19 July 2011

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Media Reports Amar Singh may have paid money to Sanjeev Saxena to give to Mps as bribe in Cash for vote scam

Few days back Delhi Police submitted report to Supreme Court in cash for vote bribe scam but Supreme Court found no progress in the case and it ordered Police to file report again.

After getting fired or slammed by Supreme Court of India Delhi police acted and arrested
Sanjeev Saxena in a scam which happened in year 2008.
This was the first arrest made by Delhi Police in this scam.

Tis Hazari Court in New Delhi remanded Sanjeev Saxena to 3 days police custody.
Special judge Sangita Dhingra Sehgal remanded Sanjeev Saxena to police custody till July 21.

In court Delhi Police said that Mr.Sanjeev Saxena was a close aide of Mr.Amar Singh Rajya Sabha MP who was then a senior leader of the Samjawadi Party.

Police said that Saxena has been booked for various offences under the Prevention of Corruption Act.

CNNIBN reported that Mr.Sanjeev Saxena told the police that he was working as Amar Singh's secretary for the last three years and that it was Singh who gave him the money to him to bribe the MPs.
Saxena also told the police that Singh's driver Sanjay had gone along with him to deliver the money - a fact corroborated by the 2 BJP MPs Fagan Singh Kulaste and Mahavir Bhagora who have told the Delhi Police that Amar Singh had introduced Sanjeev Saxena as his secretary.

Saxena was reportedly introduced to three BJP MPs - Ashok Argal, Fagan Singh Kulaste and Mahavir Bhagora - as a secretary of Amar Singh. He was caught on camera paying BJP MPs bribes ahead of the confidence vote.

Now police have to find the driver of Amar Singh with whom Saxena went to BJP MPs residence to hand over Rs. One Crore.

If police want they can even find that from which bank the notes were issued and who withdraw it.

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Kirtivasan Ganesan July 19, 2011  

We need to wait and watch as to what level the case goes. Will Amar Singh be caught?
People who get caught with digital evidence like audio or video make claims that the evidence is forged.
As an enthusiast for software, I feel changing the exact digital sample is tough. Group changing in audio or video may be possible.

रविकर July 19, 2011  

चाणक्य का नाम बाजारू बनाते हैं ||
ऐसे राजनेता ||

Amrita Tanmay July 19, 2011  

nakab utarta hai to asli chehra dikh jata hai .nice post.

sm,  July 19, 2011  

Yes we have to wait and watch

sm,  July 19, 2011  


sm,  July 19, 2011  

Amrita Tanmay,

Destination Infinity July 19, 2011  

So it takes a Supreme court's follow up to act in one single case!

Destination Infinity

sm,  July 20, 2011  

Destination Infinity,