26 September 2011

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IBN Expose – Jailed Former CM Madhu Koda Escaped from Tihar Jail The Magic of Politician accused

IBN Expose – Jailed Former CM Madhu Koda Escaped from Tihar Jail The Magic of Politician accused

Former Chief Minister Madhu Koda escaped from Tihar Jail to reach Ranchi.
Former Jharkhand Chief Minister Madhu Koda is charged with four thousand crores of black money.

Now one more accusation is on Madhu Koda that is he ran away or escaped from Tihar Jail for 24 hours.

Following are the names of five Jharkhand police who accompanied Madhu Koda.

1. Vinay Chandra

2. Bandhana Auran

3. Sanjay Singh

4. Samir Kumar

5. Hrishikesh Kumar

On September 8 Madhu Koda started journey to reach Ranchi Jail from Tihar Jail with 5 Jharkhand police men.
He was supposed to reach Ranchi Jail next day that is on 9th September but magically that is with the magic of corruption former CM Madhu Koda reached to Ranchi Jail on 10th September.

IBN 7 got the photographs which show that Koda boarded the train from Delhi to Ranchi on 9th September with his wife in a First class.
He did not use the 8th September train.

IBN 7 reported that Madhu Koda spent full day in his home.

Now the question is former CM Madhu Koda what he did in that 24 hours?

Did Madhu Koda destroyed evidence?

Did Madhu Koda enjoyed sex?

Did Madhu Koda operated black money bank accounts?

I do not know what he did in that 24 hours just wanted to high light that anything can happen in 24 hours.

In fact, Delhi MP Madhu Koda had come to participate in the monsoon session of Parliament with Court Orders.

May be I am wrong but I think Court should not have given the Orders of the release or to attend the Parliament.

Need to bring reform in this regards.

After getting orders from Court , Koda came to Tihar Jail from Ranchi Jail.

On 8th September Tihar Jail handed the custody of accused Madhu Koda to Rachi Police.

Tihar Jail officials do not know what they did after that.

After that IBN 7 team went to Ranchi Jail but they Ranchi Jail official told IBN 7 that
They did not know that on 8th of September Tihar Jail authorities handed Madhu Koda to Ranchi Police men.

Ranchi Jail authorities told that the police men who brought Madhu Koda from Tihar Jail told them that they stayed one day in relaxation room number 20 of station but the receipt of the bill does not have any date.

Ranchi Jail authorities got the ticket of 9th September which shows train journey from Delhi to Ranchi .
Ticket information –
The PNR number is 2554325192.
Class B three
Total six men .

But it was the planned disappearing act why?

The ticket was purchased on 5th September , nearly 11.15 AM IST.

Now question is if it was decided that on 9th Madhu Koda will travel then why Jharkhand, police took the custody of Madhu Koda on 8th September.

Now 2nd Crime.

On 9th September the wife of Madhu was sitting in AC Coach.

As per Jail Manual Madhu Koda was supposed to travel in AC B 3 Compartment or Bogi.

IBN 7 got the footage which shows that Madhu Koda traveled in First Class without ticket.

Now the question is why 5 Police men did not stop Madhu Koda from going to First Class?

Why Ticket Checker did not take any objection?

The real is we are all afraid of Police and Politicians.
The real reason is we are afraid of Honesty.

The real reason is we are selfish.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

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Renu September 26, 2011  

sometimes it looks like that nothing will change ever...its not only politicians, but there are whole lot of people involved..policement, ticket checker, jail authorities..is there no one courageous enough to be honest.

Kirtivasan Ganesan September 26, 2011  

Why was he allowed to go in train in the first place? How can a criminal go with family?

Anonymous,  September 26, 2011  

In all this, I must still say hats off to IBN7.

The Judiciary and the Media seem to give hope when there is little hope elsewhere.(Even when media wants to sensationalize - when done honestly and without bias, then some purpose is served.)

Kirtivasan Ganesan September 26, 2011  

IBN7 definitely needs to be congratulated on a very relevant investigation.
What surprises me is the extent of irresponsibility, the extent of irrationality from responsible people due to lack of emotional balance. What stuff are they made of? Can't the police see that he should be sent on 9th? Why so much of disgust towards the system that you loose your intelligence?

sm September 26, 2011