28 July 2011

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Congress Approved Jokepal Bill made by politicians and Rejected Jan Lokpal Bill prepared by Anna

Congress Approved Jokepal Bill made by politicians and
Rejected Jan Lokpal Bill prepared by Anna

July 28, 2011 should be written as a black day in the history of India,
History will not forgive the corrupt.

Today Congress party approved the bill and all the recommendations of their own politicians and rejected the Jan Lokpal Bill prepared by Anna.

The government version of Jokepal or Lokpal bill has kept Prime Minister and Judiciary
Out of reach of Lokpal.
The cabinet decided that the Bill does not apply to the PM while he or she is in office; the PM can be investigated after his or her term is completed.
There will be a seven year limitation period on Lokpal that is to say there shall be a seven-year limitation period for complaints. So the Lok Pal will not investigate a complaint over seven years after it is made.

The Lokpal or ombudsman will have a Chairperson and eight members - 50 per cent of them will be from the judiciary as will the chairperson, who has to be a serving or retired Chief Justice of India or Supreme Court judge. The non-judiciary members have to be "persons of impeccable integrity and outstanding ability,"

Jokepal Bill or the Lokpal bill does not bring all the politicians under lokpal.
The bill says only those in rank of deputy and joint secretary should be included. The investigation will be independent and time bound.

The removal of the Lokpal will be the prerogative of the President of India.

Who is the boss of President?
As per Indian constitution President of India is a rubber stamp of Prime Minister, thus Prime Minister can remove Lokpal whenever he wishes.
Thus Lokpal has become another servant of Prime Minister and his team which includes majority time’s criminals.

Under this government lokpal bill following type of corruption and scams are not covered

1. Adarsh Housing scam

2. the Commonwealth Games scam

3. the Reddy brothers scam

4. mining scam

5. Jharkhand Mukti Morcha scam

6. Cash for vote scam

7. fodder scam

8. Taj corridor scam

Such type of scams will not be investigated by government Lokpal so now tell me which corruption government is planning to stop?

Justice delayed is Justice denied.
Indian constitution also got defeated as Prime Minister got special right which no other Indian enjoys.

The Lokpal Bill will now be introduced in Parliament in the monsoon session which begins on Monday.

Objective of the Lokpal Bill is this –
To check corruption within politicians and bureaucrats.
When Lokpal is the servant of Politicians how he can investigate properly criminal politicians?

This is the big opportunity for BJP to win the billions of votes by supporting Anna.
And the Jan Lokpal Bill.

If BJP supports government of Congress then BJP won’t win the next elections.

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Jayanthy Kumaran July 28, 2011  

informative post..
nice write up..!
Tasty Appetite

The Poet July 28, 2011  

India, like so much of the rest of the world, has its fair share of corruption too.

Interesting facts.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Apanatva July 28, 2011  

ye to hona hee tha........:(

Urmi July 28, 2011  

Wonderful, interesting and informative post. You have portrayed the truth very nicely. Very well written.

Destination Infinity July 28, 2011  

Now its the turn of the people - When is the next elections?

Destination Infinity

sm,  July 28, 2011  

Andy, thanks.
Babli, thanks.

sm,  July 28, 2011  

Destination Infinity, thanks.

Priya Sreeram July 29, 2011  

yup read about its implications y'day and was stunned- you have portrayed the situation effectively; informative

sm,  July 29, 2011  

Priya Sreeram,