hostess who agrees to deliver a package for Vladimir Dragunsky (Kim Bodnia) to Somayajulu (Vijay Raaz), without realizing its contents or that Somayajulu is a gangster. Sonia asks Tashi to deliver the package. Tashi, in turn, asks Nitin to do so. But Nitin is unable to do so as he is experiencing 'Delhi Belly'. Nitin hands Sonia's package to Arup for delivery to Somayajulu, along with a package containing his stool sample for delivery to Nitin's doctor. Arup mixes up the two packages which makes Somayajulu furious and he starts the investigation by interrogating Vladimir.

Meanwhile, Nitin photographs his landlord with a prostitute. He sends an envelope with the photographs to his landlord to blackmail him. Tashi is with Sonia, when his colleague Menaka (Poorna Jagannathan) calls him on the pretext of work. When he reaches the place he realizes that it is just a party and Menaka called him just to have fun. Menaka's ex-husband Rajeev sees them together and gives Tashi a black-eye in a fit of jealousy. Tashi retaliates and knocks Rajeev out. As Tashi and Menaka leave they are chased by a furious Rajeev and his friends who shoot at them. The duo barely manages to escape.

Vladimir informs Somayajulu that the mix-up must have been caused by Sonia as she didn't know what she was carrying in the package. Somayajulu calls Sonia, informs her about the mix-up and asks her to give him the address of the person who had delivered the package. When Tashi arrives into his apartment, he walks into Somayajulu who has Arup standing on a stool with a noose around his neck. On hard interrogation, Somayajulu discovers the mix-up and realizes that the package must be with Nitin's doctor.

Nitin gets the package from his doctor's office, wherein Somayajulu finds his thirty diamonds hidden inside. Upon recovering his booty, he orders his henchmen to kill the three roommates. One of them is about to shoot Tashi, when another kicks the stool on which Arup was standing to hang him. Luckily for the roommates, the ceiling of the apartment caves in, since it can't take Arup's weight. The cave-in injures and knocks-out Somayajulu and his men. Tashi, Arup and Nitin escape along with the diamonds and spend the night at Menaka's place. The next day they sell the diamonds to a local jewellery store.

As the roommates prepare to get out of town with the money, they get a call from Somayajulu who has kidnapped Sonia. He threatens to kill her if they don't return the diamonds. The trio, try to buy back the diamonds from the jewellery store, who demands double the sale amount.

Without the money, Tashi comes up with a plan. Nitin, Arup, Tashi and Menaka disguise themselves in burqa and go back to the jewellery store. They con the owner, gag him and forcefully take back their diamonds and return his money. They make their get-away in Tashi's car with the police on their tail and make their way to the hotel where Somayajulu is holding Sonia. As they are about to make the exchange with Somayajulu, the police arrive at the hotel room. There is a shoot-out between the police and Somayajulu's gang.

Nitin, Arup, Tashi and Sonia, who had hit the floor during gunfight,are left as the only survivors. Menaka is upset to learn about Tashi's engagement and walks away from him. Tashi breaks off his engagement to Sonia. Later, it is revealed that Nitin did not return the cash to the jewellery store owner, and had kept the money for himself. The film ends when Menaka comes to the roommates' apartment to return Tashi's car's hubcap lost while escaping from Rajeev. Tashi jumps into her car through the open window and kisses her passionately.

Producer-actor Aamir Khan is seen in a song and dance performance during the credits at the end of the film.

Movie Name - Murder 2

Directed by -Mohit Suri
Screenplay by -Shagufta Rafique
Story by -Mahesh Bhatt
Starring -Emraan Hashmi,Jacqueline Fernandez,Sudhanshu Pandey
Music by -Harshit Saxena,Mithoon Sangeet HaldipurSiddharth Haldipur
Cinematography -Ravi Walia
Release date(s) July 8, 2011

Story Line –
Arjun Bhagwat (Emraan Hashmi) is an ex-policeman, who used to work for Goa police. He is hungry for money and earns his bread by doing all wrong things. He is an Atheist (Nastik) but regularly visits church to donate fat bundles of money to orphans. In this process to earn more money, he meets a Goan gangster Sameer, who has been going through a slump in his business due to disappearance of his hookers. Sameer knows the investigative mind of Arjun and offers him huge amount to locate the missing girls.

On the other hand, Priya (Jacqueline Fernandez) is a model, who is in a confused relationship with Arjun bhagwat.

During his investigation, Arjun finds a hooker's cell phone which has a number linked to missing girls. He tells Sameer to send a prostitute to the same number so that he can find out who is behind these kidnappings. Sameer gets a call from a customer and decides to send Reshma, a new girl in the business.

Reshma (Sulagna Panigrahi) is a 17 year old college girl, who got into prostitution to feed her family. Sameer sends Reshma to a house after calling on that number. It is the house of Dheeraj Pandey (Prashant Narayanan), a psychopath killer. He is the person who killed the missing hookers. He decides to do the same with Reshma. However while torturing her, he gets hurt and throws Reshma in a dark well where all the dead bodies are thrown. Dheeraj then goes to a chemist for getting medicine where Arjun also comes to take medicine for his headache.

At the chemist, Arjun finds out that Dheeraj is the guy who has been kidnapping the prostitutes. They get into a fight and land in the police station. Arjun tells the officers that Dheeraj has been kidnapping prostitutes. Dheeraj tries to confuse the cops at first but then tells them the truth. After getting out of jail, Arjun tries to collect evidence against Dheeraj. Dheeraj changes his statement in front of Commissioner Khan who decides to call up a psychiatrist to extract the confession. Dheeraj tells the doctor that he kills women because he thinks they take advantage of men. He also tells that he castrated himself and became a eunuch to get rid of his addiction to sex & women, with the help of a eunuch called Nirmala Pandit. He gets violent with the doctor during interrogation and is taken out of the room. However, Dheeraj is let out under the influence of Nirmala Pandit who is a big shot politician. Meanwhile, Reshma escapes from the pit and comes to a forest.

Arjun tracks down Dheeraj's parents. When he goes there, he sees a woman who is crying loudly and Dheeraj's mother tries to calm her down. Dheeraj's father tells him that she is Dheeraj's wife. Dheeraj used to lock her up and beat her a lot. That's why they asked Dheeraj to leave the house and never show his face again. Arjun then meets a private dancer Sonia who once went with Dheeraj to a hotel. Sonia tells him that Dheeraj beat her up and tortured her. However she manages to run away. Arjun is feeling very guilty that an innocent girl got trapped in this mess because of his idea. He then meets an idol maker who used to work with Dheeraj 2 years ago. He tells Arjun that Dheeraj used to make idols of devil instead of deities. Dheeraj killed the owner of the factory who tried to stop him.

As Arjun goes to Dheeraj's parent's house to call them at police station, Inspector Siddharth (Sudhanshu Pandey) calls Arjun and tells him that Dheeraj is out of police station. Siddharth sends constables John and Shinde after Pandit and Dheeraj. Dheeraj wants to go to his home but Pandit insists on going to the temple near his house. On the other hand, Dheeraj teases the two constables who were following them. They arrive at the same temple where Reshma is hiding. The priest of the temple tells about Reshma. Nirmala Pandit is killed after getting suspicious of Dheeraj. The priest is also killed and Dheeraj finally finds a scared Reshma in the store room. He brutally murders her and escapes before Arjun and other cops reach there. Arjun then feels guilty for Reshma.

Dheeraj targets Priya next and waits in his home, but Arjun reaches there followed by Priya. Arjun and Dheeraj indulge in a fight while police officers reach Dheeraj's house. Police request Arjun not to kill Dheeraj. However Arjun still feels guilty as he blames himself for Reshma's death. Dheeraj plays the tape he recorded while murdering Reshma. Unable to control his anger, Arjun kills Dheeraj. Siddharth also shoots at Dheeraj, wounding him fatally.

The movie ends with Arjun at the church, accompanied by Priya.

Movie Name - Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Directed by -Zoya Akhtar
Starring -Hrithik Roshan,Abhay Deol,Katrina Kaif,Kalki Koechlin
Music by -Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Cinematography -Carlos Catalan
Release date(s) 15 July 2011

Story Line –
At the beginning of the the film, Kabir (Abhay Deol) proposes to Natasha (Kalki Koechlin). Their families meet at the engagement party. At the party, Natasha learns that Kabir is planning a three-week bachelor road trip to Spain with his high school friends Imraan (Farhan Akhtar) and Arjun (Hrithik Roshan). Kabir explains to her that the three have a long-standing pact, and that during the road trip each one wil pick an adventure sport to try together. Arjun, however, is reluctant to take part in the trip due to his workaholism and obsession with money. It is revealed that Arjun’s ex-girlfriend had left him due to these obsessions. Imraan has an additional personal agenda on the trip – to find his biological father Salman Habib (Naseeruddin Shah), an artist in Spain.

The trio set off to Spain, where they plan to visit the Costa Brava, Seville and Pamplona. They meet Laila (Katrina Kaif), who is American-Indian. Imraan flirts with her, which makes Arjun jealous. Kabir reveals that he has chosen deep sea diving as their first sport, and they find out that Laila is their diving instructor. Arjun, who cannot swim and is aquaphobic, receives assistance from Laila. She helps him overcome his fears and he begins to fall in love with her. They attend the La Tomatina festival held in Buñol with Laila, where they meet Nuria (Ariadna Cabrol), who falls for Imraan. Meanwhile, Natasha, who has grown suspicious of Kabir's involvement with Laila, surprises Kabir by crashing his bachelor party trip. Imraan spends time with Nuria and Arjun with Laila. After the boys leave, Laila realizes she has fallen in love with Arjun and chases them until she catches up. She and Arjun express their feelings with a passionate kiss.

Arjun, Imraan and Kabir visit Seville for sky diving, as per Arjun's choice. Imraan is forced to confront his acrophobia. After skydiving, the three men go to a bar and get into a fight with a stranger on whom they tried to pull a prank. They are jailed after the fight. Salman, Imraan's father, bails them out and takes them to his home. While speaking with Imraan, Salman reveals that he never wanted a settled life or kids, while Imraan's mother did. Kabir admits to Arjun and Imraan that he is not ready for marriage, but is reluctant to call off the wedding for fear of breaking Natasha's heart.

The trio leave Salman's house for their final adventure: the bull run at Pamplona. Imraan suggests they make a pact to keep their promises if they survive the event. Imraan vows to publish his poetry, Arjun vows to go to Morocco with Laila and settle with her, and Kabir vows to tell Natasha that he is not ready to marry. The friends gain a renewed sense of their relationships with each other, with others they know, and with themselves.

As the credits roll, Imraan, Kabir, Nuria and Natasha are shown attending the wedding of Arjun and Laila in Morocco, where it is revealed that Kabir and Natasha did not marry.

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Sandhya December 23, 2011  

I have watched 'Stanley ka dabba' and 'Delhi Belly'. I like the first one very much.

Singham, Ra one, Body guard are Tamil re-makes. I have seen the Tamil versions. All are just OK movies. No idea about the others.

Nice compilation of the movies, SM!

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i have watched the last movie...
nice one..

Merry Christmas buddy...