19 June 2011

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Erode District Collector R Anandhakumar enrolls his daughter in Tamil Medium Panchayat school

Erode District Collector R Anandhakumar enrolls his daughter
in Tamil Medium Panchayat school

Normally in India everyone wants and wish that his kids should study in private schools
No one wants to enroll their kids in Panchayat school as we Indians believe that Panchayat schools are not up to mark, kids will not get good education, Panchayat school is for the poor Indians.

What is Panchayat School?
In simple terms understand a government school is a Panchayat school.

But Erode District Collector R Anandhakumar dared to do which no educated Indian is ready to do; He enrolled his daughter in a Panchayat school, a government school.

Last week Erode District Collector R Anandhakumar alone with his wife and daughter visited Tamil medium school at Kumuilankuttai and met the headmistress and enrolled his six-year-old daughter A Gopika after completing due formalities.

According to school authorities, collectors daughter will be given free midday meal as wished by the Collector.

After her admission now school authorities will be required to improve themselves as the daughter of collector is studying in their school.

The Collector, a veterinarian, has told the school authorities to treat his daughter as any other child and allow her to mingle with other students.

Erode District Collector R Anandhakumar declined to speak about his decision to enroll his daughter in the Panchayat School.

India needs a law which will make it compulsory for all the government officers and politicians to enroll their kids in government school including IAS, IPS or any type of government official.

And if any government official or politician, law maker breaks this law automatically his job should get terminated permanently.

Understand the meaning of government suspension, let the citizens of India forget the matter we will give you your job back to do more corruption.

Below is one of the photo of government Panchayat School which is run with the help and support of Care India.Care India is helping this school.

Image source - http://bharathiwomen.org

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

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Irfanuddin June 19, 2011  

there are handful of ppl in our society who still believe in "simple living n high thinking".....

Destination Infinity June 19, 2011  

I don't think enrolling the kids of Govt officials in Govt schools compulsory is possible in India. On the contrary, we can all learn from the success of a central govt school - Kendriya Vidhyalaya. I studied in a private school and all the students who topped the +2 results were the students who came from KV - not other prestigious private schools.

Destination Infinity

sm,  June 20, 2011  


sm,  June 20, 2011  

Destination Infinity,,
when this laws gets passed it stop mid day meal corruption, it will stop midday meal deaths,
in midday meal the kids get the food which even a dog will not eat.
this will stop.They will get good quality education.

Kirtivasan Ganesan June 20, 2011  

Parents generally put a student so that he is prepared for a career. Education is generally not the criteria.
Books gives some mind knowledge. Sports, plays, dance, music etc. gives a student body, mind and spirit knowledge.
Also govt. officers should set examples. How much can law do?

sm,  June 20, 2011  


Revathi,  June 21, 2011  

no words to say..

SM June 21, 2011  


nadhiyaa February 05, 2012  

people they needs only a govt job but they hesitate to send their childs to a govt school what a crazy world??

Anonymous,  June 24, 2012  

this step of D.M. is certainly appreciable..
it would surely encourage to improve d quality of education in govt. schools..
hats of..