26 September 2011

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Delhi Police Action Killed Rajbala a Ramdev Baba Supporter crack down action Ramlila ground

Delhi Police Action Killed Rajbala a Ramdev Baba Supporter crack down action Ramlila ground

I hope everyone remembers the action of Delhi Police on the sleeping supporters of Ramdev Baba.

Rajbala, 51, was hurt during the police crackdown on Baba Ramdev's Satyagraha at Ramlila ground.
On June 5 police took the action and it that she got paralyzed she was getting treatment
At the GB Pant Hospital.

Her children also participated in the protest.

Amit her son told to media that government did not help them.

Now question is who is responsible for this killing?

If I will beat someone and if he dies that will become a case of murder.

Now in this can we call it a murder or encounter or accidental death caused by police action?

For this murder or death who should be tried by courts.

This happened in the British Raj and today also same thing is happening in Indian Raj.

She died for the Indian citizens.

I think she should be awarded the Bharat Ratna and an amendment in a law which will fix the responsibility of such actions.

If someone dies then Home Minister will be responsible or constable will be responsible or Police commissioner will be responsible and they will be tried for murder just like any other criminal.

The amendment should also provide the fine of 50 Crore Rupees which should be paid within 7 days of time or it will be doubled that is 100 Crore and if government says no Money then fine should be paid by selling the properties of Ministers or selling the government properties.

We Indians need a law to whom everyone should fear and luckily if someone is found guilty then that will set the example.

Today we do not have any example, just open your ears and we can listen,

Chalata hai yaar see that man he robbed bank and after 7 years he is enjoying.

See that man he raped and he is out of Jail and last 40 years the lady is trying to get the justice.

This is not the way justice is given.

Reality views by sm –
Monday, September 26, 2011

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Dinesh September 26, 2011  

Chidambaram has BLOOD on his hands for killing Rajbala and must be charged for Murder. This are not the Police but TALIBAANI TERRORISTS on Tax-Payers burden. The so called Police has only 2 things to do after joining force, either PIMP for Under-World or be a PET for Corrupt Politicians. In both stage Corrupt Politicians are in WIN-WIN, because they control Under-World.

Amrit September 26, 2011  

I agree with Dinesh above. This is horrible situation.

sm September 26, 2011  


Kiran @ KiranTarun.com September 27, 2011  

Horrible crimes and criminals out there. It's a huge social issue these days, and it's escalating.

Human September 27, 2011  

Govt should realise the mistake and make ansure that these things should never be repeated.
Minsters should not pass inhuman statement and believe in politicizing every issue, Infact every minister Sibbal precisely think that they are also a human being and the lady died was only protesting for human rights.

sm,  September 27, 2011