26 October 2011

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Kerala High Court – Damage Public Property Deposit Equal Amount of Money otherwise No Bail

Kerala High Court – Damage Public Property Deposit Equal Amount of Money otherwise No Bail

Monday –

On Monday Kerala High Court said that the people who are arrested for damaging Public Property would get bail only after depositing money equivalent to the loss that is caused.

The court said if at the time of deciding the case it was proved that the accused was innocent, the money deposited by him at the time of seeking bail would be returned.

Justice K.T. Sankaran said this while disposing off a petition urging a review of the court's earlier judgment on the same lines.

The court said that, of late, there had been a spurt in destruction of public property and hence he had decided to stick to the earlier judgment.

Excellent Judgment by the Kerala High Court.

Now days we know that Political Parties and other organization go on strike and on the name of strike and protest they damage the public property, government property.

On the name of strike they burn the government property on Camera without any fear of law and punishment.

We the Indian citizens are owners of the Government Property thus no Political party or organization has right to damage our property.

If they want to do on protest they can do it peacefully without damaging your and my property.

High Court should have said that deposit 1000 Times more money only you will get the Bail if the crime is proved.

Indian is a country where no one fears the law

Hope Indian Courts will become more and more strict and emotionless with the corrupt Indians.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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Unknown October 26, 2011  

-: शुभ दीपावली :-

Amrit October 26, 2011  

That is a good move from HC

sm,  October 26, 2011  

जाट देवता (संदीप पवाँर), thanks.
Happy Diwali

Renu October 27, 2011  

This is one of the best judgement, it was time somebody said it.

happy diwali!

sm October 27, 2011  


Happy Diwali