20 June 2011

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UP - Shivnagar villagers change their village name Shivnagar to Snapdeal.com Nagar

Uttar Pradesh - Shivnagar villagers change their village name Shivnagar to Snapdeal.com Nagar

Shivnagar is a small village in Uttar Pradesh state.
Villagers live in poverty and they only get daily maximum 2 hours of electricity. Majority villagers do not know about the ecommerce company snap deal.
Snapdeal adopted Shivnagar Village.

Snapdeal is a one year old buying company or internet e commerce company.
The site, which offers daily discounted deals
SnapDeal is India’s version of Groupon
Snapdeal will develop the village's infrastructure, including installation of water pumps and supporting the local school and hospital.
Snapdeal installed 15 hand pumps, so villagers no longer have to walk for hours to get the drinking water.
Kunal Bahl said that for 15 hand pumps it cost only 5000$ but important is Kunal Bahl himself visited to the village and he met the villagers and saw their condition.

The villagers of Shivnagar became so happy that they decided to change their village name to Snapdeal.com nagar.

Bahl graduated from the prestigious Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.
H1B visa is granted to skilled workers only for six years.
Bahl also got the H1B visa when his visa got expired he came back to India
In February 2010 he started Snapdeal.com Company.

SnapDeal’s founder Kunal Bahl told to media that
All we can say is that time will show our commitment to this project and even the things we do in the future.
You need not be a multibillionaire company to make a change in society around you. This project was not about the power of money but the intent and efforts which our team took to give this dream alive.
Even if one small company takes inspiration from this, we will feel our efforts have borne fruit.”
"India has about 640,000 incorporated companies. Bahl said that "Many are much larger and more resourced than us. Even if 10 percent decided to do something like this, 64,000 villages would have clean water."
SnapDeal is a product of Jasper, which is a leading marketing company in India.
Jasper has led the way in multi-channel direct marketing solutions with clients that count themselves leaders in their respective industries.
The company was founded by marketing, technology, retail and analytics professionals to address a need for high-quality, cost-effective customer management for consumer brands.

SnapDeal features a Best deals Coupons at an unbeatable price on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy. It provides vouchers and discounts in all the major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

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रविकर June 20, 2011  

yes !!!,
यही है सही तरीका
समाज को वापस करने का ||
अत्यंत प्रभावित |
ईश्वर उन्हें और योग्य बनाए ||

AS June 20, 2011  

arrey wah!
samaaj seva cum advertising ...bahut khoob!

Kirtivasan Ganesan June 20, 2011  

समाज सेवा अच्छी बात है, पर यही बेहतर होगा की लोग खुद अपनी समस्याये सुलझाये. निजी कम्पनिया अपनी फायदे की सोचते हैं और इनसे समाज सेवा की उम्मीद, ठीक नहीं.

padmaja June 20, 2011  

Lot of amazing stuff to catch up here..I have always dreamed of such a thing happening.. great beginning for others to follow!
Thanks for you visit and comment.

Anonymous,  June 20, 2011  

Nice interesting stuff.. and I like the name tooo ..


रविकर June 20, 2011  

@ samaaj seva cum advertising ...bahut khoob!

A S भाई ये कम,
कम वाला है या कम वाला |
खुशिवाला या गम वाला

deeps June 20, 2011  

that sounds great...
if there is no scam under cover it s all bright n cool

chitra June 20, 2011  

sm, that is really good news. Hope the vilagers will get basic amenities.

Renu June 20, 2011  

Nice to know..I have used snap deal a few times..it gets good discounts.

sm,  June 20, 2011  


sm,  June 20, 2011  

AS, Thanks.
Ravikar, thanks.
deeps, thanks.
Still there is no corruption , snapdeal is helping the villagers.