24 July 2011

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Land Scam – 65 Crore CM B S Yeddyurappa and Sons involved in another land scam

Land Scam – 65 Crore CM B S Yeddyurappa and Sons involved in another land scam
NDTV has exposed another land scam involving Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa and his sons.

Land Scam Amount = Profit of 65 Crore Rupess or more

NDTV reported that

In October 2010, Mr CM B S Yeddyurappa denotified five acres of land near the Bangalore airport, intended to house the city's next IT hub.
This land had been acquired cheaply by the government from a farmer, D Inneshappa.
He demanded it be returned to him.

Davaligiri Property Developers Private Limited is owned by the Chief Minister's sons B Y Raghavendra and B Y Vijendra.
Mr Yeddyurappa's sons are also directors of the company run by Mr Channappa.

Mr Channappa seems to have served as a front in this land scam.

Mr Inneshappa sold three acres of the land to BG Channappa.
After twenty days, Mr Channappa sold the same land to Davaligiri Property Developers Private Limited.

For Rs. 2.65 crores Chief Minister's sons acquired land worth Rs. 65 crores.
They then sold one acre of the same land at huge profits to a mining company.

Lokayukta Santosh Hegde found that a part of this land was sold to South West Mining Company at 10 times the market price. The inference is that the company agreed to the sky-high prices in return for valuable mining leases from the Karnataka government.

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दिगम्बर नासवा July 24, 2011  

India is full of these dirty politicians ... god only can help India

Dr Varsha Singh July 24, 2011  

touching and sensitive ...

Arti July 24, 2011  

Scams are everywhere in India...
Very disgusting!

sm,  July 24, 2011  

दिगम्बर नासवा, thanks.
Dr Varsha Singh, thanks.
Arti, thanks

Kirtivasan Ganesan July 25, 2011  

What the Central Home Ministry advises the President in this case remains to be seen. Action was not taken in Lokayukta, Delhi case.

sm,  July 25, 2011  


Rahul October 16, 2011  

Court should increase the custody 3 times more for being hospitalised in non serious condition and should keep a track on such doctors / hospitals issuing certificate for hospitalization