19 July 2011

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Police will need government permission to question Amar Singh Permission from Home Ministry to question corrupt politicians

As per Indian law police do not have powers to question corrupt politicians.
Police need the permission from government of India to ask questions to corrupt.

But if you are common Indian citizen police can make your Ramdev baba any time without any reason and without any fear.

This is the Indian law.

As per Indian law if Police want to ask the questions to the elected politicians
Who is involved in a corruption then Police need permission is from the Rajya Sabha Chairman or Lok Sabha Speaker.

This system is totally wrong, Police should take permission from the district court or sessions court not their own boss.

What will happen when son is thief and to arrest the son if police need the permission from father who will not get any punishment for not allowing the arrest of son what will happen?

Do you think when father is fully protected he will allow police to arrest the corrupt son.
If possible father will see that the arrest gets delayed and delayed and in that period the evidence gets destroyed.

Thus we need Jan Lokpal Bill and Jan Lokpal to whom these all politicians will fear before taking wrong decisions.

Now as Name of Amar Singh is involved in cash for vote scam police will need the permission from government.

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Bikram July 19, 2011  

jai ho bharat desh :)

this country is only for the corrupt and evil

steveroni July 19, 2011  

I suppose no place is without its own brand of evil. But the more I understand of other places, the more I consider it fortunate to live in Naples Florida, US.

But we DO have our 'crap' also, OK?--grin! Do not believe everything in the New York Times...HAHAHA!

Thanks for reading mine.

Vivek Jain July 19, 2011  

Don't compare Amar Singh with Ramdev, Ramdev is 100 times corrupt and dangeroous because he inflict the mind towards pseduo science,And sorry if i hurt anybody, its mine opinion, your may be different,
विवेक जैन vivj2000.blogspot.com

sm,  July 20, 2011  


sm,  July 20, 2011  

Steve E,thanks.
Vivek, thanks.

Kirtivasan Ganesan July 20, 2011  

This is the testing time for chaprasis and assistants. How quick and efficient they are.
They need to take the file from Delhi Police office to Home Ministry and then to Rajya Sabha chairperson and then back to Delhi Police.
Buck up and act fast. The country needs this from you.

sm,  July 20, 2011  


Alka Gurha July 20, 2011  

Feel so angry and helpless....

sm,  July 20, 2011  

Alka Gurha,