11 January 2011

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2010 Honesty Award Goes to Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India

2010 Honesty Award Goes to Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India

The answer is very simple –
Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) is the winner of Honesty Award for 2010.

So remember who ever says or talks or blames CAG for any reason that is the sign to know and understand that, that person is biggest corrupt person in this world.

While writing this I felt very happy that one department of Government of India is working honestly for the benefit of India not for selfish reasons

So if you want to find corrupt Indians , then just find it out the person who is opposing CAG or blaming CAG for any reason,
Such Indians are most corrupt in India.

Honesty award 2010 goes to Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG)

Thank you CAG for doing your job honestly and making us proud.

Every Indian will support you whenever you will give a call for help because it’s very difficult for dishonest Indians to see you working honestly for the benefit of India and they will try to reduce your powers or will try hard to corrupt your image.

In every scam people tried to hide that scam but CAG India brought it before the Indians.

Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) Vinod Rai, whose report nailed former telecom minister A. Raja otherwise even GOD was not ready to give us justice in 2G scam.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Rek Sesh January 11, 2011  

In this case but is the CAG always this prompt and honest??

sm,  January 11, 2011  

Kathy Owens,,
last few days the process has been started to blame CAG and reduce the importance of CAG and CAG report.
that is reason i give Honesty award to CAG for their performance.

sm,  January 11, 2011  

CAG performance is always best just their are few incidents otherwise CAG gives 100% always.

Amrit January 12, 2011  


Let us see how long it lasts. I believe you that they are honest in this case.

Renu January 12, 2011  

couldnt undertand the tone of post..sarcastic or real?

BK Chowla, January 12, 2011  

We still have an institution which is honest and has the guts to take on the corrupt politicians.

sm,  January 12, 2011  

Nrupen Masram,

sm,  January 12, 2011  

CAG has performed its duty by making honestly preparing report now it is the duty of Government of India to accept it and take action.

sm,  January 12, 2011  

thanks. sorry for confusion.
The Problem is that from last few weeks few intelligent and big shot people have started to blame CAG, defame CAG and showcase CAG in bad light and tarnish its honesty image.
This is reason I gave CAG this award to appreciate the Honesty of CAG.

sm,  January 12, 2011  

BK Chowla,,

Arti January 12, 2011  

Great post... Have a nice day:)

Jon January 12, 2011  

Once the judges were the most honest...and now it's CAG. Wait till the system corrupts him too

Sumandebray January 12, 2011  

otherwise we have become a country where we can change the unit of measure:

Addition to our vocabulary - the silver lining of scams!!!!!!!!

The large amounts mentioned in the scams have given us a new addition to the vocabulary that refers to large numbers like "googol" (10^100) - such as:

Rs. 1,00,000 crores.= Rs. 1 Raja
Rs. 10,000 crores ...= Rs. 1 Radia
Rs. 1,000 crores......= Rs. 1 Kalmadi

It will be easier to converse and comprehend large numbers.

A few examples:
Mukesh Ambani’s home on Pedder Road costs 4.50 Kalmadi
ONGC’s annual output is 1.20 Raja
India ’s loss in G2/G3 scam is about 1.70 Raja
India ’s total annual subsidy on Kerosene is 2.00 Radias
The Bofors kickbacks amounted to 0.064 Kalmadi

Wonder if one can claim a patent on it?
But I guess in the larger interest of mankind, one should publicise it .....for free!!

irfanuddin January 12, 2011  

after a long period read an article which shows still there is something left in our govt. organisations.....lets pray n hope to find more like this..(pray bcoz, when everything fails, our prays does work)

sm,  January 13, 2011  


sm,  January 13, 2011  


sm,  January 13, 2011  

like the way you compared it.

sm,  January 13, 2011  

Lets hope and wish and pray CAG always stays honest.

Anonymous,  February 08, 2011  

CAG has lot to answer . It woke up only when corporate driven media stirred this issue for their own ends.CAG reports give clean chit to NDA (God save this country)Everyone knows then disivestment minister Arun Shourie dolled out VSNL to TATA and the activities of the most honest and upright COmmunication Minister of NDA.The whole process of derailing started when PM struck a deal with US .China and Pakistan are the worst affected. May be after decade some one will reveal how effort was made to bring instability in India to reverse its econmic growth and tilt the scale towards China.If at all India is to survive the first action is to throw away all the administrators including Vinod Rai

sm February 08, 2011  

Something is better than nothing,
at some point must start, when 100 percent is corrupt then start with few to punish as everyone is thief.