17 August 2011

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Supreme Court dismisses PIL against criminal member of parliaments saying No Powers

Supreme Court dismisses PIL against criminal member of parliaments saying No Powers
An Advocate Manohar Lal Sharma filed a petition in Supreme Court of India and mentioned that out of 541 Members of Parliament, 154 members have criminal records and facing cases pending in various courts.

He demanded the suspension of MPs involved in any criminal case for the protection of house and citizen of India in the interest of justice.”

The petition stated that there is no provision about the prohibition of persons in any Act prohibiting them to stand for election and taking benefits of lack of legislation,”

In his Public Interest Litigation he demanded that Supreme Court should issue direction
To the centre to advise the President to suspend those Members of Parliament (MPs) facing criminal case.

A bench of Chief Justice SH Kapadia, Justice KS Radhakrishnan and Justice Swatanter Kumar dismissed the petition observing that the court did not have jurisdiction to give direction on such matters.

“Under which provision of the constitution you are seeking the direction. We do not have the authority to give such a direction. There is clear separation of power,” the bench observed while dismissing the matter.

In last 64 Years no political party of India brought the law which will prohibit the criminals from contesting elections.

Criminals should be banned to contest any type of election then it may be public or private elections.

India is a very big country with big population.
We must remember that running country is a social service it is not business thus

India should adopt the policy once a criminal always a criminal no right to contest elections.
If that criminal becomes a good person he can do social service and he can guide people to vote a good candidate.

To do a social service and serve the country one does need to become the politician.

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virendra sharma August 17, 2011  

once a criminal always a criminal ,no rights to contest elections is our dream like an Ideal gas ,friction less piston ,perpetual motion machine .Good post SM.thanks for yr visit to Ram Ram Bhai .

baili August 17, 2011  

i have a feeling that one day definitely honest people will be chosen to rule over our developing countries and play a positive role to bring out the people from such terrible situations.

great post god bless

SM August 17, 2011  

veerubhai, thanks.baili,thanks.Team G square,thanks.