13 January 2011

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Difference Between A politician and Common Citizen – For Rape No Jail But Jail For theft to girl who is raped.

Difference Between A politician and Common Citizen –For Rape No Jail But Jail For theft to girl who is raped.

If common Indian citizen is an accused of raping a minor girl what will happen?

He will go to jail immediately, he may get beaten by Police and immediately charge sheet will be filed in court.

But if you are a politician in Indian and an elected politician then it is very difficult to touch you even if politician is a rapist in India.

Here is the case and story of Rape and theft –

BSP MLA Purushottam Naresh Dwivedi raped a minor girl and she complained and counter case was made the girl stolen some cash and mobile phone from MLA's house

Both cased go to police.

Minor girl is arrested immediately on the charges of theft and she is send to jail.

For raping minor girl MLA is not arrested, the report is given after 20 days that the MLA has raped the girl.

Within 24 hours it’s possible to confirm that girl was raped or not but here Politician is involved so it took 20 days to confirm the Rape.

After that report was submitted to the Utter Pradesh Government.
After that The Mayawati government ordered the arrest of the BSP MLA Purushottam Naresh Dwivedi accused of raping a teenage Dalit girl.
Two more co-accused Rajendra Shukla and Surendra have already been arrested.

While the police has confirmed rape charges against Dwivedi, the BSP has not taken any steps to expel the MLA who has been accused of unlawfully employing a minor and more seriously, raping her.

The victim girl minor girl who was raped is still in jail on charges of robbery.

For this we need to change Indian laws and remove the protection given to babus and politicians.

In USA if girl is below 18 if there is sex between male and a girl with consent then also it will be considered as rape and man will go to jail immediately.
Arguments like I was not aware about her age or her character are not valid.
You have sex with underage girl go to jail no excuse.

Here in India , now MLA will be arrested he will go to jail and in few days he will get free as girl will give statement that she was never raped.
Or MLA will marry her and case will be withdrawn.
I do not know MLA is married or not.
But this happens in India and our Supreme Court of India has also allowed this if you rape a girl and then marry her
Then the rape case is withdrawn.

We need to change our laws.

Update – Friday, January 14, 2011 -

Bahujan Samaj Party MLA Purushottam Naresh Dwivedi, accused of raping a 17-year-old Dalit was arrested by Banda police more than a month after the case came out in the open

Now the question is Will the MLA will be fired from the party as well as will he be ordered to resign from his post ?

Reality views by sm –
Thursday, January 13, 2011


Renu January 13, 2011  

we need to change our politicians.

Tanishka January 13, 2011  

We only know that there is a word called equality and justice but we don't really understand their meanings...

Gouri Guha January 13, 2011  

Those in power feel they are above the Law of the Land...no law can curb their misdeeds...can and do whatever they like...anywhere and everywhere and at any time...

Mass revolt and act harshly...that's all that can be done.

irfanuddin January 13, 2011  

if i m right this same MLA has given a statement in the court that "he is IMPOTENT, so how could he rape"..... every thing is turning out to be so simple for these politicians.....very sad, really.

lawyerjourno January 13, 2011  

The Girl is not minor first of all. She ran away with some guy and got married..it was later that the parents of the girl asked for protection from Dwivedi. It is all ill-fated attempt to malign the image of BSP leader.

Stupid people in media publish reports without cross checking the facts.

sm,  January 13, 2011  


sm,  January 13, 2011  


sm,  January 13, 2011  

Gouri Guha,,
i agree with you

sm,  January 13, 2011  


sm,  January 13, 2011  

Are you saying CB CID REPORT IS WRONG which said that the girl is minor and she is raped.
why to accept half truth.
again problem is there no fear of law for babus and politicians.
thus we need to change law and remove this protection.
How can a accuse of rape walk free for 20 days without arrest ?

chitra January 13, 2011  

I was shocked to read this. Yes, all news these days are shocking. What else can we expect. The guilty are roaming free.

sm,  January 13, 2011  


Jon January 13, 2011  

its not just the politicians..nyone with a bit of money can tweak the loopholes..I read that in Delhi, one guy ran over the other after a spat in the road and he is accused of just rash driving.

Amrit January 13, 2011  

In India money talks. If one has money or power, one can get away with anything.

It is not the laws that need change, law needs to be ENFORCED on everyone uniformly...a dream for another hundred years...

sm,  January 13, 2011  


sm,  January 13, 2011  

Why he was not arrested for more than 20 days.
As per law politicians and government babus can not be arrested without permission from Government.
Swami wanted to file a police case against 2G Raja but government did not allowed him for than 12 months.
In this case again same happend.
this is the reason we need to remove the protection
they should be arrested and there is no need to ask or take the permission of government for the arrest of crime.

Amrit January 13, 2011  


My problem is even if he is arrested, he will get away with it. It is simply impossible to enforce law on politicians.

Look at the case 1984 Sikh Riots. Even after 25 years and with a Sikh PM, criminals are still part of government and it is proven without doubt they ordered the killing but any action....

sm,  January 13, 2011  

again here problem is same police need to ask the permission arrest on 1st day 1st hour will make the difference.
this law was made by British People to save White officers.
Once police know they have to beg to criminal for arrest then police loose the moral and then history happens like what u said.

Nrupen January 14, 2011  

We don't only need change in law we need change in view. Don't blame law its we who make them and don't blame powers of politician because that too is given by us. For more info read this.

100% Lawful

sm,  January 14, 2011  

Sorry let me tell you we do not make laws.
Supreme court also does not make the laws.
laws are made by politicians.
Please read the article

Know - How the law is made in India and suggested Reforms – in law making procedure.


Always Happy January 14, 2011  

Govt ko kaha kuch farq padta hai....one makes the law and then breaks the law....poor and uneducated people never get justice. Sad but grim reality of India

sm,  January 14, 2011  

Always Happy,,

Nrupen Masram January 14, 2011  

Buddy politicians are not different from any common person in India. If you join politics you'll become politician it doesn't make you different from me and others.

sm,  January 14, 2011  

Nrupen Masram,,
If i will join politics i will not get election ticket this is the difference i will remain a political worker forever.
how many political workers you know got the election ticket ?