23 July 2011

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RIP - Amy Winehouse British Singer Died at 27

RIP - Amy Winehouse British Singer Died at 27

Police said that Singer Amy Winehouse was found dead Saturday in her London home,

Police confirmed that a 27-year-old female was pronounced dead at the home in Camden Square northern London; the cause of death was not immediately known. London Ambulance Services said Winehouse had died before the two ambulance crews it sent arrived at the scene.

Born in 1983 to taxi driver Mitch Winehouse and his pharmacist wife Janis, Winehouse grew up in the north London suburbs.
When she was 10, she and a friend formed a rap group, Sweet 'n' Sour.
She attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School.
later went to the Brit School, a performing arts academy in the "Fame" mold, and was originally signed to "Pop Idol" svengali Simon Fuller's 19 Management.
Her jazz-influenced 2003 debut album, "Frank," was critically praised and sold well in Britain. It earned Winehouse an Ivor Novello songwriting award, two Brit nominations and a spot on the shortlist for the Mercury Music Prize.

Released in Britain in the fall of 2006, "Back to Black" brought Winehouse global fame.
"Back to Black" was released in the United States in March 2007 and went on to win five Grammy awards, including song and record of the year for "Rehab."

Singer Amy Winehouse poses in the pressroom at the annual "Nationwide Mercury Music Prize" at the Grosvenor House on September 7, 2004 in London.

RIP Watch Video Amy Winehouse performing live Back To Black
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RNSANE July 24, 2011  

Amy Winehouse is the same age as my youngest son who got his BS in kinesiology a couple of years ago from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California, one of the state's best colleges. He was also a decathlete there. He now works at as a strategic account manager at Maxim Integrated Products, a publicly traded company that designs, manufactures, and sells semiconductor products. He was raised, along with his two brothers, by me, a single mom, without child support.

I am so blessed in that none of my sons - the oldest is 40, the middle one will be 29 this month, ever did drugs or caused me any real grief.

I have nothing but the greatest sense of pride in these boys of mine.

What makes one's children die at the age of 27, especially someone like Amy Winesap who has such amazing talent, wealth and the adoration of thousands and thousands of fans.

I feel badly for her parents and her family. She must have been so tormented. May she now rest in peace.

sm,  July 24, 2011