19 October 2011

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Shoe Slipper Thrown at Arvind Kejriwal Team Anna Member in Lucknow this is just beginning be ready for Bullets

Shoe Slipper Thrown at Arvind Kejriwal Team Anna Member in Lucknow this is just beginning be ready for Bullets

On October 12, Advocate Bhushan was attacked by members of a right-wing group in his Supreme Court chambers, allegedly over his remarks advocating plebiscite in Kashmir.

Arvind Kejriwal was going to attend a programme in Lucknow as part of the anti-graft campaign.
Jitendra Pathak, from Jalon, Uttar Pradesh hurled the slipper at Kejriwal when the RTI activist was about to reach the dais at Jhulelal park.

Jitendra Pathak was later caught by volunteers and detained by the police.

Team Anna core committee member Sanjay Singh told reporters that the youth threw a slipper at Kejriwal.

Pathank said that Arvind Kejriwal is misleading people on the issue of corruption; Pathak said he would have beaten up Anna Hazare if he had done the same thing.

DIG, Lucknow DK Thakur said that attacker Jitendra Pathak claimed that he worked with the Congress Sewa Dal Prabhari in Jhansi from 2006-2009. This claim is being verified.

Further Thakur said that if team Anna doesn’t file a complaint we will not take any action.
There is no complaint from Team Anna.

This is the beginning of violence against Team Anna and this is going to increase day by day as more and more Indian citizens join hands with Anna.
This is going to be a fight of honest people who want true democracy and the people who want mobocracy that is I got the stick I am the king and you are slave.

Anna is last hope for Indians if you do not support him then your kids will also face the problems which you are facing today.

When you join Team Anna remember you have to keep your character clean otherwise you will face lot of problems by corrupt machinery.

Anna has a dream to clean the Indian society and this is the beginning and never ending fight.

Just hope the criminals of India do not kill any one but once you start to love Mother India no bullet can stop you.

One bullet will Produce Billions of Anna and Arvind

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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chitra October 20, 2011  

This attack on these people is one way of trying to curb their progress as they are getting lot of support.