24 November 2010

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Advertisements , Television, Censor Board and Few Thoughts

Advertisements , Television, Censor Board
and Few Thoughts -

Printing of magazines started in 16th century in Europe.
Advertising began in 17th century.
‘To advertise’ originally meant, ‘to take note of ’ or ‘to mark’. By the beginning of the 18th century, the meaning had changed to ‘persuade’.
Advertising started with oral or drawings etc in beginning.

India’s first news paper a weekly called the Bengal Gazette which was started by James Augustus Hicky on January 29, 1780, had a sub-title Or Calcutta General Advertiser.

In America Penny Press started in 19th century.
In year 1833 The New york sun circulated 1000 copies daily.
In year 1837 the circulation reach to 30 000 copies daily.
For them source of the income was only advertisement which local shop keepers gave and other people.

Volney Palmer of Philadelphia was the first man in the America to start the practice of selling newspaper space to prospective advertisers in 1841, he bought the space from the newspaper and resold it to advertisers and newspapers paid him commission

Advertisement is paid for for photos and sound and music and publicity is free of cost, but now a days in India publicity is also paid for
example is
if producer or director fear that his movie will fail, he will suffer loss , then he will make a phone call to political or social organization and order a riot regarding that movie, so people rush to watch that movie thinking there is adult shot or sensational dialogues.
Later those producers and directors directly or indirectly pay to that organization by giving gifts of happy birthday or giving advertisements in their newspapers or arranging them foreign trips.

My request is be intelligent if Producer of Movie do not go to High court for Justice
then please do not watch that movie , be intelligent and understand that it is publicity stunt.
You will not die if u do not watch one movie.

As per my view advertisement is nothing but a trick to make you aware about something and then make you purchase that thing. The thing may or may not be good for your family.
This does not apply to social service message like reduce population and use condoms.

in France, children are not permitted to endorse products. Children’s products are advertised on TV; nor would there be any child actor to promote the product.
There would not be any singing or speaking that was endorsed by children. Adults may do the promotion.

In India we have rules regarding only sexual activities not allowed On television
and activities which political parties do not like.

Regarding this our judiciary is also same I think.
When movie is passed by Censor Board of India, then how can the act done by Rakhi Sawant or any movie artist in a movie becomes vulgar and court sends her a warrant.

The case should be filed against Censor board not female artist Rakhi or Mamta or Madhuri.

In America they got the Television channels which are free and do not have advertisements.
There is a public service channel, PBS (Public Broadcasting System) wholly free of commercials, besides other pay TV channels without advertising.

In India we are so uneducated that we pay extra for watching television channels, but Indians are not ready to talk,discuss or demand
Pay Television equals to no advertisements.
About Government I have no hope.

Just Hope one day party like MNS will write the letter to television channels then if do not obey then beat the people and then we can watch the advertisement free television channels.

Do you think in India it is possible that good law will be passed and then properly implemented ?

But this happens when political parties like MNS go on road and beat the concern people.
Reason is people have no hope from judiciary.
This is not good for India.
Hope One day judiciary will issue the arrest warrant against top most Indian executive for non performance or corruption or to be mum and chup and silent when someone was robbing our motherland and we suffered lakhs, crores of loss.

actually wanted to use word what happened with Phoolan devi.

Phoolan devi was a female who was raped in India.

Reality views by sm -
24 November 2010


sm,  November 24, 2010  

sorry if u do not like last part, no intention to hurt, those are my thoughts when I see there is no punishment coming today or tomorrow also.
I do not support any political party just for example sake,
all political parties are same with same aim and same dream with different names.

Kavita Saharia November 24, 2010  

I completely agree with you sm and specially with last part

bhagyareema November 24, 2010  

Very informative SM and me too agree with the last part

Neha November 24, 2010  

I wish we become as stringent as other countries!

jabblog November 24, 2010  

We have channels with advertising and channels without. We take little notice of advertisements but it's always much more pleasurable to watch television without adverts.

sm,  November 24, 2010  


sm,  November 24, 2010  


SM November 24, 2010  

I agree with you

SM November 24, 2010  

is great to watch TV without advt.

Bikram November 24, 2010  

again good information

and you dont have to say sorry about anything the hard facts of our great nation..

But other then that I am more disgusted at the mentality of the people...


sm,  November 24, 2010