25 April 2011

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Know 46 Health Benefits of Onions Ayurvedic Home Remedies of Onion

Know 46 Health Benefits of Onions Ayurvedic Home Remedies of Onion

Onion is known as Phalandu in Sanskrit. Hindi Name: Pyaj , Marathi Name – Kanda

The herbaceous plant onion belongs to family “Liliaceae” and has latin name “Allium Cepa”.

Onions are rich in certain sulphur-containing compounds.

Onion normalizes vata and increases kapha and pitta.

Onions are cooling topically but heating internally.

Onions are antiseptic, antibiotic, carminative and antimicrobial.

Onions are low in calories, fat cholesterol and sodium.

Onions contain fiber potassium, Vitamins C and B and other nutrients.

Remedy for common cold, cough, fever and sore throat –Juice of fresh onion with jaggery or onion juice with Honey will help you to cure sore throat and other conditions. For allergies also you can try the Onion Juice mix with Honey or Jaggery.

Fever - cut a large white onion and just apply it on the forehead it will help you and save you from side effects until you visit the doctor.

Bleeding from Nose – If someone is bleeding cut the onion and let the person breathe the smell of fresh cut onion. This will help to stop the blood or reduce it.

White onions are recommended in bleeding disorders to reduce bleeding. Hence it is used in conditions like bleeding piles and bleeding through nose.

Can not sleep – Start to eat daily one onion and surely this will help you to get a good night sleep. Good Home Remedy for Insomnia

Onions help increase digestive juices thus helps to have good digestion.

Burn wound, Bee bite also you can apply Onion Juice.

Onions are effective against different types of head and neck cancer.

Regular consumption of onions helps to reduce incidences of osteoporosis.

Onions are effective or used in or used to treat diabetes. Onions increase the production of Insulin in body.

Red onions help to remove the unwanted cholesterol from the body which causes heartaches and heartbreaks.

Red Onions help to preserve and keep good cholesterol in body

Daily eat one Red Onion and it will save you from coronary heart diseases

Daily use of Onion helps like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low libido.

Onion seeds help to increase sperm count and sperm motility.

Onions help to reduce pain and inflammation of joints in conditions like arthritis

Cut two onions fry them using castor oil or sesame oil with turmeric when Onions become soft , get the clean cloth pour the soft hot onions into cloth , tie the cloth and start to apply or press or tie this cloth to the aching part of the body.

Remove dark pigments and patches – Apply the Onion Juice mix with turmeric on face this will help you to remove dark pigments and patches

Use of Onion juice is recommended in ear pain and blurred vision.

For ear-ache or buzzing in the ear, heat the onion juice and put few drops in ear. This juice can also soothe an acute toothache.

Onions help to prevent tooth decaying and reduce tooth pain.

Onion has a rejuvenating effect on all tissues and body systems: the digestive, respiratory, nervous, reproductive, and circulatory systems.

Onion Juice helps to get the rid of moles also, try them on mole not all the moles but in few types Onion Juice Helps.

One spoonful of onion juice eliminates worms in the stomach of children.

Onions improve the memory and strengthen the nerves.

Regular consumption of onion reduces atherosclerosis.

Regular consumption of onion reduces risk of colon cancer

To get full benefits of Onion always try to eat Raw Onion, cut the Onion get the salt or chilly powder as per taste and eat it with Roti. Or Start to use Onion in Salads

Red Onions help to correct menstrual disorders. Eat Raw Red Onions a few days before your period.

How to make Onion Juice - Take 2 Onions cut them slice them, now pour half cup of water leave to macerate for two or three hours. Then drink 2 or 3 times a day.

As an aphrodisiac: Steam a few onions, squeeze and extract the juice (half-a-cup), add two tablespoons of ghee. Drink daily on an empty stomach.

Daily consumption of onion with raw sugar helps children to gain height.

Applying onion juice on the hair eliminates lice. Apply Onion Juice to Hair it stops the Hair Fall also.

Now When you will eat Onion Pakoda always remember above benefits and enjoy the Pakoda more.

In South India Sambhar is made with small Onions its excellent dish to enjoy the benefits of Onions.

Egyptians used onions to preserve mummies.

100 Grams of Onion Contains - Water: 86 to 89 gms, Protein: 1.2 gm, Fat 0.1 gm Starch:- 9 to 11 gmsFibre: 0.6 to 1.70 gm. Minerals: 0.4 gmCalcium: 47 mg.Phosprous 50 mg Vitamin C: 11 mg Iron 0.7 mg. B Complex

Every day how much Onion One should consume? Daily consumption of 100 Gms of Onion is advised

Please always visit the doctor. Home Remedies should be tried for one day only.
All the above tips are given to increase knowledge about Onion and benefits of eating daily Onions.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

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SANDEEP PANWAR April 25, 2011  

जाट देवता की राम-राम,
एस.एम.जी---- हमें प्याज का अलियम सिपा नाम नहीं पता था। आप से पता चला।
एक मुँह की बदबू के छोड के बाकि सब फ़ायदे ही फ़ायदे है प्याज में।

Rakesh Kumar April 25, 2011  

Excllent.I have to study this article again and again.We don't eat onion in our food for taste purposes.But,as its medicinal use,I fully agree
to use it as medicine only.Actually,when onion is used in food,most of its medicinal values are spoiled due to wrung use.
Thanks for this beautiful post.
May I be acquainted with your your full name,and if you don't mind with your profile also ?

Renu April 25, 2011  

I used to put onion juioce in my son's ear, but today doctor says thatw e shouldnt put anything in the ear.

raji April 25, 2011  

This is so informative ..I am planning to copy it in my private notes for my use .I would try the sore throat remedy .Your posts are really informative.I cannot consatantly read all your updates ,but I really wish I could .Thet are filled with so much knowledge.

raji April 25, 2011  

Well as rakesh said even I wish to know your full name if you dont mind .raji1082@gmail.com

sm,  April 25, 2011  

जाट देवता,,

sm,  April 25, 2011  

Rakesh Kumar,,

sm,  April 25, 2011  

Yes pouring juice inside should be avoided i will suggest use the cotton and apply the juice on affected area.

sm,  April 25, 2011  


SM April 25, 2011  

joshi daniel,,

Anonymous,  April 25, 2011  

Excellent and informative post.Read it twice and will use onion for sour throat....

sm,  April 25, 2011  


Destination Infinity April 25, 2011  

I was worried about eating too much onions - Now I know how much benefits it has!

Destination Infinity

SM May 21, 2011  

Destination Infinity,,

Constipation Remedy May 30, 2011  

Sore throats are the most common reason that patients visit their doctor. The tonsils and throat are very open to infection due to the contaminated air that flows through the area.

Unknown July 23, 2012  

Your blog is very informative. Please can you tell me one thing that, Why I always have fix and issue sign on my blog. How I can fix that, due to that I deleted my all blogs. Please can you help me?

SM July 24, 2012  

@jaswinder Kaur

Fix and issue sign ?
Sorry i didnt get the question.
please ask again.
if You can not sign into blog check the spelling , capital letters etc.

Ibrahim mustApha,  December 03, 2012  

Nice one I'll try to use onions daily and will recommend it to friends

Sapna December 11, 2012  

Eat 10 small raw onions with breakfast and 10 small raw onions with lunch which will give you all the benefits mentioned above.

Anonymous,  January 03, 2013  

I eat onions together with chappatis and keema and I find that I always feel lighter in the head and I feel light all over .It's only after some time that I discovered that it's these heavenly onions that are getting rid of all oils aches and sluggishness from our body and our health improves tremendously .

Fr: Muhammed Dover.

I therefore without the least hesitation encourage all the health conscious to eat as much of onion as possible or whenever there is an opportunity to make full use of it that is to eat raw onions together with food.Raw onions. With cucumber in yogurt is tasty.

Saen,  January 22, 2013  

Good morning. Do you have related study or literature review regarding onion as a cure for fever? Can i have a copy? Please. We're currently researching about onion as a cure for fever but we cannot find any study regarding that, please help me. you can send it at saenkatherine@yahoo.com THANKYOU SO MUCH

Unknown February 02, 2013  

Think God for onions; Ill try most of the remedys

Alpam May 01, 2013  

Over and above these, those travelling on hot afternoons, can keep a small onion in the pocket. It will take away all the negative effects of the heat. But, remember to change the onion every 4-5 days, and never eat the onion afterwards - throw it.


SN,  July 07, 2013  

On 11 December 2012, Sapna said: #Eat 10 small onion with breakfast and ten small onions with lunch will give you all the benefits mentioned above#
One small onion is from 15g to 20g. 20 small onions give 300g to 400g.
My question is: Can somebody take safely 300g to 400g onion every day?

முபாரக் August 21, 2014  

Thanks for the valuable information.

Unknown January 27, 2016  

Hello sir... I heard that, having daily 1raw onion juice, is useful for epilepsy and seizers

Unknown June 20, 2016  

Sir onion juice stomach ke liye kesa rhega,mere stomach me gas ki bahut problem rhti h, kya krna chahiye plz help me....

SM June 20, 2016  

@ Sujata, @ Lal, Please consult the doctor.