04 December 2010

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Adarsh Housing Society Scam – Names of the Government Officers who benefited in Adarsh Housing society scam and broke law

Adarsh Housing Society Scam – Names of the Government Officers
who benefited in Adarsh Housing society scam and broke law

Following are the names of government officers who benefited in Adarsh Housing Society Scam or who ignored interest of India, ignored their right duty and tried to benefit using the loopholes of our laws.

1.former municipal commissioner Jairaj Phatak, whose son Kaniksha is a member of the society

2.former chief secretary D K Sankaran, whose son Sonjoy is a member

3.information commissioner Ramanand Tiwari, whose son Onkar is a member

4.state human rights commission member S C Lalla, whose daughter Shalini and mother Sumeela are members

5.former BEST general manager Uttam Khobragade, whose daughter Devayani is a member

6.former Mumbai collector I Z Kundan

7.Seema Vyas, wife of former Mumbai collector Pradeep Vyas

8.C S Sangitrao, whose son Ranjeet is a member

9.former agriculture secretary Shivajirao Deshmukh

10.former deputy secretary P V Deshmukh

11.And IFS officer R K Das.

Government officers, babus know the law and under stand the law this is reason they use the loopholes and make the illegal matters look legal matter.

The again problem is our corruption law is useless and tooth less and regarding government babus transfers the laws are useless.

We need amendments in all the laws.

They say we are going to become super power, and do not know who is the owner of land; they need CBI inquiry to find out who is the owner of land.

Politicians resign but they indirectly keep enjoying all the benefits as they are replaced by their friends.

If I am king, as punishment I resign and make my son or wife or brother a new king, what is use of such punishment.

When person goes to jail that is punishment.
When person pays 1000 times more fine then that is called as punishment.

Also we need to punish government officers who ignored their right duty to serve to India.

The Guilty, still not proven in court of law Government officers in Adarsh Housing Society Scam -

According to Y.P Singh,
Ramanand Tiwari,
who held the lucrative post of Principal Secretary for Urban Development for over six years (2002-2008), violates the service norm that does not allow an individual to hold a post for more than three years.
Tiwari was instrumental in transferring the FSI (Floor Space Index) from the adjacent BEST plot to Adarsh Society, allowing them to construct 12 additional floors.

Subhash Lalla:
As Principal Secretary to then CM, instead of guiding the CM to take the right decision, he appeared to be pushing for the additional FSI from the BEST plot through the CM's office. There were also references by BEST General Manager S S Kshatriya on this matter in a letter addressed to Lalla clearly proves that he was officially handling the Adarsh files.

SS Kshatriya:
As then General Manager of BEST, it was his duty under the BMC Act, to protect the interest of BEST land. If there had to be any relinquishment of interest of the BEST land, it required the approval of the BMC. But instead he tendered a shady No Objection Certificate (NOC) on his own in 2005, favoring Adarsh Society.

"The govt asked for comment, so the factual position was communicated and in no way was that an NOC or change in reservation, which was subsequently done at the government level," said S S Kshatriya, who was then the GM of BEST.

Idzes Kundan:
Former Mumbai Collector (Flat in her name)
In 2009, Kundan wrote to the Revenue Minister recommending her own name in the flat allotment process of Adarsh Society, after they had sent a letter to the minister seeking approval for the inclusion of three fresh names into the Society.
Incidentally, she also recommended the name of present Additional Chief Secretary (Home), Chandra Iyengar, subject to MMRDA's clearance of the building's FSI.

SV Joshi:
Principal Secretary, State Urban Development Department
Joshi wrote a letter on August 19, 1999 to the Environment Ministry claiming that members of Adarsh Society were defense officers who deserved special consideration as they had dedicated their life to the service of the motherland.
The letter also pointed out that some Adarsh members were still fighting in Kargil and surrounding areas. Therefore, Joshi requested for an NOC from the Environment Ministry as a special case.

PV Deshmukh:
Former Deputy Secretary, Urban Development (Flat in his name)
In a letter to the BMC Chief Engineer, Deshmukh claimed that Adarsh had received a NOC from the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF).
But the MoEF clarified last week that no such NOC had been issued.

Tried to wash hands in dirty Ganga but saved as more powerful came in their ways.

Chandra Iyengar, State Additional Chief Secretary (Home):
She had applied for a flat in Adarsh but did not find her name in the final list.
Her name was recommended twice by District Collector Idzes Kundan.

Arti Kant, former chief vigilance officer, Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT)
RK Das, joint director, Environment and MSRDC
Dyanesh Kirtikar, retired IAS officer

Updated on Sunday, December 12, 2010 –

Indian Army has ordered a Court of Inquiry into the Adarsh Cooperative Housing Society scam and the alleged role of senior serving and retired officers in it, including Major General RK Hooda.
Major General RK Hooda is also the member of Adarsh Cooperative Housing Society

The Army's Pune-based Southern Command headquarters ordered the probe

The three-member Court of Inquiry would determine and find out

•How Major General RK Hooda hid he facts from his superiors

•How and on what basis did he secure his membership in the Adarsh Society

•how senior Army officers issued a No-Objection Certificate to Adarsh society

The Presiding Officer the Court of Inquiry is Major General Rawat.

Do not be fooled
use your brains when you support any political party.

Reality Views by sm –
Saturday, December 04, 2010

Demand -
Corruption punishment equals = Life imprisonment until death with no pardon
Demolish Adarsh Housing Society and set the example today we have demolished society tomorrow if you do not improve we will demolish you.


SG December 04, 2010  

These people should be punished. Not just a slap in the wrist. Death sentence. But no execution until they match as a donor for organ transplant. Then hang them and remove the organ.

Tanishka... December 04, 2010  

True... They should never be given a second chance to indulge in such mean activities...

deeps December 04, 2010  

there seems to be no end on corruption...

sm,  December 04, 2010  


sm,  December 04, 2010  


BK Chowla, December 07, 2010  

it is not even worth talking such corrupt people.How much can this country take?

sm,  December 07, 2010  

BK Chowla,,

Praveen Kumar February 22, 2011  

I agree with the view that the guilty should be punished in case they have used their official position for personal gain. By the same yardstick innocent should not be hurt. Please read my blog on the issue and comment. http://praveen-kumar.net/adarsh-scam/

sm,  February 22, 2011  

Praveen Kumar,,
i will read your article.