17 August 2011

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From Tihar Jail Anna Appeals March towards Tihar Jail – Lets Do fast for corruption free India at Tihar Jail – Anna Gets support from NRIs

From Tihar Jail Anna Appeals March towards Tihar Jail – Lets Do fast for corruption free India at Tihar Jail – Anna Gets support from NRIs

Delhi Police Arrested Anna Hazare after that He was given 7 days judicial custody.
Anna did not take Bail.
Supporters of Anna were arrested.

Anna appealed to Indians GO TO Jail and time will come that there will not remain any place in the Jail to keep people.

Police started arresting supporters of Anna but later government realizes it was a mistake to arrest Anna Hazare.

Higher Authorities ordered the Delhi Police to set free Anna Hazare.
Then police which arrested Anna filed application and got the papers releasing Anna from Jail.

All the formalities were completed and everyone thought now Congress government will deport the Anna TO Mumbai same like Ramdev Baba.

But here Anna Hazare gave the master stroke , and said I will not leave the Tihar Jail give me in written I will be allowed to do fast at JP Park.

Government is still confused do not know what to do when demand that is Janlokpal Bill is right and which will benefit to every Indian expect the politicians.

Government is not allowed the right of Indian citizen Anna Hazare and every Indian who wants to join the fast with Anna Hazare.

It’s the fundamental right of every Indian and every human being to protest peacefully against the atrocities of government.

Government released the Manish sisodia who is also follower of Anna and he is on fast with everyone who is outside Tihar jail.

Government released Kiran Bedi and Bhushan also.

Now Anna has appealed to every Indian to march towards Tihar Jail and let us do fast there as Government is not giving permission to do fast on JP Park.

Thousands of Supporters are waiting outside Tihar Jail and No one is willing and ready to return to his home.

Every Indian is with you go ahead and support Anna.

Tihar Jail has capacity of 13000 only and currently Anna got support of more than 20,000 supporters that is millions of supporters who are ready to go to Jail in Delhi and billions are ready to go to jail in every city of India.

This is the example of peaceful protest.

Every Indian who is in UK or who is in USA is supporting Anna and his Janlokpal Bill
If they are outside but still they are supporting Anna

Why can not you support Anna.

Remember we are not corrupt our system is making is corrupt.

Change the system and bring the good laws.

Support Anna and his Janlokpal Bill

Let us unite and Kill the corruption.

Do or Die but the get the Janlokpal Bill Pass.

Do you want your kids to be part of a corrupt culture if not support Anna.

Even if you do not like Anna Read the Janlokpal Bill and understand the bill and then I am sure you will support and demand ONLY Janlokpal Bill.

Current Update –
Media has reported that Delhi Police started detaining supporters at JP Park.
more than 50 supporters are detained.

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