04 December 2010

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Corruption Common Wealth Games - CWG inquiry by Government is it farce to save big criminals?

Corruption Common Wealth Games - CWG inquiry by Government
is it farce to save big criminals?

Every one in India knows corruption happened in CWG.

How many government organizations are inquiring into common wealth games corruption?
Following government organizations are doing inquiries into common wealth games corruption.

•Income Tax

Regarding common wealth games thousands of contracts were done by common wealth games organization committee.

Currently CVC is looking into just about 18 contracts or 20.
Don’t you think CVC needs to check every contract and for that CVC should hire services of collage going boys and girls who will help CVC free of cost to find out the common wealth games criminals.
Or help of social organizations which will happily help them track the corruption.

What ED is doing ?
ED is only investigating foreign exchange related matters.

CAG and CVC are doing their duties but problem with these both organizations is that they have limited jurisdiction.
They do not have power to file direct police complaint .

To be honest both organization are toys in the hands of politicians and CBI , politicians have put their locket in the neck of CBI and the chain connected to locket is in the hands of politicians who CBI moves in the direction in which chain is pulled.

While writing this I remember my friends dog Jackie , he is no more, but he was so trained , he didn’t required chain , we just shouted and Jackie obeyed us like bringing ball etc.

All the above organizations are inquiring into this common wealth games corruption.

But now comedy is that I think Prime Minister MMS also do not trust all these organizations so our own Prime Minister MMS appointed another committee.
The committee name is Shunglu committee.

In first instance like me I also became happy, but later as I started read and gather information and I came to conclusion that this committee is also useless it will find nothing.

Let’s understand why this is going to happen.

Shunglu committee is powerless it does not happen any powers
it can not even demand or order to any office to show them the official files.
Shunglu committee does not have power to call for records or call for files.

Suppose Shunglu committee tells any office please send me xyz file, and that office does not send the file to Shunglu committee then what will happen.

The committee can not send them to jail or give them any kind of punishment.
The committee will just forget about the file.

One more comedy is that this committee will get money like Supreme Court judges.
But the committee is not given the powers of Supreme Court judges.

What is use of committee which is not supported by any law, which has no power?
If committee does not have the powers like Supreme Court judge
Then what is the reason committee is given money or salary like Supreme Court judge

Do you think officials will obey to committee which is appointed by Prime Minster without any power to summon, or give any kind of punishment?

We have seen Minister named Raja ignored Prime Minister what Prime Minister has done he is mum, same way Shunglu committee is going to work.
Request the officials if they do not cooperate keep mum.
Mum means keeping silence.

So if you got any expectation from this committee forget it.

Now here comes the role of media.
Media should daily send a reporter to Shunglu committee office or his home and ask him what committee has done?
And in news they should declare that today also shunglu committee rested did no work or they requested officials to send files to particular office and report has arrived that the files lost in transit .

If reporting is done like this then I am sure committee will feel the pressure and they will do something.

Does media is trying to find how much money common wealth games earned as profits.
Can common wealth games repay the loan amount which it has taken from government?

After reading and under standing this I am sure you got the answer.

Corruption Common Wealth Games - CWG inquiry by Government is it farce to save big criminals?

Yes it is

Politicians think they will hide behind the curtains, but now people are educated and they understand what you are doing.

Jai ho corruption
Jai ho laws which support corruption

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Saturday, December 04, 2010


Sathish Chandrasekaran (சதீஷ் சந்திரசேகரன்) December 05, 2010  

Nothing can be done, lets pray that terrorists blow up these people soon before they start looting again....

sm,  December 05, 2010  


BK Chowla, December 07, 2010  

What msg are these politicians sending to the next generation?

sm,  December 07, 2010  

BK Chowla,,
message is loot the country and prepare for civil war against corruption