17 August 2011

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An Open Letter to Every One Who is Opposing Janlokpal Bill and Anna Hazare

An Open Letter to Every One Who is Opposing Janlokpal Bill and Anna Hazare
Today in India many educated Indian citizens are opposing the Janlokpal Bill?

Do you know How India got the right to information act?

Anna Hazare gave us Indians the right to information Act.

Today why Ministers are in Jail?

Not because government wanted or police wanted only when Supreme Court showed anger everyone started to work?

Why we do not have the right to know the names of Black Money owners?

Few people say that Prime Minister should not come under Lokpal?

Why not?
Can you guarantee that we will never get the bad and corrupt prime minister of India?

Do you know Directive Principals of Indian Constitution?

Those are supposed to be laws of India not just guidelines?

Do you know Supreme Court of India ordered Police Reform?
If yes then do you know which political party or government implemented it?

Do you know many countries got Prime Minister under Lokpal?

Do you know Prime Minister comes under the prevention of Corruption Act and income tax law?

Do you know as per Indian Constitution we got equality before the law?

Do you know Janlokpal Bill or did you read it?
An ordinary citizen can also demand the removal of Lokpal.

Few People say we got already laws so we do not need them?
Just think why they are not implemented?

Reason is simple uncontrolled powers enjoyed by Politicians.

Do you know if any person files a wrong case he will get fined or jailed?

Lokpal will be team of 11 members.

Now Please tell me what is wrong in Janlokpal Bill?

Read, Understand and then talk.

About which Parliament you are talking?

The parliament in which criminals are sitting?

Why politicians do not make laws which will ban them from contesting elections.

Why there is delay in every case?

The reason is simple Read and Understand the Legal History of India.

British made the laws to benefit the British queen and British people.

British left India They passed the law Transfer of Power then we got Independence.

After that the ruler got changed but our system remained same benefiting the rulers.

What British People did not do it our own Indians did it?

Just compare how much British Looted and How much our Indians looted in 64 Year?

India got robbed more than British rule in its own Indian rule.

What is wrong in demanding good and strict laws?

Do you remember Gandhi and Dr. Babasaheb Pact?

Our system of laws is making every Indian Corrupt we are not corrupt.

Thus the time has come to change the system and bring good laws, strict laws and accountability on politicians, retirement age for politicians, negative voting, police reforms and many more

As in Last 64 Years we got nothing.

What ever India got it happened because of Supreme Court of India or the people like Anna Hazare fought with government.

Do not be a slave of political Machinery
Learn to think and ask WHY corruption is rising?

Don’t you feel ashamed that our India ranks higher in corruption Index?
Do you know any person in India who has not paid the bribe?

Even giving the pack of sweets to government officer is a bribe.

Just open your eyes and understand the situation

If Janlokpal Bill is passed by government it will reduce the corruption more than 70% in few years.

If government lokpal Bill is passed remember corruption will increase it wont get decrease. Not single percent will get reduced.

Support Janlokpal Bill

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Kirtivasan Ganesan August 17, 2011  

A normal man is working hard and taking initiative to earn and corrupt leaders take commission. And they pass this practice to all the opportunists and sycophants. These are the only people who seem to have a say and get their things moving. This is in nutshell about Indian politics for the last so many years.
Hope that Janlokpal bill will remove corruption in a top to down way. As top as possible.

Renu August 17, 2011  

very goodpost and I am going to forward it to some people, we must spread the word.

Bikram August 17, 2011  

Lets hope something comes out of this all.. SM.. we have a long long way to go yet ..
As the freedom fighters who faught for our independance from british maybe time has come when we need to fight for ours Once again ..

I hope this bill gets passed fingers crossed


Rakesh Kumar August 17, 2011  

Very good sentiments sm.
We should think,understand and then
support Jan Lokpal Bill.

Narender Sharma August 17, 2011  

Very nicely written. No doubt the jan lokpal bill will help to reduce the corruption.Along with this I appeal to all young boys and girls that plz control ur penchant of getting the govt. job just for status and security with paying bribes. Refuse the kind of job in which u have asked for money to take job especially in police department.This will make the strong support to jan lokpal bill.


Destination Infinity August 17, 2011  

The day negative voting is introduced, I will start voting.

Destination Infinity

Vaanbhatt August 17, 2011  

Absolutly right...freeom is not free...and to maintain and improve it...fight has to continue continuously...and India got stagnent with gandhis...so called...

Teamgsquare August 17, 2011  

Wonderfully written . there is so much to do to remove corruption , lokpal is first step .

Priya Sreeram August 17, 2011  

wow- loved this post !- well written

SM August 17, 2011  

Kirti, thanks.Renu,thanks.Bikramjit,thanks.
Rakesh Kumar,thanks.

SM August 17, 2011  

Narender Sharma,thanks.Destination Infinity, thanks.Vaanbhatt, thanks.Team G Square, thanks.
Priya Sreeram, thanks.

Anonymous,  August 18, 2011  

Worried, worried and worried thinking of how these politicians amass wealth and ashamedly and openly deny their shameful acts slapping on the face of the common man. If the present movement fails, India fails. So, it is now or never. U cannot see a single politician who is not corrupt. Imagine an ordinary Corporator spending crores of rupees to get elected to Municipal Corporations. How do they get back these monies. The whole Parliament, the whole lot of the legislative assemblies are to be changed and they all should be filled with social workers wedded to the welfare of the people. Only then, we can see a new India. The movement has started and if it fails, India fails and our future generation will be simply forced to vote for goondas.

Anonymous,  August 18, 2011  

We have a very good gentleman as Prime Minister and he is surrounded by a whole lot of incorrigible, unreasonable, greedy, corrupt, powerful, dishonest, fraudulent liars who do not even imagine what would India be if the same corrupt systems continues for just a few years from now. Why don't good reason prevail upon them and why don't they take a lead in cleansing the whole lot of cruel administration. After all, why do they need so much of money. Just to spend in getting to be re-elected. Why don't see the examples of Bihar and Tamil Nadu. Why don't they see what is happening to corrupt ministers eating jail food inside the jails. Have the crores of ruppes earned through bride come to their aid? After all, man requires two square meals. Do they think all the ill-gotten money will be with their kiths and kins tomorrow. With the civil awareness and the youth thronging to the streets in support of Anna, do they think that they and their children will sleep at home. Even if the present Lokpal bill is passed pending in the present Lok Sabha, public will not leave them.

Anonymous,  August 18, 2011  

No doubt we have a very good prime minister but he is not surrounded by a lot of fraudulent people. Only some may be bad. But most of them are very learned and reasonable. But the problem with them is how to cleanse the cruel administration. They must find a way out and bring out a bill which attempts to cleanse the whole system. A dialogue with all right minded politicians engaging with the subject along with the members of civil society setting aside their egos, may help in the present circumstances.

Anonymous,  August 19, 2011  

@Kirtithis time of action and we should act now ,this is now or never...

sm,  August 20, 2011  

Yes Now or Never
do or die
thanks for comments

Kirtivasan Ganesan August 20, 2011  

Thanks Anonymous. Yes, I and my friends shall go to Ramlila Maidan to support Anna Hazare. Let us all support Anna.

Anonymous,  August 20, 2011  

@ SM
"Do you know any person in India who has not paid the bribe?

Even giving the pack of sweets to government officer is a bribe."
it is quote from your blog. It speak all story loud and clear. And any amount of law can change this.

I think Anna should use his influence in people to educate them convince them, not to give or accept bribe. if 50 percent of India do this we will not need any lokpal bill neither Anna's or Govt's.

But unfortunately, I didnt see any such initiative from Anna. He knows it is easy to fight Govt than educate his followers. The moment he start educating them they will leave.

sm August 20, 2011  

@Anonymous our laws are not good thus we do the corruption,once we get the laws no one will dare.
who cares and fears when law is useless and toothless.
Go do whatever you want to do i wont sign on your file?
File is pending for last one 4 months go i wont sign?

To stop this we need Janlokpal Bill. Above is just one example.

For smooth functioning of society laws are required.

one dirty mango can make all the good mangoes dirty.
so the law is required to throw away that dirty mango

Anonymous,  August 20, 2011  

It is not that our laws are not good enough, we don't to take the pain to use them.

I have seen people using existing laws including RTI rightly to get files move the way it should.

I am not against Lokpal bill. But I think it foolish to think one bill will change every thing.

What need to be changed is our mind set. Every one of us should decide that I will not give bribe or accept bribe what ever may be the consequences.

I hope this movement will make at least few of us to make that decision.

Anonymous,  August 20, 2011  

We can either look for good men to occupy high office, or create a good law that bad men can use to eliminate each other.

Anonymous,  August 20, 2011  

dear SM
have a look at different opinions


Anonymous,  August 20, 2011  

Quote"Do you remember Gandhi and Dr. Babasaheb Pact?" unquote

will you please explain what is Gandhi and Dr. Babasaheb Pact ?
Are you referring to "Pune Pact" ?

What are the parallel you are drawing between present situation and Pune pact ?

SM August 21, 2011  

@Anonymousthanks.yes I am talking about Pune Pact or Poona Pact.I will try to write article on that.

India do not have law which will forbid criminals from contesting elections.

To eradicate the corruption we will need to change our system and introduce many reforms and Janlokapl BILL is the first one.

After that election reforms, police reforms,land reforms etc.

i will read the article which is posted on calamur.org

Anonymous,  August 21, 2011  

Dear SM
Quote from your blog:

"About which Parliament you are talking?

The parliament in which criminals are sitting? "

In any true democracy, parliament will be sample of its citizens.

Number of criminals in Indian Parliament is directly proportional to the number of criminals in our society.

If they misbehave in Parliament exactly same as we the citizens of India do at various avenues of our life.

If the percentage of corrupt decrease in our society, same will reflect in Parliament, Judiciary, Executive ..... every where.

No bill can change the mind set of people.
but concerted efforts by the people who can influence citizen can do magics.

Bring in a Bill is like trying to treat the symptoms. Trying to change the mind set is like removing the root cause of decease.

I hope Anna will realise it. He has great influence on people of India.

sm August 26, 2011  

India has to reform lot of laws and bring new laws.
2nd is please find out how many MPS got the votes more than 51%
law is necessary to keep peace in society.
If you will eat the 100 Pizzas infront of a hungry man and you do not have a law that he should be be fed by govt,then he will murder or steal that pizza.
Hope you got the importance of Law.
read the stories of so called gods they also even committed crimes, thus we need the laws and strict punishments.