18 August 2011

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Anna Hazare - One Demand Remaining Government Accepted 5 demands More than 45 Hours Anna Hazare is on Fast

Anna Hazare - One Demand Remaining Government Accepted 5 demands More than 40 Hours Anna Hazare is on Fast

First Government said accept the 22 conditions, Anna Hazare accepted 16 and did not accept other conditions.

Then Government arrested Anna Hazare, took him to Tihar Jail. Anna Was given 7 days judicial custody by magistrate as Anna did not take the bail.
After that Anna appealed to Indians to come out and show him support and fill the jails.

Every Indian has a right to do agitation; every Indian has a right to protest.

Just like Gandhi, Anna Hazare said follow the peaceful methods and in last 48 Hours nothing happened all protests were peaceful, more and more Indians staying in India or who are staying in other countries started to support Anna Hazare.

When Government saw the millions of Indians are joining and supporting Anna, after his arrest in few hours Government applied to judge and got the released orders of Anna Hazare.

Anna Said now I will go to JP Park and continue my fast and protest again government said no.

After few hours government started to accept the conditions one by one, the conditions are very simple and reasonable, Government should not say no to such conditions.

What are the six conditions and which 5 Conditions Government accepted?

1. Number of People – First government said only 4000 people can join the fast. Now government has agreed to that as per the capacity of location the people can join. Ramlila Maidan can hold approximately 25,000 people thus No limitation on number of people

2. Permission to do fast

3. Government agreed to allow parking of vehicles till the parking is full. First government said only limited parking area will be given. No limit on number of cars and two wheelers.

4. No loud speaker – Now Government said that loud speaker will be allowed as per Supreme Court of India guidelines that is up to 10 PM loud speaker will be allowed.

5. Government agreed that there will be one government doctor and one doctor will be from Team Anna

Now only one demand is remaining how many days Anna Hazare should go on strike?

Government should not decide this for Anna Hazare, the demand of Anna Hazare is right.

Kiran Bedi said that "Delhi Police want dharna to end as soon as fast ends, but we want dharna to continue. Team Anna is discussing this issue with police,"
Further she said that "There are differences between us and the Government on the number of days of fast to be carried out. We have asked for 30 days, but they have only permitted for seven days so far."
Anna will take time to come out.

Anna wants a written approval for the venue from government.

Let us hope Congress will introduce Janlokapl Bill in parliament and will discuss it.

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Vaanbhatt August 18, 2011  

Hopefully by noon venue will shift to Ramlila ground...

Vaanbhatt August 19, 2011  

our governments had been very humble to religious sentiments...but tough to the things which are of national interest...they are still surviving on caste base system...