29 July 2011

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Know the program - 1st August fight against Corruption will start and from 16th August Anna Hazare will go on indefinite fast for strong lokpal bill

Know the program - 1st August fight against Corruption will start
and from 16th August Anna Hazare will go on indefinite fast
for strong lokpal bill

Join and Support Anna Hazare Fight against Corruption from 9th August

Government of Congress has rejected Jan Lokpal Bill and is planning to introduce their own Lokpal, a weak lokpal.

Now we Indians have no hope and no choice, Anna Hazare has no choice but to go on hunger strike from 16th August 2011.

Anna’s fast from 16th August is our last hope. We can’t afford to fail this time. For if we fail, we may never get another chance. Its now or never.

A number of people across the country are planning various protest activities.
You can organize your own or you can participate in any manner possible.

1st August to 9th August:
Many people across the country are forming small teams and undertaking short and long padyatras. They would talk to people on their way, hold meetings, distribute pamphlets

From 9th August:

Mass burning/tearing of government’s Bill as a mark of non-violent protest. Anna will start it most likely from Delhi or Mumbai.

From 9th August to 15th August:

People in villages, towns and mohallas will form teams and go for prabhat pheri in mornings singing patriotic songs and educating people about corruption and Jan Lokpal Bill. In the evening, there would be candle light and mashal marches.

15th August:
Switch off lights from 8 pm to 9 pm on Independence Day as a mark of support for the anti-corruption movement.

Fast starts from 16th August:
Government says they would crush Anna’s fast the way they crushed Baba Ramdev’s movement. We are ready for that. We will offer ourselves for arrest if the government decides to arrest us. We are ready to face their batons and bullets. But we will not move from there. We will not retaliate. It will be a completely non-violent movement.

But if the people take a week off from their work from 16th August and take to the streets- in front of their house, on the crossings, in parks, everywhere – with a tricolor in their hands, raise slogans against corruption – Government can crush one Anna, but it won’t be able to crush 120 crore Annas. Government could impose section 144 on one Jantar mantar. But will it impose curfew on the whole country?

If the whole country takes to streets for a week from 16th August, WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, can force the government to enact a strong Jan Lokpal Bill.

Will you be there? Can we count on your support and active participation?

Still Confused –
Few More Eye opening points about Government Lokpal Bill –

1. The government lokpal bill covers only 0.5% public servants.

2. There are more than 1.25 Crore government servants but only 65,000 Group A Central government servants will come under Lokpal.

3. Government Lokpal will not be allowed to take any action against Sarpanch or BDO but he will control social organizations and common citizens.

4. All the activities of common citizens will be monitored by Lokpal but not the government babus. Durga Puja and Ram Leela programs will be under purview of government lokpal

5. If any citizen files a case against the corrupt officer government will provide him advocate and all expenses but common citizen will be required to spend his own money. In this fight if citizen proves right the corrupt officer will be punished for six months only but suppose citizen fails to prove that the public servant is corrupt then he will go to Jail for 2 Years.

6. No one has power to investigate Prime Minister, they say CBI will do the job, but PM is the boss of CBI.

7. if scam like Cash for vote happens MP will investigate each other do you know the final result of any of such case?

Reality views by sm –

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Destination Infinity July 29, 2011  

It will be difficult for the govt this time - people have been waiting for a chance like this. When the aam aadhmi starts taking part in protests en masse like this, there is no history of losing.

Destination Infinity

SM July 30, 2011  

Destination Infinity,
thanks.let us hope common citizens join hands and do not fear Danda.

Anonymous,  August 14, 2011  

Ana saeb we all indians are with you all, if we cant give a hand with you, then the youth have no stand to live in INDIA

ERIC KARAN SHARMA, doing law, agin the law of LOKPALL