31 March 2011

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Tax exemption of Rs.45 Crore given to International Cricket Council for world cup 2011 by rich government

Tax exemption of Rs.45 Crore given to International Cricket Council
for world cup 2011 by rich government

The government today approved income tax waiver of about Rs 45 crore to the International Cricket Council for the ongoing World Cup 2011.

When this meeting was held to discuss to give exemption or not to give exemption the meeting was attended by ICC president Sharad Pawar also.

According to Revenue Secretary Sunil Mitra, the total receipts of the ICC from the ongoing World Cup are Rs 1,476 crore, while the cost for organizing the event is Rs 571 crore. The ICC''s revenue from the broadcast rights is estimated to be Rs 1,062 crore.

ICC is very rich organization.

Why government has given them tax exemption?

For Indian citizens you do not have money thus government is planning to remove subsidy from cooking gas.

There is no money for education there is no money for scholarship of students
Still our government is so rich that we are giving ICC tax exemption.

As ICC gave free 250 world cup tickets so government also gave them tax exemption of Rs.45 Crore.

World cup 2011 Final world cup match at Wankhade Stadium in Mumbai and sell of tickets –

Wankhede Stadium can seat 32,000 people. Only 4000 tickets were made available to common Indian citizens.
4,000 tickets for public sale is the same number which was available in the 1996 World Cup
Indian cricket fans have been lining up at 5 am for the last three days to buy a ticket, unaware that sales were only online.
So where are the tickets?

Sold 40 Corporate Box at the price of 3.75 crores for each box which has 15 seats and rents to owners for 10 years.

Reliance Industries Limited has bought three boxes for over 11 crores. – Mukesh Ambani

Other corporate boxes have been sold to Vijay Mallya's Kingfisher, Tata Consultancy Services and Bajaj and Essar

Most tickets were converted into passes.

Clubs affiliated to the Mumbai Cricket Association have got 14,000 tickets

The International Cricket Council got 8,500 tickets

the board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has a robust quota of 2000

the Maharashtra government got 250 passes for politicians and govt.officers

As a beggar we take money from British Government as aid and on other hand we behave like uneducated Indians.

When you go to voting remember this and then decide to whom vote in the election.

Never ever vote for king who taxes the poor and who gives exemption to rich people.
Be educated.

If possible do not watch the Final match of world cup.
Not possible then just make a resolution that for next one week I will not purchase the products of companies which will show advertisements during the world cup.

If you do nothing then nothing is going to change in India.

Against this tax exemption it is possible to file a Public Interest Litigation.
I just hope someone will file the PIL against this exemption of Rs.45 crore tax exemption.

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

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BK Chowla, April 01, 2011  

ICC is rolling in money and still manages a tax cut

Teamgsquare April 01, 2011  

How stupid of our Govt , When i heard this news yesterday , i left cheated . After all what are going to gain from this tax exemption . Resolution accepted of not buying any product .

sm,  April 01, 2011  


sm,  April 01, 2011  

BK Chowla,,

sm,  April 01, 2011  

Team G Square,,
yes agree with you

Renu April 01, 2011  

One more stupidity of the govt..makes me feel so frustrated..as it is I never watch cricket, as I find it a game of decadence where time and money both are lost.

Alka Gurha April 01, 2011  

Very valid point but when did we have our priorities right? With so much unaccounted money pouring in cricket expect several scams a la IPL Kochi....

Kirtivasan Ganesan April 01, 2011  

India is acting big.

I will not see the world cup finals in TV as a boycott.

sm,  April 01, 2011  

is waste of time money agree

sm,  April 01, 2011  

Alka Gurha,,

Destination Infinity April 01, 2011  

I have stopped watching cricket matches from the first expose of match fixing. So, I will not watch the finals anyway.

Destination Infinity

sm,  April 01, 2011  

Destination Infinity,,

sm,  April 01, 2011