24 April 2011

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Satya Sai Baba will Reborn As Prema Sai Baba in Year 2012 or 2023 or 2030 In which Year Satya Sai Baba will Reborn as Prema Sai Baba?

Satya Sai Baba will Reborn As Prema Sai Baba in Year 2012 or 2023 or 2030
In which Year Satya Sai Baba will Reborn as Prema Sai Baba?

Year 1963 –

The first time that the talk regarding rebirth and Prema Sai Baba came out during a discourse by Sathya Sai Baba.

Year 2008 –

In 2008 SSB again said that the avatar came as a trinity and the complete unity among all will be achieved when Prema Sai comes.
Baba had also mentioned that the body of Prema Sai was in the process of being formed and also said that a Kasthuri (already reborn) will be the mother of Prema Sai.

The first visuals of Prema Sai Baba were given to a devotee by the name John Hislop. Sathya Sai Baba had given Hislop a ring with an image of Prema Sai Baba.

Case one –

Rebirth Year of Satya Sai Baba – 2022

It is said that Satya Sai Baba said he will die at the age of 96.
"Sai Baba himself said he would live till the age of 96 and you will all see that miracle.
Satya Sai also predicted that he will be reborn as Prema Sai Baba one year after his death.

What is the Birth Year of Satya Sai Baba?
Date of Birth - 23 November 1926 (1926-11-23)

Thus 1926 plus 96 = Year 2022.

Year of Death = 2022
Rebirth Year of Satya Sai Baba as Prema Sai Baba = 2023.

As per this calculation Satya Sai baba will reborn in the Year 2023.

Case 2 -

Rebirth Year of Satya Sai Baba – 2012

But Satya Sai Baba died early.

But now question is that Satya Sai Baba died in the year 2011.

Now as per another prediction that Satya Sai will be reborn as Prema Sai Baba One Year After his death.

Now the date of Rebirth of Satya Sai become 2012.

Case – 3 

Rebirth Year of Satya Sai Baba 2030

Sathya Sai Baba has said he will live until the year 2022.

Eight years after his death, in 2030, he will be born a third time as a reincarnation in the Mysore region of Karnataka state and be known as Prema Sai Baba.

He stated, "I am Siva-Sakthi, born in the gothra (lineage) of Bharadwaja, according to a boon won by that sage from Siva and Sakthi. Siva was born in the gothra of that sage as Sai Baba of Shirdi; Siva and Sakthi have incarnated as Myself in his gothra now; Sakthi alone will incarnate as the third Sai (Prema Sai Baba) in the same gothra in Mandya district of Karnataka State."

So which is the right date of Rebirth of Satya Sai Baba 2012 or 2023 or 2030.

Below is the Photo of Prema Satya Sai Baba –

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Reality Views by sm-

Sunday, April 24, 2011

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Jon April 24, 2011  

He can't even predict for himself!! Trash

sm,  April 24, 2011  


Bikram April 24, 2011  

without hurting anyones religious beleifs i happened to watch a documentary by the BBC television and it did not look pretty...

and i am amzed people still beleive in rebirths and i hope this is all true and maybe such religious leadears can teach us indians how to live together and make our country a better place ot live in ...

maybe then people will listen once it comes out from religious leaders ...


Rakesh Kumar April 24, 2011  

Strange !
What do you say 'sm' about these calculations.

sm,  April 24, 2011  

You can read the biography which i have written.

sm,  April 24, 2011  

Rakesh Kumar,,
I do not believe in concept of rebirth.

Always Happy April 24, 2011  

Hi Sm,

I also saw the BBC documentary that Bikram is referring to. I admit too, it didnt look nice. There is a mix of beliefs about Sai Baba. Personally, i do not believe in rebirths etc but sure Sai Baba and his charitable trusts have worked a lot for betterment of India and that is commendable.

SM April 24, 2011  

Always Happy,,
I have mentioned about that in Part 2 biography.

Irfanuddin April 24, 2011  

i personally feel that there is nothing like rebirth....

Anonymous,  April 24, 2011  

Now Sai Baba died at the age of 85

dr.antony April 24, 2011  

I would like you to read the book "Many masters, Many lives' by Dr.Brian Weiss,who is a practicing psychiatrist and professor of Psychiatry in an esteemed American University.He uses'past life therapy' to heal illnesses.He has described the history of a patient who had born 86 times in her past lives!!

As a Christian,I believe in the death of Jesus and his resurrection.To others,it could appear as a joke.And then, there is a second coming of Jesus mentioned in the Bible. If he comes today,I don't know how the world would accept him.

I don't know much about Sai Baba.If his disciples trust him,is it his fault? I know many learned and intelligent scientists who are his followers.But I know apart from the controversies surrounding him,there are many good things his trust has done.

sm,  April 25, 2011  


sm,  April 25, 2011  


sm April 25, 2011  

If possible i will try to read the book.
human mind got the power to heal wounds.
it has nothing to do with rebirth.
What was not accepted in the religion today its accepted because of Science.

Anonymous,  April 25, 2011  

Sai Baba will resurrect on Wednesday and the world will marvel

SANDEEP PANWAR April 25, 2011  

हमें इंतजार रहेगा, प्रेम सत्य साई बाबा का,

sm,  April 25, 2011  

जाट देवता,,

Isa Massiha,  April 25, 2011  

The body was weak and limited, so Sathya Sai decided to vacate it so that he could continue his mission as a spirit until he gives way to the incarnation of Prema Sai. Now the Guru is free of the shackles of the material world you will see millions of miracles as Sathya Sai reaches out to all of humanity!

sm,  April 25, 2011  

Isa Massiha,,

Unknown April 25, 2011  

Thanks a lot for your Thoughts, I realy apreciate your effort, Dont you think, The Sai Baba as a God (God Forgive him) he him self not predicted he will die at the age of 85 instead of 96 years old, The first Future word get false, all world seen that, now second future word, he will reborn in 2012/2022/2030, lets see what will happen, for me it is nonsense, for the we are inocent we beleived as a God to Sai baba, We forget Our God, who created Whole Universe (SUN, MOON, US, WAS, AIR) we have to learn from Japan recent disaster, come to gether, let us pray for whole humanity. Be wake up, no one will come. we have to go (Die) so need to prepare for death, its Truth...

SM April 25, 2011  


saritha April 25, 2011  

What ever he is but i take a bow for the work he did for the people of that village and to others who got benefited by his social service.In India we have seen many gurus but no one did the service what Satya sai baba did.

sm,  April 25, 2011  


Unknown April 25, 2011  

To Sariha...
I agree with you.. I will respect him as a Good Man, Not a God Man.. He has done trimendous work for common peoples,, Like Hospitals, Schools, Water Plants... But Dont beleive as a God My Dear Sister.. He is a Good Man.. We have to respect him as a Guru.. If we beleive he is a God. Then God will angry..Let us all are pray for him. God will grant him heavan.. Only God will Guide for us straight way that to meet God.. Hope the best, Do the best things.. Dont Lie.. Respect elder (Mother/father specially).. We have to find our ways to enter Heavan.. by doing good things, nobody will help us after the life (after death). Take care...

Anonymous,  April 26, 2011  

there's no such thing as GOOD MAN with 40000 crore assets!

SM April 26, 2011  


Satish April 27, 2011  

Many people say I dont believe in 'xyz', but 'xyz' is there even if one dont believe it. Just because I didnt visit Dubai, it does not mean that Dubai is not there.

As a learning human, all of us aware that the thing which we considered yesterday as wrong can become right in the future, and vice versa.

Science is not a 100% solution. Science is saying that human is madeup with corbon,sodium,etc.. But can any scientist create a human using those materials?

Science never created anything, it is just discovered the things.Science uses the existing things to do something.

The evergreen pending question is, out of nothing how we came? And what is the meaning of that nothing...

SM April 28, 2011  


Satish April 28, 2011  


I like your way of acknowledging for every post.

Anonymous,  April 28, 2011  

He is Good not God. That's it and it's goverment duty to reach those funds not to get corrupted so that the donators will be happy to donate again for good things.

sm,  April 28, 2011  


sm,  April 28, 2011  


Anonymous,  April 28, 2011  

sai baba rebirth as prema sai baba JAI SAI BABA KI JAI HO

SM April 28, 2011  


Jeke,  May 19, 2011  

If we were to be born during Jesus or Buddha or Prophets time...i think people like all of you above would have still rejected them personally....each one have their own believes and way of accepting how their God would look like....And Sai Baba fitted them....why cause He communicated heart to heart and dream to dream....he solved many of my own problem through dreams...miraculaously...and to make you guys belief is difficult and of course only time can make you guys understand that....a fruit can only fall to the ground when it is riped...likewise if your case.....Mankind of today....is not in spiritual path...material life has influnced him to such an extend that even if God comes down in glorious form...he would deny Him due to his EGO....mankind of today thinks he is bigger than Him....simple remedy for all you people...if you cant talk good about a saint...just keep quiet...dont degrade yourself and talk nonsense about Him cause you are spelling trouble for yourselves....if you have not seen anything using your own eyes...dont condemn...likewise...you have not seen Buddha, nor Jesus nor Krishna....how did you get the feeling to to worshp them???? 1000s year old manuscrpts told you that they were Gods... but I and many more people have witnessed with our own eyes and filled the experience using our own heart and dreams...where we know it is He the ONE.....which sounds better??....How do you want GOD to be???? The only gold that Sai Baba POssesed was the gold pins on his red robes.....if you want to find about a person...go tto the place and experience yourself....dont criticize from here...its like you are pouring mud on your ownself.....who is real God and who is not....not one can answer...not even the pundits nor the popes...unless God WILLS...when our ego is low at zero level and Bhakthi at high level...only then we will be able to recognize..even greter revelations...till then...try to get rid of the mud from your mouth....and try to say nice things....

sm,  May 19, 2011  

You may believe in Magic I do not believe in Magic.

jeke,  May 20, 2011  

its not magic...its God's unfanthomable/unexplainable actions = termed as as magic by modern/egoistic man who failed to understand himself

sm May 20, 2011  

So many videos are there showing different types of magic.
Please be educated do not be blind man.
SSB was a good man not a god.
Open your eyes.
People like you even support the Human sacrifice on the name of God.
Its the will of God.
Be educated there is nothing as such will of god or order.
If you got mango seed you will get mango you will never get apple.
For that you will be required to do hard work.
2nd Point if you think he was God then why he required a Doctor.
Respect him for his good work not for his magic.

English Talk May 25, 2011  

25,May 2011."SAI RAM".We are still into arguments. What did SSB teach us? To argue out vehemently, or to establish PEACE,FRIENDSHIP,LEARNING,CO-OPERATION ,RESPECTING ELDERS & ALL.
Giving your time in service of Humanity, and not building more blocks in path of progress.
How many of you, over here have used,the above salutation with open heart and spread or continue doing so,for it to all? "Good-man" or "God-man" this is not the time for mirthless debating. Instead get to the heart of it all,"SERVING MANKIND,SERVICE TO ALL,"for thats what SSB did all throughout his life. Reachout to a distressed soul in your surroundings each day and try to calm him/her, if you cannot help then do not waste time portraying the good and bad points debate on SSB. There are, and will be enough more to come god-men or god-people in this--"KALI-YUGA,"so why do you all LUST,GREED,ANGUISH,DEBATE,DESPISE,DERISE,JOCULATE,ENAMOUR,DEPRESSING TALKS,etc. SSB did nothing of that sort,even in his darshan-darbars, he calmly-quietly walked-waved out to all present. He never hurried in his talk-discourses ever. We are getting impatient to see,"PREMA SAI," well then let 2012 or 2020 come. LET ALL HAPPEN IN DUE COURSE OF HUMANITY NEEDS. Never Hurry,its waste of time,money,mind-energy.

I think,"SAI RAM" salutation will guide us all so powerfully enough that we will never be able to be led astray at all. Let the Chinese people flood our markets with cheaper 3D-photos, let our home market photos be sold for Rs.300/- each. Come whatever competition, in whatever form,and it will be washed-out inface of the "Moola-Mantra, SAI-RAM."

SAIRAM,SAIRAM,SAIRAM,SAIRAM,every second all day.

sm,  May 27, 2011  


Anonymous,  June 18, 2011  

First Question

Why his prediction of own age of 96 years failed?

Why did he died with multiple organ failure?

Why did he not accepted the challenge of Magicians to perform in a single stage?

Question yourself?

sm,  June 18, 2011  


sakura,  July 05, 2011  

there are two types of people, materialistic and spiritual. everyone have there own ideas and faiths.there will be no end to this conversation. it will only end when the TRUTH (satya) finally reveals the love(prem) in each one of us. lets wait till 2023!

sm,  July 06, 2011  


jyotinow,  August 23, 2011  

To all commentators here. Don't speak if you have not seen, spoken to, heard, read, been in the presence of, or otherwise stood before the Avatar of this age, because you speak out of ignorance. You are guessing. Personal experience is the final arbiter of Truth. Instead, study his discourses as I have for five years after being in his illustrious presence, and count yourself lucky to receive some illumination in this body.

sm,  August 23, 2011  

I do not think SSB will ever say that freedom of speech should be limited.

jyotinow,  August 23, 2011  

Swami never said freedom of speech should be limited to my knowledge, but he did imply that many speak just to be heard. You have to dive deep to get the pearls.

Ravi October 21, 2011  

dont rush to comment without knowing baba, just try to catch the message he conveyed to society and mankind. when u will filled with faith, all such doubts will disappear.

Anonymous,  October 25, 2011  

@Jonit is 96 year according to the lunar cALANDER

Anonymous,  October 25, 2011  


Samuel,  October 31, 2011  

But when he made the supposed prediction he was talking to Westerns and based on the solar calendar, wasn't he? Bible defines blasphemy as of two kinds: man claiming to be God and/or man claiming to have power to change times and universal laws. Baba committed both, and at the same time he made use of the name of Jesus and so on, he was utterly FALSE indeed!

Samuel,  October 31, 2011  

He was nothing but a kind of Pope - Antichrist - from India. Please, someone better literate clafiy me if I'm wrong.

Maciej Dlugosz November 24, 2011  

Well, well, well... Maybe it's good idea to take a brief look into theory of relativity of Einstein (he was a scientist). Einstein said that time and space are not as constant as everyday life would suggest. How about that? Is time sometimes bending? According to scientific experiments neutrinos were 60 nanoseconds earlier than light. Maybe Baba likes neutrinos too? Neutrino Baba faster than light!

SM November 24, 2011  

Maciej Dlugosz, thanks.
Anonymous, thanks.

Telugu cinema March 14, 2012  

This visit is full of experiences for me. The visiting of this post is good advantage for me and others also. I would like to visit this post in future again. Please carry on such kind of postings.

sarvesh July 16, 2012  

i think all are fake
what chamatkar did he does.
if he really a god than tell me what was my past birth and how will be my future.

Anonymous,  August 21, 2012  

The rebirth of Sai Baba as Prema,has already taken place, as predicted by him a year after he left his body as Sathya.
when the world will be aware of it? is the real question.

Sai Ram

Anonymous,  August 12, 2013  

think what u say before msing the comments ad we say Jesus is comming and we all pray to him . we never ever saw Jesus in our life maybe ww think we felt his presence in us . But in our life time we have seen Sai baba his physical form yet mankind does not apprechite what god as given us . if jesus came now on earth what would we say to him as one will react as very holy towards as one belives what we were taught in our sunday school . Come on people GOD can come in any form If U never learnt any thing From Jesus Then Read SAI Babas teaching u may learn something before u make negetive connents.

Anonymous,  August 12, 2013  

Thank U

Anonymous,  November 26, 2013  

Say Baba! tinha uma previsão correta sobre seu desencarne 2022; mais ele teve de ir mais cedo por conta de uma exigencia de Bhrama, para sofre o mesmo processo de humilhação que o Cristo ( Vishnu) teve de passar aqui na terra, mais no caso dele no mundo espiritual, Vishnu e Shiva ( Jesus e Say Baba) por amor estão tentando salvar Brahma, tira-lo da ilusão do ser supremo deste universo , ele precisa admitir que precisa da ajuda de Vishnu e Shiva e aceita-los como iguais irmãos só assim Vishnu podera voltar para separar o Joio do Trigo

Anonymous,  January 02, 2014  

Upon our last Visit to India Prasanthi Nilayam at the Ashram of Sri Sathya Sai Baba during the month mid January, 2011 whilst having darshan of Sri Sathya Sai Baba he actually instructed me "when you go home, put the body to good use and do not come back here!" These words saddened me and I did not understand the full meaning of them at that time but my husband and I have constant inner dialogue, or communication with our Guru, Sri Sathya Sai Baba so as it was on another occasion stated there was no need for us to have a personal interview as we speak with him during meditation, I only hoped in my heart that for this very same reason he was telling us not to come back as our spiritual efforts were indeed bearing fruit. But, nonetheless upon our return home the recall of these words would continue to haunt me. I was only a few weeks later that Sai Baba began appearing during my meditation waving me goodbye! This occurred in approximately one or two week intervals upon three separate occasions. I knew he was waving goodbye on each occasion as his form would gradually fade out whilst waving. On the third occasion he became smaller and smaller as he waved and a large X appeared over his form as his form disappeared. This vision aroused deep concern, even consternation or fear in me that I had done something terribly wrong and my Guru was leaving me. I mentioned these repeated visions of my Guru waving goodbye to my husband and he just said "No doubt, in time you will understand what it is He is telling you." I was very worried and racked my brain to understand what I had done to make my Guru leave me. I was a couple of weeks later that I was actually paving a section of our garden with slate and sand and putting a lot of time and effort into it so my meditation time was reduced a little around that period of April because of the work and tiredness. Again Sai Baba appeared during my meditation writing a letter very briskly and He would pause, during the writing thereof briefly looking up at me and down again continuing to write very fast. It was obvious that the letter was for me but I did not know the content. Then suddenly during this vision sand began pouring over the vision like an hour glass and completely obscured the scene of Sai Baba and he disappeared into the sand. This meditation distressed me a little but I thought at that time perhaps he was telling me that the paving work was consuming too much of my precious meditation time. It was approximately a week later that our Son telephone us asking us had we heard the news that Sri Sathya Sai Baba had passed away? I was stunned into disbelief but recalled all the visions and finally knew what he was telling me. I recalled whilst at Prasanthi Nilayam during our last visit also that I was looking into the dark glass of a hurst to try to see Sai Baba but I could no longer see His form. My first response to the news of His death was to immediately purchase Air tickets to attend His funeral but instantly recalled his last words to me and knew it was not necessary for us to attend the death of the mortal body.
Baba new when He was leaving, He knew exactly when!!!!!! Prior to his physical departure, he would call my husband and myself to his abode in India and give us the dates to arrive. Our travel agent was fully aware that the dates for travel were Baba's instructions. On two separate occasions we were given dates to arrive at the ashram when it was common knowledge that he was either in Bangalore or Ooti but we stood by the arrival date in accordance with his instructions and he would return to the Ashram the very day he instructed us to arrive during our meditation.

Devi,  January 02, 2014  

Further to the above comment, I did view the so called "News Real" interview on the damming of Sai Baba. Baba knows all things, years before it happens. He appeared one night in my bedroom before I even knew who he was and it wasn't until 6 months later someone handed me a book on Sai Baba which held his photo within the pages and I was stunned to recognize my ghostly visitor all those months back was an Indian Guru whom we visited in person some 9 years later when our children grew up. He appeared many times at our home during those 9 years and foretold much about our future. Going back to the damming news real interview. Did you all take note that the son that made the damming claims never mentioned his so called concerns about his parents much loved Guru until quite a few years later. "Would you not mention such serious doubts to your parents? He was no young child when he so called experienced the strange encounters. He and his family appeared to be enjoying personal gratification and aggrandizement with the blessings they had initially received from Sai Baba and the son did.not question his parents about odd behaviour of their Guru., he was after-all, no baby at the time or did he suspect that the Guru may have been reflecting his own bad behaviour back to him??Did any one notice the self aggrandizement of the family during their stage performances and much could be said and questioned about the sons behaviour that the Guru may have be reflecting back to him and his family the manner in which they were using Sai Baba's name for personal pleasure, gain and aggrandizement.
I met a lady at the ashram that did meditate and she would discuss her meditation with me regularly One day I found her crying in the grounds of the ashram. I asked her what was distressing her. She said she had a meditation in which Sai Baba came to her like a tiger and was very inappropriate behaviour (This was meditation! not in the flesh!) I said to her "You have been telling me about a friend of yours that hopes to get Sai Baba's attention as an actual boyfriend or even eventually dreams of him as a husband! she said Yes! I said I find that so hard to believe that anyone could think of a Guru in such terms but through your meditation that you have just described to me, I suggest it is not a friend but in fact you that has that secret desire! "Yes! she said as she sobbed. So, all he is pointing out to you during your meditation is this what you want?? Or do you want a real Guru and God. She suddenly understood all and began to approach Sai Baba in a much more reverent manner!!!! She stopped with all the bright red lipstick and fingernails for darshan and dressed more appropriately after this!
You cannot know the hearts of me, but God and Guru does!!!!

Anonymous,  February 24, 2015  

Okay I'll bite...this is all God's "play" anyway. For those who have a belief in God, I'd like to know where the need to "defend" any version (meaning religion) of God, comes from? Since most religions have the concept of God as omnipotent, does God need anyone to come to his/her defense? Being omnipotent, do you think that God is limited in anyway in his expression of him/herself? Why is it that people can accept that God could take the form of a man and live amongst us say in the form of Christ but, never any other form? In my opinion, God can choose to do and be whatever/whomever he choses! He's omnipotent. Most, of us go through our lives void of any inquiry or analysis of even our own thoughts and behaviors yet, we embrace the misconception that we can comprehend or predict the motivations and behavior of the Omnipotent! Doesn't that sound just a bit ridiculous? Is it really such a stretch to accept that as humans, having been created in the likeness of God, we also are therefore God and creators? When an artist creates a sculpture and wishes to make cast of that sculpture is there any difference between the two? If it were not possible to be like God would Christ himself (who claimed later in his ministry that he and his father were one) instruct others to "BE perfect, even as your father in heaven is perfect? The present tense definition of "to be" is "I AM"? Hmmm.....Where have we heard this term before? Christ clearly is acknowledging the divine presence (i.e.; God) within us, when he urges us to feed and clothe those in need, as we are honoring him/God when we do so. If the divine Christ/God wasn't residing there, would Christ tell us, it was so? I'm using these examples of Christ words and teachings because of my familiarity with them. Whether it's acceptable to you or not the truth is you are God and God has been telling humanity this message in various human forms and teachings through time immemorial. No ne religion is his, they are ALL his. Everything is his. Think about it, there is not one material thing that you can take with you when your body dies. Everything that you possess remains here. It's all on loan! The things that do remain are the remnants of your thoughts, words and actions in the memories and on the lives of others. There is one purpose for life and that is to BE your self. All of the desires that we pursue for status, wealth, fame etc. are pathetic distractions created by the emotions and an undisciplined mind, to keep us immersed in ignorance and like Esau tricked out of our inheritance.

Sreeamathy Ajitkumar December 08, 2015  


URL: https://www.kalki.me/248/sathya-sai-babas-false-prediction-of-his-longevity-and-rebirth-of-vivekananda-kalki/

Unknown May 26, 2017  

Sairams...n greetings 2 every1 else...i m a tried n tested devotee of baba...i live in south africa n 2 shorten my lengthy miracle of swami...hv neva met baba in india...yet when i was burnt and both my legs turned into gangerine and i had insufferable pain and had no hope...i kept chanting swamis name...and would u believe tht he appeared in my hospital room at 3am in the morning...put his hand over my legs and glided blessings over my legs and left...i was not sleepy nor was i drugged at tht time...i could not explain what hpnd..i just lay in disbelief...who cn explain this miracle...my legs were supposed 2 b amputated but after tht i was cured by an india doctor in sa...
Dear friends, i do believe tht there is alot of mystery and confusion...but in my belief would an avatar reveal every minor detail of his existence...i dont think so...n whoever says tht they dont believe in reincarnation i kindly ask u 2 do a crossover n then explain your findings...
In this world we r 2 ignorant as human beings...thts y god is ever forgiving
Every1 has their own beliefs so dnt judge

Jnana June 27, 2018  

I feel reincarnation is not the answer to our acts n past present n future births r need to be assessed thoroughly rather from a religious point of view.I regard people's minds n beliefs but definitely object nonsensical attitude.First of all this present birth is one n only given to us by the parents not any other creatures or alike any animals.We need to understand the science of creation.Secondly this birth is only one to do urself as Mr or Miss X Y or Z.Nothing wrong is there if someone prays or worships any Godman.But unfortunately there is no God man n the mysteries behind them consists much of fiction than facts.I regard every individual as potentially divine only our blind eye makes us irrelevant for us to know ourselves better consciously. Our wise choices r gradually fading materially. We need to make our lives right now before praying God.We r living uncertainty at very moment of our life all the time. There is an urgency to look inside rather seeking seemlessly outsiders. We need to modify our foods daily sleepong eating working habits first.Then only divinity will spark with each one of us rightfully.

Unknown April 11, 2021  

I believe that both, good and evil, or you may call it positive and negative energy exist. In the same way I believe that their are good and bad angels. My personal belief is the SB was a fallen angel. His energy consisted of "kaal" dark, or death power. People who are meek can at any time be consumed by this power. I have realised over a number of years that those who place there energy in him generally go through some bad in life. Especially bad health, to sum it up, cancer and other operations.One has to remember that he used the coffers monies to build a huge hospital in his surroundings. This hospital is constantly busy as I believe his powers enter their bodies. Negative powers, creating more kaal power. That's what we should become aware of and attract positive energy from the universe to overcome these negative energies. Just look at how many people are truly in good health and praying without and pains and problems to SB?... Do they recover, or are their problems compounded?