27 October 2011

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Petrol Diesel Prices Compared India No.1 among 136 Countries

Petrol Diesel Prices Compared India No.1 among 136 Countries

In India Diesel is more expensive than 136 other countries and Petrol is more expensive
Costlier than 98 countries.

In Russia, Japan and China Petrol is priced between $ 1 to $ 2 and Petrol costs less than a dollar in the OPEC region and USA based on PPP calculation where differenced in purchasing powers across countries are evened out according to a report in the Economic Times.
The PPP price of petrol in India is $3.95, lower than just three small countries, according to The Economic Times.

Indian Government is increasing Petrol and Diesel Prices so Oil companies will benefit and will suffer less loss on the other hand to reduce the prices China is decreasing the oil prices.
China cut fuel prices in a bid to control inflation.
The wholesale gasoline prices and diesel prices were cut by 300 Yuan.

Petrol prices change across India depending on value added Tax (VAT) and other local levies and taxes.

It’s very simple that if the Oil prices increase automatically they increase the prices of everything.

Current Prices of Petrol and Diesel in few nations based on PPP

India –
Petrol: $3.95
Diesel: $2.46

Venezuala –
Petrol: $0.23
Diesel: $0.10

South Africa -
Petrol: $0.23
Diesel: $0.10

United States –
Petrol: $0.76
Diesel: $0.84

Russia –
Petrol: $1.26
Diesel: $1.08

Japan –
Petrol: $1.28
Diesel: $1.09

Brazil –
Petrol: $1.70
Diesel: $1.23

UK – England
Petrol: $1.85
Diesel: $1.91

China –
Petrol: $1.95
Diesel: $1.83

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

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virendra sharma October 27, 2011  

Very good update ,shame to GOI.

Rakesh Kumar October 27, 2011  

Nice information SM.
One day stocks of all oil would be exhausted.
What would be price of oil then?

Very very happy Dipawali and Dhanteras to you.

sm,  October 27, 2011  

Rakesh Kumar,thanks.
Happy Diwali