18 October 2011

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UK Prime Minister David Cameron travels in tube train Sanyogita Mayer Indian female asks him "Excuse me, are you the Prime Minister?"

UK Prime Minister David Cameron travels in tube train Sanyogita Mayer Indian female asks him "Excuse me, are you the Prime Minister?"

UK – London

Sanyogita Mayer recently moved to Westminster from India.
Thus she is aware of how our Indian Politicians travel like the kings of India.

Sanyogita Mayer who has featured in eight Bollywood films was traveling with her husband Yanko, 31, and their three-month-old daughter Sayama when Prime Minister David Cameron approached them.

Mayer said that We were on our way to go shopping. This man got on at Westminster and came past me and said: "Is it your baby?" "I said 'yes', and he said: "Your baby is really beautiful."

I thanked him for saying that and he moved away but stood near me. I asked my husband: "Who is this man complimenting my baby?"

"When he told me it was the Prime Minister I told him to stop joking with me.

But my husband insisted so I went up to Mr. Cameron and I said: "Excuse me, are you the Prime Minister?"

He said "yes" and I started laughing. Then I apologized for having to ask him the question."
"He told me he had a very busy schedule and it was quicker for him to travel by train than go by road," she added.
Cameron, who was accompanied by a bodyguard as he traveled on the Jubilee line, responded by striking up a conversation about her home country.

He told her that he had used the train in Delhi, visited Mumbai and once received a signed cricket ball from Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar

Mayor told to Prime Minister that politicians in her native India would never travel by public transport, the Daily Mail reported

Do you think any Indian Politician will travel like him?

Even if any Indian Politician will travel like this I am sure he will invite all the media and spend all the time in surrounded by them and saying that he will do this and he will do that.
The things which he will never do.

I hope Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as well as all Politicians will start to use Indian Railways for traveling which will improve the condition of Indian Railways.

Indian Roads always prey to Gods that Oh my lord arrange a visit of a politician so I will get make up done I am bored because of all the holes on my body. I am ashamed of myself that politicians spend billions of Rupees on me and still I am dirty with holes.

When kings of India that is Politicians plan a visit on that road the road gets a makeup done which stays for a day or a week if the Road is lucky.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

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Renu October 18, 2011  

I was also thinking the same things when I read this now in the newspaper.

Anonymous,  October 18, 2011  

nice post...

also thank for leaving a comment in my blog post

aativas October 18, 2011  

We Indians have a mentality of 'mobbing' a famous person - thus it is we who discourage them to use public transport - we make them 'special' persons!!

Sandhya October 18, 2011  

I liked the British PM conversing with a commoner. But as aativas says, here, VIPs cannot behave like commoners.

Usha October 18, 2011  

sm, Nice to read Sanyogita's encounter with Prime Minister...I had no idea that UK prime minster travel so freely in public transportation.

Your observations about Indian roads are so true...second last paragraph is nice funny read but that is the fact. :) Indian politicians have no courage to come out and mingle with common man on streets..They should get inspiration from this story.

Amrit October 18, 2011  

In India they prefer personal planes on bribe money

SM October 19, 2011